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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man pushing Sandhya in a dark room. Sandhya looks at her wounded face. She sees Sooraj in the broken mirror and smiles. Diya aur baati……..plays. he disappears. She says your smile has made me gets strength to do my mission. It happens to be Sandhya’s dream. Sandhya opens her eyes and sees Manjari’s sitting and staring at her. Sandhya gets up. Manjari asks did you get good sleep. Sandhya says it got late to wake up. Manjari says fine, and starts crying saying about Himanshu’s marriage.

She says about her dreams of Himanshu’s marriage. She brings some box and shows the bridal things. She asks Sagarika to wear the bridal dress and jewelry. Sandhya asks how can I wear this. Manjari cries and says wear it to keep my heart, I had many dreams to welcome my

bahu, I lost my son, everything is over. She says I want to see my bahu, wear this once for my sake. She leaves. Sandhya thinks she is not able to understand Manjari, she broke my bangles and now giving this jewelry, what does she want.

Meenakshi sweeps the house and says Sandhya has died and made Bhabho a jailer. She says Bhabho is being too rigid now. A man comes and asks is this Sandhya Rathi’s home. She says one more medal, Bhabho will get angry. She says they don’t want any medal, give in police station. The man says I got her pension orders and leaves. Meenakshi stops him by running with the sweepstick. He says Sandhya will get 5 lakhs amount and Rs 10000 monthly.

Meenakshi says Sandhya loved me a lot, she asked me to keep everything, give me 5 lakhs. He says her husband will receive it and he has to sign infront of us, then he will get this cheque and pension will start. She asks for her contact number, she will call him. He gives his card and leaves. She gets glad and says how to bring Sooraj outside and take his sign. Sandhya gets ready in the bridal dress, and Manjari makes her wear bangles and a Bengali crown. Manjari says she looks gorgeous, like a princess, Himanshu’s wife. Sandhya recalls Sooraj and her words that she will become his wife always.

She thinks she did not make anyone become Sooraj’s wife in play, and today I m becoming someone’s bride, I have to do this for mission. Manjari says ritual is done. Sandhya asks shall I change the dress. Manjari says no, and brings her outside. She says its her first day as her bahu, she should make something. She asks her to make 10 kg jaggery. Sandhya says I don’t know making it. Manjari says I will teach you and shows her.

Sandhya says fine, I will go and change clothes. Manjari holds her hand and Sandhya thinks nothing will happen doing this Manjari, I can give good reply, but I m helpless. She says she is getting hurt. Manjari says you have to make it wearing bridal dress, dress and jaggery should not spoil. She asks her to make it in 3 hours and goes to her cottage. Sandhya gets troubled by the heavy jewelry.

She imagines Sooraj with her. He shows her how to make the jaggery and hold the big Karchi/frying tool. Diya aur baati………..plays…………….. She smiles. Manjari asks Sandhya to make it soon, and Sandhya’s hand burns. The lady Yashoda comes and asks Manjari to be scared of Lord, why is she hurting this girl. Manjari says this girl is unlucky, Himanshu went to see her and he died. Yashoda does natural first aid for Sandhya’s hand wound. She applies some haldi lep and gives a kada to Sandhya, asking her to drink it. They hear about play.

Yashoda says my son Shekhar does the play, he makes costumes, Garjana makes him do this, everyone come to see it. Sandhya asks does everyone come. Yashoda says yes, you also come along, you will like it, you have just bear Manjari’s tortures, you will get to see something new. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words to meet Chandu, and thinks she can get him today. She says maybe Manjari won’t allow me to come. Yashoda says I will see her, and go to buy come clothes with Shekhar. Sandhya says you are really good. Yashoda leaves. Sandhya says Chandu will be infront of me today, the mastermind of Garjana Sanghatan.

