Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj asking Amar about Sandhya. Bharat thinks Sandhya can fall in problem if Sooraj shows the pic, I have to stop the guard. Amar tells Sooraj about the nearby village. Bharat comes and asks whats happening here, and scolds Amar. He asks him to shut up and do his work, as he is their manager. Amar says but manager…. Bharat shows his Id card. Amar says police. Bharat leaves. Amar asks Sooraj to go. Sooraj thinks he knows this voice and recalls the jaggery seller.

He stops Bharat and asks him about his wife Sandhya. Bharat says I don’t know any Sandhya, I m manager here. Sooraj says you are lying, I know you know Sandhya, I identify your voice, you have come to my house to sell jaggery, which I ate and sensed that its made by Sandhya. Bharat laughs and

denies it. Sooraj folds hands and requests him to tell about Sandhya, she is missing since 6 months, he is alive believing she is alive, have pity on me, I came from far, I have a small son, my parents are also waiting. Bharat denies. Sooraj says I don’t know reason of your lies, but I promised my family that I will get Sandhya, I will find her from terracotta too, this is my promise. Sooraj goes.

Bharat calls the officer and says Sooraj is in Anantpur and showing Sandhya’s pic everywhere, if we don’t stop, Sandhya, Sooraj and the mission will be in danger, we have to make him go away, he should not have any problem.

Sandhya hides in the jungle. She recalls Shekhar’s words and thinks to get saved from garjana. The men look for Sandhya. Sandhya crawls and proceeds. Jai hanuman…………….plays……………….. She thinks the blast may happen, and she can get caught by Garjana too. She jumps inside the muddy water. Ved shows pic to Pari and Golu, and say his mum is alive. Pari says Lord heard us, Sooraj will get Sandhya. Meenakshi says how shall I explain Ved, they have hope seeing this incomplete pic, its tough to manage Ved. Vikram says I know, but Sooraj can’t be wrong to identify Sandhya, even I have hope.

Meenakshi says Sandhya’s dead body has come, how can she get alive. Babasa asks Bhabho not to worry, Sooraj is fine, doctor said he is absolutely fine. Bhabho says Sooraj got fine after 6 months, happiness was coming in my home today, but if Sandhya is really alive, then Sooraj will happily accept her, his love is selfless, he will not complain to her, but Sandhya has cheated us and left Sooraj so easily, is this not wrong, tell me.

She says Sooraj has bear so much, his love has always solved her problems, will this be justice with Sooraj and all of us. Lokesh comes and greets them. He says he has to talk something imp. Meenakshi asks what. Lokesh says he has to talk to Bhabho and Babasa in private. Bhabho asks him to come along. Meenakshi wonders what is it. The commander asks the men to find Sandhya. Sandhya lies in the mud. Commander stands on her hand, and she lies without a movement. The men go ahead. She gets up and looks around.

She thinks its time to attack on Garjana now. She recalls Bharat’s words and thinks mission mahabali will surely succeed. She goes to the lake and washes her face, cleans herself from the mud. Sandhya runs in the jungle and gets inside a secret passage. She switches on the lights and recalls Bharat’s words. FB shows Bharat telling her that maybe her truth will come out, then what will she do, she is not permitted to die before mission succeeds, and plan B is she has to make a hiding place, which she can use if needed and where no one can reach except her. She says Bharat said right, a police officer should take safety measures, this is my plan B, a safe place and all the things required. She recalls how she has made a passage underground. She has stolen arms from Garjana and kept them for her use.

Bharat’s officer sees Sooraj lying unconscious in the jeep’s backseat and informs Bharat about Sooraj. He says he will make Sooraj go back to Pushkar. Sooraj gets up and thinks he won’t go back home like this, he will find Sandhya. He holds the man’s neck and the jeep goes out of control.

Sandhya, Sooraj and Bharat are in the same market. She collides with Sooraj, while her face is covered.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Jiten Shah

      Are you crazy !

      This story arc is so crap, its as bad as getting to a point where it will be hated like “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”.

      I wish Garjana are successful in destroying the corrupt India !

  1. Vivek

    Superb episode from the start of maha episode the episodes are getting more interest i am not saying previous episodes are not good but these episodes are creating more interest and i am eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes. Precap is full suspense will sooraj see sandhya and she will inform to bharat waiting waiting waiting…

  2. Anoo

    Again rathi family headache started…lokesh aur baboo kaha chup batainge…i hate u bhaboo u r a very selfish women??u r thining abt only sooraj …..u think abt sandhya also….how much sacrifices she did….i hate u ??

    • richa

      ryttt rathi b akwaasstartedagain badi mushkil k baad toh inki imag4e sudhrne lagi thi aurr abbb 😛 allll gonee…..

  3. AD

    Superb Episode.Tensing Precap.Sandhya Rocks.How Sandhya reach outside the village.Suspense.Tension.DABH Rocks…
    Sooraj identifying Bharat was awesome.Eagerly waiting to see upcoming episodes.

