Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th July 2013 Written Update

Chavi wonders what will happen to emily. Mohit stares at her. Chaturi tells that ems is too soft & how would she have spoken to outsiders in the theatre. One among the audience tells that ems survived by chance in the last round & this one is very tough. Bhabo tries to leave sayng that she can’t watch all these. Bhabasa holds her back. Ab calls ems & goes on to look at her scoring & the board shows 100% Emily jumps out of joy & also suraj is happy. Bhabo is relieved. Chavi wonders how emily left sandy behind. Bhabo tells that anyone can win it is not always one who wins
Bhabo asks babasaa y he is not happy. He tells that he is worried with her attitude. She is happy bcoz ems won leaving sandy behind. Adds it is imp to keep all the members of the

family happy. Bhabo stares … Both ems & sandy get the blessings from bhabo babasa.

Meena is happy with sudah saying that she bought the first trophy to RM. Sudha asks her to tear off the picture with meena misri. Sudha goes on to tear but meena stops her & says that sandy is very careful & she will find out & adds that she would burn it. Meena goes to her. Sudha stops her saying the kitchen is other way. Meena makes excuse saying that sandy would even find that & goes to her room & keeps it in her cup board thinking that this is the first photo of her child & how can she burn it. She keeps it in her suitcase thinking no one will touch that.


Sudha calls meena saying that everyone came. Meena asks bhabo whether devrani failed as she is looking tired. Sandy says that ems came first happily. Meena is surprised & thinks there must be some trick done by her or else she can never beat sandy. Meena is now worried about the trophy & how to show it to bhabo. Sudha greets bhabo & babasa. Sudha takes leave from meena. but babasa asks her to stop for a tea. Chavi tells that she must have taken it already. Sudha nods & leaves. Meena asks sudha to call her once she reaches home. Vikram comes home & greets Emily for keeping the pride of RP. Meena worries that no one is looking at her trophy. Meena goes to bhabo & adds that she will take care of the children as she might be tired. Bhabo asks what happened to her. MEena then asks chaturi to stop & adds to make halwa as both jethanji & devrani has made RP proud & also she has odne some good Chavi asks whether she has changed. Meena tells that it is her family. Chavi tells that it is very rare to see her like that. Meena calls bhabo to have tea. Bhabo sits near the chair where the trophy is kept. Meanwhile chavi asks meena about some cloth. Bhabo asks chavi to look after by herself & not to disturb her bhabhis always


Meena gives tea to everyone. Sandy denies tea. Asks her to give it to emily. Meena asks bhabo whether they had fun there in the competition. Slowly moves the trophy towards bhabo speaking. about the competition. Bhabo answers her without noticing the trophy & meena drops tea on bhabo’s legs. Suraj asks whether she got much pain. Bhabo tells no she is mocking. Suraj notices the trophy. Chavi reads it & tells that it must be left out by some kabaadi wala. Meena tells that she won that. Bhabo is speechless. Sandy smiles wide. Bhabo stares.

Surya in GG room arranging their bed. Suraj tells that she made good attempt with that hero heroine excuse. Sandy tells that it is him who gave her the idea. Suraj asks what??? Sandy tells that he has got memory loss these days & asks him to remember. Suraj is confused. Sandy smiles


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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