Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th January 2013 Written Update

Sandhya finishes her lunch with just one roti and Bhabho scolds her for not eating well. She asks Suraj if Sandhya does not eat properly, how will she become a police officer. She then asks others to have lunch.

In Bhabho’s room, she is filling a small bottle with almonds and cashew. Bhabhasa comes there. He tells her that he knows she is really hurt by SurYa but they have asked forgiveness, so asks her to forget it. Bhabho has not listened properly and asks him to repeat but then she goes outside remembering something. She goes to Suraj’s shop and calls him to come home. Suraj says he has to deliver some order but she insists that pappuda do it and takes him home. There Sandhya is coming down with her college bag. Bhabho sees her and appreciates her saree and asks her to wear well-ironed sarees daily. She gives tiffin box and nuts bottle to Sandhya. Says she will take care of everything and Sandhya needs to just concentrate on studies. She calls other Rathi members to the hall who gather there. She is speaking sarcastically about why no one remembers what is special today and tells them that Sandhya is going to college now. Since she knows it now, it is the first day of college and she wants everyone to wish Sandhya. She goes in and brings aarti plate and does aarti and blesses Sandhya. The whole family silently watching everything, Bhabhasa in wonder, Meena and Chavvi jealous. Bhabho gives the aarti plate to Chavvi and hands over the bag to Sandhya and while doing so, the aarti plate is dropped. Sandhya takes a cloth and goes to clean it. Bhabho stops her saying her ironed saree will be spoilt and does the cleaning herself. She then asks Suraj to take her to college. Sandhya tells she will go by herself. Bhabho agrees sarcastically saying she is not an ordinary beendani but going to be a police officer taking care of the whole city but still she believes it is Suraj’s pati dharam to take her to college. She tells Suraj that she is proud of Suraj who taught her what pati dharam is which otherwise she would never know. She only thought daughters become outsiders once married but she now understood sons also will belong to their wives. She insists that he drop Sandhya to college.

Suraj is starting his scooter with heavy heart. Sandhya is too hurt and walking slowly lost in thoughts while she drops her college bag and books and lunch box fall out. She arranges them again and gets up. Bhabhasa comes out with his paan box. He asks Suraj to open it as it has become very tight. Suraj opens with some difficulty and tells he will oil it so that it will be easy for them to open again. Bhabhasa is pleased and he tells that in the same way strained relations will also take some time to heal. He tells SurYa that Bhabho is hurt and it is coming out in various forms to humiliate SurYa. He asks them to understand her pain and the reason for such behavior and bear her wrath with patience thinking it is their punishment for what they did. SurYa are relaxed with his advice and agree with him. They leave for college.

Vikram, Meena, Chavvi and Mohit sitting upstairs in front of fire. Chavvi says she cannot understand what is going on in the house. Bhabho feeding Sandhya first, arranging her tiffin box, doing aarti and asking Suraj to drop her to college. Meena also expresses her thoughts that she cannot believe Bhabho agreed for Sandhya’s education and thinks Bhabho also wants her to become a police officer. Vikram says he knows Bhabho from childhood and knows her better so it is his opinion if Bhabho has agreed for IPS, then she would not have laid the three mistakes condition. Meena says until she knows what those 3 mistakes, when and how will they happen, she will not be able to sleep. Vikram taunts her to go and sleep.

SurYa reach college. Loud speakers are set, bhajans are going on and a lot of people are gathering there. They come to know that there is bhajan the whole night there. Suraj wonders how will the classes be held with so much noise around. Some telephone workers are trying to fix telephone lines. SurYa meet Malati madam who apologizes that she could not inform them beforehand that she has canceled the classes that night. Sandhya says it is not a matter of just one day as the temple is going to be there always and puja and bhajans will be held daily. Malathi madam says she understands this but does not know what to do. Sandhya asks her to speak to babaji regarding this. Malathi madam says she thought of that but is not daring to speak against religion and the faith of the people.

Bhabhasa wakes up in the middle of the night, finds Bhabho is not there and so comes out to look for her. He notices the store room light is on and goes there. There, Bhabho is stitching small kids clothes. He wonders for whom Bhabho is stitching those clothes as she has already stitched them for Meena. Bhabho tells that she is stitching them for SurYa’s kids, now that Sandhya beendani has agreed for the 3 mistakes condition, she has to be prepared from her side too.

Precap: The telephone workers want to dig the earth near the temple. The pujari is not allowing them to do so saying it is holy place but the telephone workers insist as none of the telephone lines in that area are working and they have to fix it.

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