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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalima getting down the rope to get Sandhya’s pic. She takes the pic and Sooraj pulls the rope upwards. She gives him the pic. He hugs the pic and thanks her. She asks him to go home. He says fine, on one condition that you will come with me, tell me do you agree. She says yes, I will come. He holds her hand and takes her. They see the lock at the temple gate. She asks is anyone there, open this lock, we are inside. She says maybe watchman locked and went, thinking no one is inside. Emily calls people to ask about Sooraj. Meenakshi asks Bhabho to have water. Mohit says don’t know where Sooraj went. Emily thinks where did Sooraj do in this state, maybe everyone will think this wrong, but I should tell Zakir, he can find Zakir.

Bhabho opens the door thinking

its Sooraj. Its Lokesh. He asks where is Sooraj and calls his name. Mohit says why did Lokesh come here now. Lokesh asks did they not think well, why so, Rathi family used to have new story to cheat and lie, what happened now, why did you ruin our life, my sister got heartbroken because of you, don’t know where she has gone, I warn all of you, if anything happens to my sister, I will drag you all to court, I will not leave anyone.

Daisa comes there and asks what happened that Lokesh is here. Meenakshi lies. Lokesh asks how long will she lie, they all love their respect and today he will show their real face to everyone. He tells Daisa that these people are liars and cheaters, Sooraj is mad, Bhabho cheated and came to get him married to my sister, they hurried for marriage, and kept marriage in Jaipur to hide from everyone, Lord saved them and their true faces came out, my sister has gone somewhere because of them.

Daisa asks what is he saying, did Sooraj get mad, so I was thinking why is Bhabho not coming out. The ladies talk that Bhabho did cheat with an orphan girl. Lokesh says my sister is everything for me, if anything happens to her, I will not leave your son, I promise to push him inside mental hospital. He leaves. Sandhya wakes up and sees a bed vacant. Everyone is sleeping outside the dhaba, under the sky. She thinks one man is missing here, maybe he went to take chip, that’s Chandu who went to change chip’s place. She goes to see. Another man stops her and asks where is she going, does she need anything. She says yes, I was feeling thirsty. He says I have water, take. She says thanks and drinks water. She lies down on the bed.

Chandu looks for the chip. She stays awake to keep an eye on Chandu to see his real face. She sees everyone seeing and goes from there silently. Chandu takes the chip and goes. She checks and thinks he has taken chip, I have to see his truth before its too late.

Sandhya comes near the road and thinks where did Chandu disappear. A car stops and its Agrima Singh. She says Sandhya Rathi, how is that possible. She gets down to see and does not find Sandhya. She says where did he go, Sandhya Rathi was here, how is that possible, she has died in train accident, but I can’t be wrong to identify me, I should call police department or maybe Officer Zakir. She calls Zakir.

He wakes up seeing Officer Singh’s call. Agrima says its urgent matter, sorry to call at this time, I was going on Jaipur to Delhi highway, I have seen Sandhya, you were with her at the time of train accident right? He can’t hear here. Her phone battery gets down. He tries calling her back. Her number is not reachable. He contacts on wireless and the man says Madam is on leave, wireless is at her quarters. Zakir says fine, but why did she call at this time.

Sooraj and Lalima sit in the temple. Sooraj tells Lalima that Sandhya will be glad meeting her, she is a nice girl indeed. She sees his hand bleeding and thinks to apply ghee and haldi to heal his wound. She lights diya and stops recalling his panic attack. She sits obstructing the sight of diya by Sooraj, and lights it to heat some ghee, then adding it in haldi. Lalima says your hand us hurt, this ghee and haldi will make it fine, and applies it. He says you are exactly like Sandhya, she also used to apply ghee and haldi when I got hurt. He says she has got wound too. She applies some haldi. He sees pic and says Sandhya, don’t worry, I will reach you soon, I will find you, Lalima is with me, there is nothing to worry now. She smiles and gets teary eyed. He hugs the pic.

