Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Lalima to wear the shagun clothes. Bhabho turns and sees them at the door. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is she doing, this is not right for him, don’t do this. Bhabho leaves. Sooraj and Sandhya come to Lalima. Lalima says Lord has made me fall in dilemma, I know your love and know you both are made for each other, I have cured Sooraj, but I have done that by becoming Sandhya, I respect Bhabho a lot, and could not say her anything, I don’t want to come between you both. Sandhya says we respect you, we thought a lot….Sooraj says we will find a good home and a good… Lalima says this is not needed Sooraj ji.

Sandhya says you married Sooraj when his mental state was not right, even law does not give meaning to such relation, you restart your life.

Lalima says you love Sooraj a lot, I promise you both will never get separated, Sooraj and Sandhya will always be together, I have one way to do this. Sandhya asks what did she think about herself. Lalima asks her to do as she says, and then she will do as Sandhya says. Sooraj says you were sent by Lord to unite us, and when we are in dilemma again, you are doing a great try to unite us. He says I don’t know how to thank you, as its tough to find a selfless person like you in today’s times, we respect you a lot, thanks again.

The neighbors wonder whats happening In Rathi house and ask Meenakshi did Bhabho get mad to keep Sandhya’s mum dikhai. Meenakshi thinks how to say about Lalima’s mum dikhai. She says you all are invited, come home and know whats the matter, there is a twist. Bhabho asks Emily about Lalima. She asks the men to work fast. Mohit says I m counting sweet boxes. Vikram says I don’t know about Meenakshi. Bhabho asks him to control his wife, she is never present for work. He says he has done his work.

Ved and Pari smile seeing decorations. They go to Emily. Ved asks whats happening. Bhabho looks on. Vikram says there is program for elders, where kids have no work, get ready, I will take you to fair. Ved asks is mumma coming in this function? Emily says yes, your mum will come too. Ved goes to get ready. Emily thanks Vikram for managing the matter. Bhabho says one day, this will come out infront of kids.

The lady tells Bhabho that nothing changed in 14 years, Sandhya used to get ready for long time. Bhabho goes to see Lalima and helps Sandhya in tucking the saree pleats. Sandhya has ghunghat on her face and Bhabho thinks its Lalima. Sandhya cries and recalls the old moment when Bhabho has made her saree pleats. Bhabho blesses her and asks her not to feel lonely. She asks her to come, everyone is waiting. Sandhya holds her hand and stops her. Bhabho asks what happened. Sandhya lifts the ghunghat and shows her face. Bhabho gets shocked and says you….

FB shows Lalima telling Sandhya to sit in her place, she will go and end her work, till she comes back, Sandhya has to take her place. Sandhya says I can’t wear this. Lalima says we are doing this for Sooraj ji, sometimes intentions matters, if Bhabho comes to see me, someone should be here, you are not cheating anyone, trust me and gives the clothes to Sandhya. Sooraj and Lalima are on the way to meet the lawyer. Lalima says we are doing right. Sooraj says you are doing right, you are sacrificing by signing on legal papers, you are a Devi. Lalima says I m doing this so that your and Sandhya’s relation does not suffer, I m not Devi, let me be just human.

Bhabho shouts on Sandhya and says you cheated me again, tell me where is Lalima, I know everything, you may have trapped her, she is innocent, tell me where is Lalima. Sandhya thinks she has to tell truth to Bhabho, she can’t lie, sorry Lalima. She says Bhabho, I… Meenakshi comes and tells Bhabho that she has seen Sooraj and Lalima going to lawyer, who does marriage and divorce. Bhabho gets shocked. Meenakshi says Sooraj refused for marriage, so did he go for divorce. Sandhya says don’t misunderstand me Bhabho. Bhabho scolds her and says your law fails infront of my rules, I will not let injustice happen with Lalima. She leaves. Sandhya cries.

The ladies wait for Sandhya. Bhabho rushes and lady jokes on her. Sooraj reads the papers, where Lalima is leaving her rights on Sooraj. Bhabho is on the way and asks rickshaw driver to drive fast, its about someone’s life. Sooraj gives papers to Lalima. The lawyer asks does she know what she is going to do. She says yes, I m freeing Sooraj of marriage, as he was not in his proper senses. He asks is she ready. She nods.

Bhabho reaches there. Sooraj says pen is not needed, and gives inkpad to Lalima. Lalima takes the inkpad and is about to apply the impressions, Bhabho comes there and says Lalima…. Sooraj and Lalima turn to see Bhabho.

Mohit says Lalima is clever, she made Sandhya bad in Bhabho’s eyes and got close to Bhabho. Lalima tears Sandhya’s pic and says Sandhya has to go away from Sooraj’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate bhabo

  2. Totally this serial story collapsed but one think sooraj and lalima when did get married. not showing sooraj and lalima marriage in this serial. one day sooraj shouting infront of bhabo and lalima. but not showing sooraj married with lalima. but how to divorce? totally confused……………….any one clarify my doubt please?

  3. all the serials in the trp list make me feel ugh

    1. It’s good 4 u ! My story is it makes me cry???

  4. My heart goes out to Sandhya. She is always at the receiving end from Bhabho. Even Sooraj has been rough to her in the past. I hope he does not get carried away by Bhabho this time and sticks to his love
    Sooraj asks for a stamp pad for Lalima’s thumb impression. I am sure she is a fraud and knows how to read and write. She is very conniving
    Please end this track and start on a positive note

  5. which way they r giving bhabho roll. when Sandhya donate her kidny without knowing to her and save her life she shows diferent face and while doing duty if something happens she is different. Atleast in real life it cannot be like that. Producer is making fool to viwers by creating non sense things. As per me this way shows how a lady is enemy of another lady (so called Saas and Bahu). If same thing happen with another lady (daughter) how bad they feel.

  6. The so called marriage between suraj and lalima is null and void when the first wife alive and when suraj’s mental health was not good. But why can’t sandhya or sooraj ask bhabho one question? When Mohit left his wife for six years and returned aimlessly …….not looking after the daughter and Emily, why didn’t bhabho say a word ? Why this difference between a a wayward son and a duty bound daughter in law ? She let Mohit remain aimlessly at home, did not let Emily re marry ……..why this bad treatment to sandhya who sacrificed everything for the family ……even gave away her own kidney…. bhabho is the worst mother in law and why no one is putting her in her place? Even her husband is so dumb.

  7. Lalima cunning and selfish woman partner with Mohit

  8. just as Bhabho showed Sooraj’s video to Sandhya, someone should show the videos of mission Mahabali to Bhabho, especially episodes 1102, 1113, 1165, 1175,1176, the climax and the episode where Sandhya was trapped in the jungle by Garjana.
    Of course it will not make any impression on Bhabho, bu still if she has a heart and is human, she may realise.

    1. Bhabu has own law, rules, dictionary,’! She is one” woman army”according to her only she is right in this world and the one who follow her stupid rules! She is an illetrate woman and loves illetrate bahus in her house but on the other hand she orders sandya to teach her useless faughter chavi so that she will great marks in her exam like sandy !!! ? It’s totally ironical!

      1. Sorry its” her own daughter chavi” typing mistake?

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