Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Binny begging to Mukeshwari Mata for Rishabh’s life. Sandhya says its necessary to end the sin, and not the sinner, his neelvish should be cured, get him in my feet. Riddhi thinks what is Samriddhi and Siddhi saying. Ved greets Mata and goes from there, while Rishabh is fallen in Sandhya’s feet. Rishabh gets fine and looks around. The people chant Mukeshwari’s name and say you have cured a sinner. Sandhya says his neelvish got treated, but this is not any miracle. She shows the injection and says he got fine by this medicine. She says this happened always, we are not any Dui Mukeshwari Devi. The man asks why are you saying this. Sandhya and Meenakshi show their true forms. Everyone get shocked.

Riddhi and Rishabh get shocked. Sandhya says I m Sandhya, she is

Meenakshi…. She asks the people are they shocked, this is the truth, some people have played this bad game, they played with your devotion, Rishabh has done this, with the help of Riddhi and her two twin sisters. Meenakshi says I will get them.

Vikram and Chotu come to Rishabh’s house and look for family. The laptop falls. Vikram says I m sure everyone went to that temple, come. They stop hearing the sound. They see the video recording of Mukeshwari Mata giving the message to Ved. They both get shocked seeing it. Vikram says this can’t happen, Dui Mukeshwari is trapping Ved, we have to save Ved at any cost, he is in danger come.

Ved runs towards the cliff. Meenakshi brings Samriddhi and Siddhi. She introduces them. The people get shocked. Sandhya says they both became your Dui Mukeshwari Devi. The people get angry. Siddhi gets tensed and says we did this on Rishabh’s saying, forgive us. Sandhya says they cheated you all for money, they found rich people and gave neelvish injection, then after getting chadava, they give antidote to make person fine, Rishabh made antidote too. She scolds Rishabh and says you should have used your talent for societys welfare. Binny slaps Rishabh and cries.

Vikram and Chotu are on the way. Vikram says Sooraj and Sandhya’s phones are not connecting, they played with devotion and now trapped an innocent boy, we will go to cliff. Chotu says nothing will happen to Ved. Binny scolds Rishabh. Rishabh says I was living with respect, but everything changed 12 years ago.

He tells how villagers believed that neelvish affected woman is a daayan, just one man went against the villagers, it was me, I explained villagers a lot, that that women is ill, its not Devi’s curse, they have beaten me to pulp, they snatched my everything, blackened my face and threw out of my village, then I thought I will use their devotion, I did research of that illness and gave the name neelvish, I made these three sisters help me, I did all this by science, it was not any miracle, I knew no one will raise finger on devotion, I hypnotized the Takshak snake and made snake work for me. The lady thanks Sandhya for exposing Rishabh.

Sandhya says I know nothing can happen infront of devotion, I took Meenakshi’s help to prove this, Ved did you see, this is not any miracle. She asks where is Ved. Bhabho says he was here. They all look for Ved. Ved runs to the cliff.

Emily takes care of Purvi and asks her to rest. Purvi shows the lamp. Emily switches off lights. She goes to Chandni and asks her the truth, did you know Purvi is alive, did Om and Maasa hide this truth from me. Chandni says I did not know this. Emily says Purvi’s accident happened of my car. Chandni says Purvi’s accident happened, but you did not do it. Emily asks what do you mean, tell me truth, please. Chandni says I can’t say, Maasa asked me not to tell the secret, she will be angry. Emily says please, tell me. Chandni says fine, I will tell you, Purvi’s accident happened three days before you came, police also came, I don’t know why Maasa told that Purvi’s accident happened by your car, you came on Holi day, and Purvi’s accident happened 3 days before Holi. Emily thinks it means Om and Maasa made me responsible for this crime I did not do. She says they lied to me and Maasa cheated me to make me marry Om. She cries. Chandni wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. Emily hugs her.

Samriddhi laughs and says Sandhya you became great but you have to pay a price for this greatness, your son Ved is given a blessing from Dui Mukeshwari, when he jumps down a cliff, he will not fall and start flying in air. They all get shocked. She says yes Sandhya, Ved has gone to jump down the cliff, he still has full faith on Dui Mukeshwari. Sandhya shouts Ved and runs from there.

Sandhya rushes to see Ved and gets shocked. Everyone come there and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @ Argyria or silver poisoning is caused by colloidal silver or silver sulphide either orally or parentally and causes bluish tinge on the skin when exposed to sun rays. And this discoloration can’t be altered or removed by any antitoxin as mentioned in the serial. More over there is no antidote for argyria and the serial director has not indicated any drug in the treatment for silver poisoning. Silver iodide is used to cloud seeding for bringing artificial rainfall.

    1. Don’t check for too much logic in movies & shows.
      If we check ENTHIRAN(ROBOT) movie’s plot,there is no logic & there is no such ROBOT which can have Human feelings.
      So just leave the logic matter.

      1. I want that scientific facts should be presented in the same manner. The producers want to do away with fake piety and superstitious behaviours. At the same time bringing in a false scientific fact will set a bad example for younger generation.

  2. will ved survive or saved

  3. Awesome Episode.But they didn’t explain how VED walks on water.If I guess right,VED walked on water as there may be a glass layer which can be controlled electrically like lifts,car door locks,etc are controlled.
    Emily’s track is also going to end.
    Horrible Precap.But I think either SANDHYA or Vikram or Chotu or anyone else will save VED for sure.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.

  4. I don’t think ved will die he is hanging on a branch

    1. I did say not to speak

  5. Sandhya saves ved.i saw the upcoming epudodes sandy will be pregnant.hope no bakwas in that

    1. Shut up

  6. Awesome Episode… Will Ved Die

  7. All u ppl are talking bakwas

    1. If u dont like preeti better u dont comment in this page

      1. You dont tell me what to do- i will talk when i need to talk

      2. Similarly u dont have right 2 ask sm1 2 shut up

      3. Hema cool.Tension aagatha. Ovorutharkum ovoru feeling.

  8. Nice episode. Always Dabh is the Best show . DABH story is like award film story. Sandhya, Meenakshi rocks today. Dabh only the best show in Star plus.

  9. Nice dabh.

    1. Love ur profile pic

      1. I dont like your profile pic


  11. I too like ur profile picture. It is awsome.

  12. I will say whatever i want to okay nia- no one told you to talk and hema i dont like

  13. All people talking crap… stupid people

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