Officer Singh is at the top of the truck and sees Sandhya. The truck leaves and she throws her wallet there. Sandhya sees it and is shocked seeing Officer Singh’s ID.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Actually i don’t understand wat DABH team wanted to do…..when bhabu Kicked out mohit from home…DABH team started this track of zakir-emily to dragg….. if they raised this drama…shuld given a end r justify it….but just….left it as open source and….after leap,they brought that useless Mohit into rathi home…with no reason..
    i thing director missed to conclude zakir-emily drama and mohit return…. in proper way

    And one more Big qustion was…. Sooraj hotel……wat happened to sooraj plot…when will it start ….will it start or not…
    After sandhya return???? don’t say this… after sandhya returns to many complications are ther in story

    Director was going according to his imagination…without any proper conclusions…

    1. yeah there are many loose threads in the show……………

    2. and that mohit is thickle minded he will never learn……..

  2. All are missing……………….where are u guys??? Varsha,Anu,richa,romi and others
    All are busy today….no comments….
    Anyways come back soon guys…….

    Waiting today episode…. agrima singh and sandhya scenes…..don’t want sooraj and lalima scene’s…end those scenes and bring sooraj back to home

    1. ya @ns4 ……good evening to all !!!!!!!!! …………..not busy just like that………….waiting for today episode…….. 🙂

  3. today agrima and sandy face to face m really xcited

    1. May be happens…but in precap showed truck starts leaving when singh drop her purse…

      1. if singh gets back she will surely contact zakirr butt sandy will think she is in troublee which is badd 4 mission

  4. Beans on toast

    I think agrima will take a good class of Bharat sir too!!! For telling sandy’s family about his fake death especially to little ved and then she’ll join the mission to give it a speed towards its completion ☺️

    1. i would also like to see agrima vs bharat both senior rank officills itss gonna be nyce…………..

  5. suraj lalima trk…… if u r really very serious fr dabh, thn remove lalima……. whts need fr lalima to cure suraj??? whr is ur father son bond nw???? will there hv any meaning of diya baati whn lalima will cure suraj???? is lalima a homeless persn tht she hv to stay in rathi family???? hw nonsence trk seriously!!!

  6. Mission Mahabali is so good , so is Sagarika but I cannot enjoy it at all because my mood spoils whenever I see Lalima and Suraj scenes.Why lalima has to live in Rathi house , she is nt a doctor who can cure Suraj . Please give some suraj and sandhya scenes Dont under estimate ur fans please………no body r concentrating lalima nd suraj scenes……… ;-(

  7. Please end Lalima track as soon as possible as no one is liking it, dont do this with ur fans . Mission Mahabali is good but please try focusing on suraj and sandhya scenes more.. Suraj should believe that Sandhya is alive because he can feel that she is alive not because Lalima is making him believe so. Their love was that powerful that he should be able to know that she is alive.

