Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with some men misbehaving with Roma while Rahul and Sandhya looks on. Roma scolds the man. The man disregards the modern girls who are independant. He says you girls make your family bow down, see your clothes and you are dancing with four boys, everything wrong will happen with you. He says girls like you have spoiled the society. Sandhya says look at yourself first, see your language. She says women are kept behind walls because of men like you. She talks in favor of girls and scolds the man. She says lets go from here Roma. The man taunts them further and says did I say anything wrong, they are shouting on me without any reason.

He sees Roma’s short dress and tries to touch her by saying I will apologize. Rahul stops him and is about to beat

him. Sandhya stops him. Someone is taking this video. Rahul says you came to misbehave with us, we are IPS officers. The man laughs and says then I m the President of India. He asks Rahul to show his Id card. Rahul shows his card and the man is shocked. Rahul says now I will tell you what is the result of teasing a girl. The man says you look a bad guy by your face, you are spoilt and make us apologize. He puts the blame on Rahul. They have an argument. Sandhya says we shall leave now, its already late. They go back to the Academy. Roma asks Rahul to drive fast as its only 5 mins for the academy gate to close. She says thanks, we are saved from Officer Singh.

Sooraj and Bhabho are making a list. Babusa comes and says I m having stomach pain. Bhabho scolds him for eating everything he sees without caring for his health. Babusa goes to watch Satsang on ytv. Mohit and Vikram are trying to take the remote from each other. Chavi smiles. Vikram says Chavi you take the remote and watch your fav show. Chavi says I will see the show in Dilip’s house now. Babusa comes and takes the remote. He says now everyone will see the satsang with me. He asks them to sit and watch with him. Everyone feel bored.

Everyone see the news about IPS officers misbehaving with common man. Officer Singh also see this and is shocked. Everyone at home see the news and the video where Sandhya is also shown. Everyone are shocked. Sooraj asks when did this happen. Babusa says call Sandhya and asks is she fine or not. Sooraj calls Sandhya but she does not take the call. Sooraj says its ringing but she is not answering the call. Officer Singh calls Sandhya and her group. They think why did she call us at this time.

Officer Singh comes to them and says there is no personal life of an IPS officer. She scolds them and says a police officer does not even sleep so that a common man can sleep peacefully. Zakir comes to them. Officer Singh tells them about the club scene and fighting with the public. She says its shameful. Everyone are shocked. Rahul says how did she come to know about this. Officer Singh says everyone knows it now, it is shown on tv and the video has come on the news channel. She says every news channel is flashing that news. She says the media can make it a fire and it has ruined our academy name and prestige. She says they are saying that you people were drunk and has beaten the civilians.

She says I have to give my seniors an explanation. Roma says we did not do anything, we were not drunk. Rahul says you can do our blood test. Rahul says everything how a man misbehaved with Roma. Officer Singh says you should have handled it any other way. She says you don’t know the meaning to be an IPS officer, don’t misuse the power given to you. She asks how did they come to know that you are trainee officers. Roma looks at Rahul.

Sooraj keeps calling Sandhya and is worried as she does not take the call. Officer Singh says you all have stained the name of the academy. She says I m ashamed of you all. Zakir says I want to apologize on their behalf. Rahul says we did not do anything. Officer Singh asks Zakir how did this happen in your presence. Zakir says I was not there, they asked me to come in the party but I did not go. He says if I was there, this would have not happened. Sandhya cries and apologizes. She says we won’t do this next time. Officer Singh says I have to take action against you all tomorrow.


Sandhya sees Sooraj’s missed calls and calls Sooraj. Bhabho talks to Sandhya and asks her to come in video chat as she wants to talk to her seeing her face.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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