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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking I could not find Gul’s plan. Inspector says security is tight, and we are still finding Gul. She asks him to be alert. The program continues, and then Gurmeet and Debina come on stage. Meenakshi is glad and says they are my fav. Gurmeet welcomes everyone in the function and says I want to salute Rajasthan’s police officers. Debina says we are safe because of you, you are protecting us. Sandhya stops the men and asks who are they. The men say we are here for maintenance work. She checks their id cards and gets that confirmed. She allows the men to go and asks staff about Swami. The inspector says we could not trace Swami till now. The men call Gul and say its everything according to plan, we will not let plan fail.

Gurmeet says holi does not

bring holiday for you all, you get more alert for our safety. Debina says we salute you all. Everyone clap. Sooraj talks to Ved. Sandhya asks for Swami again, and Mr. Basu. Ved and Sooraj ask Sandhya to come, program started. She says I will come. She asks Sooraj to take Ved, I have some work. Ved sees the statue and says Arjun, he is one of the pandavas, whose aim is incomparable. Sooraj says yes, Pandavas won because of him in Mahabharat. They leave.

Gurmeet and Debina perform.….. Arambh hai prachand bol mastako ke jhund ……plays…… Rathi family and everyone are happy seeing the performance. Everyone clap after performance ends. Sandhya recalls Ved’s words about Arjun, and Mahabharat company with laak bill. She says Swami disappeared, even Mr. Basu…. Is there connection with Gul. Gul says 10 mins more Sandhya, be ready for your ruining.

Arzoo is taken by lady constable to the washroom. Arzoo recalls Sandhya’s words and gets thinking that even I won’t move back from my aim. She removes the glasses from the window. It breaks. Constable asks Arzoo to open the door. Arzoo runs from there. Constable sees this and gets shocked. Gul smiles seeing the live program.

The police commissioner tells everyone about honoring the police officers, first name represents women power, she is very brave and accepts every challenge to win. He tells about Sandhya Rathi. Everyone clap for Sandhya. Rathi family smiles. SP calls Sandhya on the stage and asks her to accept the honor, she is promoted from SP to SSP today.

Sandhya goes on stage. Commissioner requests minister to give the award to Sandhya. The minister says I m proud to have a police officer like Sandhya, and honors her with the SSP badge and award. Everyone clap. Minister says there will be 21 salutes for Sandhya. Gul says my warrior Arjun will give the 21st salute to Sandhya by igniting fire on the fire, it will be my salute to Sandhya.

Many people give salute to Sandhya. Gul calls Sandhya and says madam, I m Swami, sorry I could not see your promotion Sandhya Rathi. She gets shocked and thinks Swami is Gul. He tells about his promise, there will be fire in town hall, save them if you can, after you came from Pakistan, I thought how to answer you, then I felt to answer you in your language, I heard Mahabharat is big part of your religion, I read it and got a way, Kauravas made Lakshagrah to kill Pandavas. This town hall security was your responsibility, till your sight is reaching, everything is made up of laak. She gets shocked.

Sandhya sees the fire ignition and then Arzoo….. The people run from there. Sandhya thinks my doubt on Arzoo was right, she is Gul’s support link.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The police security arrangements were very poor that a woman like Aarzo does easily escape from the police custody. This’s potentially irrational and and unbelievable.

  2. Kya yar aj badi der m update ho rhe h serial please jaldi kijiye.

  3. Okay Episode. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see SANDHYA’s adventurous scenes of saving lives.
    Eagerly awaiting for following episodes to see how Sandhya catches Gul & his team.
    But please end this track sooooooon……
    As I guessed , precap is for tomorrow’s episode.

  4. I saw new promo… Sandhya will shoot arzoo… 🙁

  5. I saw some promo where Sandhya was shooting Arzoo when Arzoo was about to strike Sandhya.

  6. The windows in the jail bathroom are intentionally made for escaping … But how the bigggg arzooooo… enters through that hole… Still now I wish arzoo is not linked with this… Let’s see.. Eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes

  7. Y is arzoo doing this to sandhya

  8. Aarzoo must also be from police …. Their side police

  9. Arzoo will save Sandhya

  10. Arzoo must be wearing rubber suit to look fat. Then squeezed out once out of the bodysuit. Sandhya didn’t figure out before the fire. Very disappointing.

  11. When criminals go to bathroom, the windows and other outlets must be watched from some police as a precaution. Shoot them if they are tryi9ng to escape.

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