  8. Great Deepika. She is the best … But I feel very sad and disappointed. I do not want to comment. How Lalima will stay in Rathi house and will keep Sooraj? Sooraj is not small – Ved and Emily can do this. Where is Chavi? Return her – she is the sister of Sooraj and can take care of it. Understand that we do not want Lalima in life of Sooraj. She already knows how much Sooraj loves Sandhya. I hope that we will not take advantage of the situation to spin around him. What are these terrible rumors that she would want to marry for Sooraj? I hope this is not true. how can such a thing? Lalima must to stay away from Sooraj. We do not want her in the house of Rathi. We do not want more scenes between Sooraj and Lalima. We do not want Sooraj to take her hand. Currently Sooraj is like a little child. He is happy because Lalima said him that Sandhya is alive. For this he called Lalima to go with him. He thinks that Lalima will help him to find Sandhya. We dont want Lalima to take advantage of the situation. Please remove Lalima character from the show. Only Sandhya can help Sooraj. Sooraj is in shock and mental disorder. He lives in his own world – along with Sandhya! Sooraj loves only Sandhya and Sandhya loves only Sooraj. They should be together forever – along with Ved and Vansh! Please – Stop Lalima Track. We dont want Lalima. The situation now is terrible. For me this is not my show. If Sooraj and Sandhya are not together – nothing is the same. If have another woman for Sooraj and another man for Sandhya , this unique history will be destroyed. Please do not do this. Sooraj is unique husband. I hope that soon Sandhya-Sagarika will capture Chandu and the criminals. She must stop nuclear bomb to save everyone. We want Sandhya back at home. Please – we want Sooraj and Sandhya together again. We want a third wedding between Sooraj and Sandhya! With new wonderful moments between them – love, passion, romance, beautiful music, ogle, touches. Sooraj and Sandhya are made for each other. Please … I think not random the promises of Sooraj and Sandhya one another. They promised each other that Sandhya must be the only wife in Sooraj life. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 100 – only Sandhya must be wife of Sooraj. Husband and wife in every life. They deserve to be happy with Ved! Until now DABH is different from the others shows. Sooraj and Sandhya’s love is very pure and unconditional, This type of love between husband and wife has never been portrayed on television. If Sooraj and Sandhya are together , they can win any battle. Their love is so beautiful, clean – it is endless! I hope it will always be so. Please – they should be together. We do not want Lalima or another between them. Each track is continued for about 30 to 40 episodes! This track is very long time – please! Let rather Sandia – Sagarika capture criminals and return to Sooraj and Ved !!! The mission is very interesting, We, the fans of the show no can enjoy it and look normal in the presence of Lalima. Remove Lalima from Sooraj life. Please – this breaks our hearts.. Think of the millions of fans of the series worldwide. We all love Sooraj and Sandhya. We do not want anyone or anything to come between them. I hope you will listen to its viewers. Do not play with our patience. Already weeks waiting for something good to happen and see Sooraj and Sandhya together. We were glad when the wedding with Lalima fail. Now why do this? Lalima must understand that there is no place around Sooraj. We do not want her in the house of Rathi. Please from the heart – we want Sooraj and Sandhya together. So far always Sooraj and Sandhya were shoulder to shoulder in everything. In every difficulty – somehow they helped each other. Let somehow Zakir and Sooraj understand that Sandjya is indeed alive and find it. It would be much nicer if Sooraj went to the village and help Sandhya in the mission. Sooraj and Sandhya together make the show hit! If they are separated – for me the show not exist! Please hurry – remove Lalima. Let Sandhya-Sagarika capture Chandu and the criminals and to return to Sooraj and Ved!!! Sooraj and Sandhya are like a Diya and Baati! If you are separated – they are incomplete! when Sandhya going in the academy. In the train Sooraj said so wonderful words of Sandhya – she is the heart, he is his beat! That is right – Sooraj and Sandhya have to be together and nobody and nothing should come between them. 4th year anniversary of the show is this week. So please listen to us. Anas and Deepika are unique – amazing people, actors and professionals. They make the show a hit … Enough drama – let’s go back to happiness, romance and fun moments in the show. We want Sooraj and Sandhya together again …

    1. Beans on toast

      I totally agree with you @Anu
      Even I don’t like lalima with suraj she looks to me like “plastic ki gurdya ” she has no genuine facial expressions to tell wether she is +ve or-ve charecter!!!! Suraj is also doing overacting in her scenes!!!! Looks like he’s also uncomfortable with her!!! So this separation drama should finish fast ?

    2. True say @Anu….. i agree with you…..

      they..don’t show wat we want……so its not possible for us to stop DABH team….
      so i was decide to ignore –if they show sooraj lalima scenes very lengthy….
      i always read updates first and then watch will be better..after reading update..i can ignore those non-sense

  9. She lights diya and stops recalling his panic attack. She sits obstructing the sight of diya by Sooraj, and lights it to heat some ghee, then adding it in haldi.

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