Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ved and Vansh having a talk. Ved praises Sandhya. A man stares at Vansh and was going towards him. Just then, Sooraj comes and takes him. Sooraj makes Vansh have the milk. Vansh tells Sooraj that Ved got annoyed with him, we will go and convince him. Meenakshi asks him to convince Ved by teasing him. Meenakshi says Vansh finished the milk, he went on his mum Sandhya. Bhabho stops Meenakshi from saying by hitting the box lid.

Meenakshi thinks I did not see Maasa, if Maasa heard me. Maasa asks Meenakshi why did she not say. Bhabho says Meenakshi said right, Vansh went on Sandhya, she is his Bua. She signs Meenakshi to go, and Maasa sees that. Maasa thinks Bhabho is hiding something from me, I m her mum in law, I will make her admit whatever the matter is.


man gets his boss’ call. Boss asks when will he pay the money. The man says I will pay by tomorrow, think its my lottery, I got a work. He recalls Vansh telling Ved that he does not know his real parents, but he will find them. He says I have to find way to reach Vansh.

Maasa tells Bhabho to take care of kids, the bad people are targeting kids these days, ask Sandhya to secure children too. She gives the thread she got from temple. She asks her to remember, its just for their house kids, don’t tie this to relatives. She gives thread for Ved, Misri, Kanak and Golu, I got an extra thread, I will return this. Bhabho thinks Kuldevi has sent this for Vansh, he is part of our family. She says if any kid loses thread, I will tie this one. Maasa says fine, have this, I will leave. Maasa goes. Bhabho says this last one is for my Vansh.

Misri gets ready. Meenakshi compliments her and ties thread to her. Vikram comes and asks Meenakshi to explain Misri, why did she cut her hair. Misri says wait, and shows her hair. She says I did not cut my hair. Meenakshi says times are changing, whats wrong if Misri changes. Vikram says I don’t like changes, Misri will not change. He leaves angrily. Misri gets upset.

Bhabho ties thread to Vansh. Vansh asks her why is she tying this. Bhabho thinks how to tell him Maasa gave this, and he is also part of our family. She says you are small, you will understand when you grow up. Vansh sees Maasa and calls her out. Bhabho gets worried seeing Maasa. Maasa asks Vansh to go out and play cricket with other boys. Vansh leaves. Maasa looks at Bhabho.

Maasa says what should I understand by your silence, if you think I m outsider, tell me I m not part of your family, you would have told me that Vansh is Sooraj and Sandhya’s son, you did not tell me, I got that thread to knw truth. Bhabho cries and says I did not wish to hide, but in situation where Sandhya and Sooraj gave Vansh to Ankur and Ankita, it was not easy, I m sorry Maasa. Maasa says when I saw Vansh, I felt he is our family member, he has gone on Sandhya, you did not ask me before giving Vansh to others, Sooraj and Sandhya are immature, how did you give our kul Deepak to others.

Bhabho says I was happy with Sandhya’s twins, but Bulbul was ill and was not listening to anyone, I told Sooraj and Sandhya not to give Vansh, I was against this, but they did not listen to me, they convinced me to agree for Bulbul’s sake, Ankita will get a son, and our kul Deepak will do to that house where there is darkness, he will bring light there, I was helpless to agree to their decision.

The man asks Vansh to come and have kulfi. Vansh looks on. Maasa says you took a big decision, Vansh and Ved are brothers and don’t know this truth, did you think future of this decision, what will happen when they know truth, kids are sensitive and get affected by small things, this decision will break their heart. Bhabho says yes, you said right Maasa, Vansh got to know he is adopted, and his real parents are in Pushkar. She cries and tells Maasa that Vansh has come here to find his real parents. Maasa asks what are you saying, Vansh knows this bitter truth, you did not do this right, its imp to make his question calm, else it can become a wound which we can’t heal.


Meenakshi asks Bhabho to say what was in locker, and records in her phone. Bhabho says necklace, and that letter by Sandhya, in which she wrote truth that Sooraj and Sandhya are real parents of Vansh, did Vansh get that letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Episode.
    Tensing Precap
    Suspense Ahead
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Hope everything will be fine
    But I came to know Misri will be taken (kidnapped) by Child traffickers.
    But for what blo*dy f**k this DABH writers bring SANDHYA’s family in her each & every mission.Bullshit. This stupid writers made SANDHYA a police officer who investigate only those cases where her family is trapped.Stupid brainless dumbstruck fools.

  2. Nice episode. Bhabho and maasa scenes are fine.


  4. So many characters. So many ideas. So many confusions. Then and again the story strays away from the main theme we are at a loss. It’s better to terminate the serialas soon as possible.

  5. Its better to end the show… not making any stupid track like this……out of the theme and out of story line……………..won’t look good for d show….its better to end.

    @AD….was it real misri will be d show,,, these writers won’t change track….always includes sandhya’s family in all cases…….stupid writters…….stop this non sense

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