Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj talking to Ved and saying he is his father and knows his heart. Bulbul opens the door and says he has come from dad’s office. Its Aryan and Ankita talks to him. He says he fainted in office yesterday. Ankita says he did not tell me. He says yes, I told him to tell family, he refused, he showed to doctor, he has got weak by overwork, he does not take his care, you take care of him, don’t tell him I came here, else he will be annoyed. He says fine, thanks. Aryan leaves. Ankita says I can’t leave Ankur like this. Bulbul smiles and asks how can Vansh go alone. Ankita says no one will go, I will talk to him, he has to listen to me. Bulbul gets glad.

Bhabho brings Meenakshi and asks her to talk to a man. Meenakshi says go and call your owner, tell him Meenakshi

has come. He says I don’t need any introduction. She says lawyer, you are doing this petty work. He asks is this about property. She says no, I would have solved it myself, its about a child and tells everything about Vansh. He says its impossible, the child is legally adopted and stayed there for 6 years, no lawyer can help you. She says I came to ask help, and shows foreign chocolates.

He takes it. Bhabho says I think we came at wrong place. Meenakshi says I know how to make wrong right. She calls Sandhya and says she is at lawyer house, he took the chocolates box, I did recording, don’t get police, he is my sister Sudha’s husband. He asks when did I take bribe, you can’t do this, I have gold medal in LLB. She says so what, now police will come. He says he can prove himself innocent. She says I know you will get old to prove yourself innocent, can’t you take our case if you are so educated, get our Vansh to us in two days.

Sooraj makes Vansh have the icecream and asks what happened, did he do any mistake. Ved asks how does he know, did he come school and talk to teacher. He says his friend were asking for birthday party and he said he will give party in Sooraj hotel, I know its very costly, it needs much money. Sooraj says don’t worry, tell them your birthday party will be in Sooraj hotel. Ved gets glad and says he is best father.

Ankita tells Ankur that she can’t see his family dividing, and she will not go with Vansh. Ankur says he is doing this for Vansh. She says we will not go, he can’t live without him, and asks who will take care of him if she goes. He asks is he kid. She says she made healthy food for him, which he does not like. Ankur says what happened to her. Bulbul looks on. Sooraj and Sandhya have a talk at the café. He thinks to convince her for birthday party in hotel.

She asks what did his son ask now, that he is convincing her. He asks did she understand. She says yes, tell me. He says about birthday party in Sooraj hotel, I know you will be annoyed, but its my duty to fulfill his son’s demand. She says no, I will not stop you. He asks really, is it yes, great. He jokes and they smile.

Mohit talks to Pari and asks for her help. He tries to bond with her and asks her to understand him. He tries to instigate her against Emily, and says she is doing second marriage, she did not find right to tell you, but things don’t hide, I know she is marrying on 26th. Pari asks what is he saying, nonsense. He asks did Emily hide this from her. She says she never hides, she is my friend. He asks her to ask Emily. He asks Emily to come on 26th in Pari’s school function. Emily thinks she has imp work and says Pari she can’t come.

He asks whats imp than her. Emily leaves. Mohit thinks counting starts now for Emily. Meenakshi counts money at the shop. Misri talks to her. Emily comes to seek her help. Meenakshi thinks did she come to take loan and hides money. Emily asks for bridal dress. Meenakshi asks why, is she remarrying, but choose a right man. Mohit looks on. He thinks she is choosing for her assistant, this is a good chance.

Sooraj says he already did booking in hotel. She asks why did he say yes to Ved. He says Ved is my son, I want to fulfill his wish being his father, he has trust on me, that if he tells me anything, I will fulfill it, even if its impossible, he thinks I have magical wand. He says I want to be like a friend for him. She says if he has any wish which he can’t fulfill, if its impossible to fulfill his wish, what will he do. He says your IPS dream was also impossible, but our honest try made it possible, and even today I will make impossible as tough, and then tough to possible, I will try. She asks him to say yes to cookery show. He says you are very adamant. She says its about husband, how to forget it. He says fine, if this is your wish, I will fulfill it after Ved’s birthday party. She smiles.

Misri asks Ved about his birthday party, Sooraj will also come there, what if his friends come to know everything. He says no one will know he is now hotel owner, and halwai. Sandhya walks to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. …
    Meenakshi also can make any impossible things as possible. .

  2. Welcome back meenakshi! Ab maza aye ga kuynki Rona dhona khatum aur hansi mazak shoru love you kaneka

  3. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Let us see what Meenakshi is going to do. On the whole the tone of the episode is very low and stoic.

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