  4. richa

    i think that bomb should be dropped on that commander’s head itself atleast for chandu it looks like he looks at sandy with pity & is ready to understandbut commander he is not ready to listen or understand & i think he will kill sajani alsooo but sajni should overpower him……

  5. richa

    upcoming twist!!!!! sooraj will go to garjana hut & bring back sandy & song playss vaada rhaa pyaar se pyaar ka ab hum naa honge juda,,,,,,,
    😛 it was alll imagenary ok nooo twist sooo for that waiit & watch dabh ,,,, :p

  6. Romi

    So heart touching episode ! Relieved to see sandya out of garjana’s prison! Tomorrow it will be fun let’s see whether sandya , suraj and Bharat sir come face to face or not!! As always I hate you selfish bhabo and now this monkey lokesh! What are they both cooking up now?

  7. Fan writer

    Yeah ur ryt romi i cmntd aftr long and løök the effect.., & much more strange hapenings also i thinj m a jinx 😛 😉

  8. Priti

    Hey xxxx! if the track will be like as you told that suraj will be on coma then definitely trp will be zero and no one will watch this serial . Why the director is planning to show this nonsense, is he mad? Hate u director. After this track everyone want to see happy moment of s& s but now I think director has gone mad. What do you think guys?

    • Anoo

      @true say preti ….if it happens i will stop watch this serial……nd no body will watch the show…i wish this news will be fake…all views r waiting for s & s reunite…..noe again they r putting nonsense…..previous days sooraj 2nd marriage now this….i hate u director…???

  9. I’m really disappointed with news that sooraj will be out from the show after mission. If sooraj is in coma means then sandhya life will be more complex. Ved also may hate her????

  10. annu deepi

    diya ke bina baati ?? i lost my senses when i saw the news anas will leave the show… mat jao :_( mat jao :_(

  11. Aap sab me se kisi ko ye ajeeb nahi laga Ki he is the same sooraj who after gaining consciousness didn’t utter lalima a single time so easily recognized Bharat sir from his voice. strange!isn’t it?

  12. Anoo

    Richa varsha romi ns4…..wt do u say abt this news plz any body give reply….i am upset….nd got tension ….??

  13. Priya

    No one will watch the show if Suraj dies. What the story writers come to say? If a family wants to support their daughter in law’s ambition, they have to lose their family itself? It should never happen . Then it will be a wrong message to the people.???

  14. Anoo

    See guys think we started one movie in climax hero ya heroine katam ho gaye tho movie utter flop hogi agar

    In climax suraj will die serial bhi utter flop hogi….wt mess they want give…..i am not understanding…..see suraj is not comfort to continue the show better they give happy ending….hero ka character kho miss karke serial kho continue nahi karsakthe….

  15. Anoo

    See iam decided jab thak suaj nd sandhya saath me honghe jab thak hi dekungi …….see this news is real i will stop to watch this show…….may this will be fake news hijak khe time phe bhaboo khe bareme bhi isehi news aya tha….i wish it will be fake….

  16. What a sad sad state of affairs. After everything the viewers have gone through we demand that Suraj and Sandhya be reunited.


    No one is going to watch them dying on each other. They have been meant for each other.Where does this leave Ved??

    You will run at a total loss believe me if this happens no one will want to watch your tele dramas at least not in Sri Lanka. We would opt for a sinhala drama instead.

    Please reconsider your moves.

    If you have no more vivid imagination – unite the family and conclude the drama for good

  17. rekha

    Please dont make this will not b good to watch sandhya suffering more. She has left her family for 6 months and nw leaving her husband? It wont be nice.hope this news goes as a rumour

  18. Tajveen

    M not gonna to watch this serial anymore though I never miss a single episodes of dabh…It would be better if the serial ends .:-(. I was a great fan of dabh . What the hell is doing dabh team ..I just don’t get it …I want to brk directors head ..only thn good tale will come out frm him

    • Jiten Shah

      I second that.

      the writers should make it so the soap ends with the nuclear missile killing everyone.

      Sandhya fails to save the world – she isnt “Super Woman” anyways!

  19. shalu

    if anything happens to suraj then itz no point for he is cure nw from his trauma.. I think tat director gt hit on his head tatz y he do like tiz there is dnt hv meaning for dabh .. actually wat r u trying to do yar..?? itz a disappointment 🙁

  20. Jiten Shah

    How did she manage to dig, and lay foundations for the hideout ?

    this soap is now getting boring.

    everyone will know that S & S will be back together, and she will defeat the terrorists !

    I dare the writers to end the soap in another way, with the terrorists launching the nuclear missile, and kill everyone!


  21. Jiten Shah

    The soap is dying, and the only thing to do before it gets to the state of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is to end it ASAP.

    Enough of all the “good guys have to win”. In reality, this doesn’t happen to often. Garjana should launch the nuclear missile and make a large hole with everyone dying.

    That would be the best way to end the soap !

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