Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj and Sandhya talking about telling Bhabho about Chulbul. He says Chulbul is very cute, we will talk to Bhabho once Arzoo’s mu dikhai gets over. She asks about gifting Arzoo. He suggests they should gift a mobile to Arzoo, so that she can talk to her family. Sandhya says you think from heart. They smile.

Mahek says who will keep the girl, kicked out from India. Resham worries for Arzoo. Mahek thinks how will Resham stop this when it happens with Arzoo. Arzoo says I did not get time to arrange my things. Meenakshi comes and looks around. She thinks what did Arzoo hide in this box. She says Arzoo, Bhabho has sent this earrings for you. Arzoo talks and stops saying about Karachi, recalling Sooraj’s words. She asks Meenakshi to see her clothes and jewelry

sent by Resham. Meenakshi says yes, I was asking whats in that box, its locked. I m free, I will help you. Arzoo stops her and sits on the box saying there is nothing in it. Meenakshi thinks there is something in it, so Mushtandi sat on it, I have to find out what she is hiding. Arzoo says I have to get ready for mu dikhai. Meenakshi says fine, shall I help. Arzoo says no, I will manage, you go. Meenakshi leaves and tries to look inside the room. Arzoo covers the box with the cloth and hides it. Meenakshi thinks did Arzoo get her family treasure, is there anything wrong, she is not showing me jewelry, I have to get friendly with her, I will see. She slips and falls, dipping her face in some dish. Chotu sees her and smiles, saying your habit to hide and see things did not go. She goes.

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Bhabho, Sandhya and others welcome the guests. Daisa says what was the need to spend so much, we just came to do ritual, we have seen Arzoo on grahpravesh day. They all laugh. Bhabho asks are you saying to save my money or your gift, its my right to joke, don’t get upset. The lady asks where did you hide Arzoo, if she also like Sandhya when it comes to wear saree. They laugh. Bhabho asks Sandhya to see, I still have to hear taunts on that saree incident. Sandhya says I will get Arzoo. Bhabho says no need, if you both get late, the ladies will taunt me, I will get Arzoo. She asks Emily to serve food to everyone.

Arzoo gets ready. Bhabho comes there and sees Arzoo in the saree. She says I was afraid, you have worn saree perfectly, come downstairs. Arzoo smiles. Bhabho comes downstairs. Meenakshi asks did Mushtandi Bindni do anything wrong. Bhabho asks her to wait and see. She asks the ladies to send their bahus to Arzoo, she will teach them wearing sarees right, she has worn saree perfectly. Chotu thinks how is Bhabho praising Arzoo suddenly. Bhabho asks Emily to get Arzoo. The ladies see Arzoo and gossip. The family members see them and turn to see Arzoo. Arzoo comes there. They all look on shocked. The guests laugh seeing Arzoo, wearing saree which got short for her heaight. Bhabho looks on shocked. Daisa taunts Bhabho. The ladies joke on Arzoo. Chotu smiles.

Bhabho asks Arzoo what did you wear. Arzoo says saree.. Bhabho says I can see that, but till knees. Arzoo says you gave this, it came till here only. The ladies laugh. Bhabho asks how can this happen, saree is of one length, how did it get short. Emily says Arzoo is tall, so maybe saree got short. The lady asks Meenakshi to join two sarees and get for Arzoo. Sandhya says Bhabho, don’t worry, I will get Arzoo change the saree. Saida says let it be, mu dikhai is over, we will give the gift. Daisa gets something big. Vikram says such big gift, whats in it. Daisa asks Arzoo to show the gift to Bhabho. Arzoo opens the gift and says stair… they all see the stair for Bhabho, so that she can reach Arzoo’s height. Daisa says Santosh will need it to talk to Arzoo. She laughs. Vikram says she is joking on us. The other ladies give gifts to Arzoo. Chotu thinks things are going in right way, maybe Lord wants this relation to break and my relation with Piya joins. Meenakshi takes Arzoo’s pic to send it to Mahek. Sandhya asks Bhabho not to worry, its not Bhabho and Arzoo’s mistake. Sooraj asks them to give gifts to Chotu and Arzoo. Sandhya says wait for 5 mins, I will get Arzoo change the saree. She takes Arzoo with her.

Sooraj asks Chotu not to be upset, its Chotu’s turn today to show how much he loves Arzoo, Chotu will sign Chann for Arzoo, Bhabho and I will not help you in this. Bhabho says Maa always supports children in any situation.

Sandhya asks Arzoo to wear this lahenga saree Arzoo says sorry, I did not wish to make fun of Bhabho like this, I have worn saree given by Bhabho, but I annoyed her. Sandhya says don’t worry, saree was short, change and come, everyone is waiting, don’t cry. She gives her lahenga and saree. Sandhya thinks Arzoo has innocence and truth like kids, such girl can’t be a threat for anyone. She goes. Arzoo thinks I used Sandhya’s stamp and did my work, before anyone knows, my aim should be fulfilled.

Constable tells Sandhya that she has got 3 months leave. Sandhya asks who has applied the stamp, I did not apply. The constable says Arzoo came with the application. Sandhya shouts on Arzoo and confronts her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay episode with little fun. Precap superb. Waiting for upcoming episodes to know Arzoo’s truth.

  2. The leave letter should be sent to the higher officials.Did Aarzoo know these official matters? What was her intention? There should be some turn of events.

  3. I think arzoo is sent to spy on sandhya n take revenge on her for killing the man she killed wen she was sagriks on the mission

  4. Haha the sari scene was so funny’ arzoo should kill dai sa instead of sandya? She is so irritating . Why she didn’tbuy a ladder for herself as her own bahu is so 10 feet taller and that too very thin without any feminin beauty! I wonder how could she gave birth to her children?

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