Meenakshi and Vikram plan to take Sooraj’s sign, and close Bhabho’s room door, seeing her sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I liked it

  2. Great sandhya

    For country your sacrificing all your happiness. And making yourself mould like water in a container

  3. Meenakshi your did not change.

    Awesome how ever you be you look good. But my opinion is to take care ? of family at least some

    1. Ya for money she can do anything ????
      BT she is nice person ??????

  4. Thanks for updating Nice episode?? mind blowing episode ???? on starting they give suspense.?

  5. Again suspense. Who beat sandhya???
    Ya really sandhya do anything for nation safety. That was very nice to see.her love to wards nation.?????????????

  6. Sandhya looks so pretty in that bridal dress✌??????

    1. True say

      She is awesome in that dress ?

    2. she is awesome

  7. As I said before they will like to have the cash reward ? now the whole family will join hands to swallow the money ?

  8. Meenakshi going to steal Sandhya’s pension money.I think Sooraj’s hotel plot is sold & Meenakshi,Mohit & Vikram stole that money.How stupid idiots these 3 are.After Sandhya returns,she should leave Rathi house along with Sooraj,Ved,Bhabho,Babasa,Emily & Pari & buy a new house and settle there.

    1. Sandhya never break house.she definitely teach lessons to them.??????✌

    2. bhaboo ke hote huve ayisa nahi hosakta. sooraj ke health tikh hone ka intazar karahi hai mujhe ayisa lagtahai. but meenakshi is creating problems.

    3. Yeah it looks true ?
      There is something fishy
      Suraj hotel is swallowed by some ones
      Maybe his family or some outsider

  9. It’s confirm that rati is nt coming in dabh
    “I suddenly read the news as it is all over websites and televisions. I don’t know what is going on. I was not approached for any role in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’,” Rati told in an interview. ???

    1. Yahoooooooooo so wating to see mission mahabali???????????????

    2. Will Sooraj remarry someone?
      Plz Sooraj.Don’t remarry.Sandhya will come back to ur life.

      1. Now I confirm that lalima is nt coming in suraj’s life.rati say that she is nt coming. So relax✌?

      2. If rati is not coming some one else…

      3. Now i dnt know bt if any one come then i tell u …

    3. That’s good news ?
      Rati is a good actress but she was not needed to come in between suraj and sandya ?

  10. Yes sandya is doing much more for her country
    She sacrificed her family’s happiness to fulfil her duty to wards the nation’s wellbeing
    I wish bhabo could understand this ?

    1. Bhaboo definitely understand sandhya BT in few days nt now.????????

    2. Sandhya’s main thought is if country is good then family ? is safe.

      If sandhya stay with her family ? then how will she stay happy ? when country is in trouble……..

      Sandhya will solve the country’s problem and then return to home for solving family’s problem………………………

      Want to this mission mahabali to be successful

      1. Ya true say @dabh fan diffenatly she complete the mission successfully and return home she solve all problems as well as sooraj dream hotel also.

      2. True say both of u…
        sandhya first do duty of nation and then home duty….

      3. When Sandhya did injustice(death drama and went by breaking all family members hopes) with own family then how do anything for country

  11. Minakshi part was nice. She never change. Again she come in old avatar.??????

    1. That scene was nice when that couir boy say that this the pension of sandhya. That time how Minakshi run. That part was so funny.I can’t stop of laughing☺☺☺????????

      1. really that was so funny it reminds that lakshman prasad (sarkari noukar) scene

    2. In rathis house these people are create so many problems i think so then bhaboo will miss sandhya then she understand….

    3. Ya @varsha aghar meena nahi hai to rathi parivaar me probs koun kadha karega…

      1. ya.minakshi’s role is imp. in rathi is comedy and other is to creat problems… bt i love her comedy….

  12. Nice Episode.Hope Sandhya finish her mission soon & capture all naxals & returns to her home.We want to see Sooraj & Sandhya together.

    1. Ya.BT this mission is nt so easy.they r so smart person.?????

    2. mee to but so early it not finished i think so…This track will work out they will drag other wise they will close early like (kabaddi track)

      1. this nt happpened bcoz this track is very nice.they drag more bcoz viewers love this track. trp is high of this track. in all serials dabh in 7 position and only star plus dabh is 3 posiotions ,……… see
        BARC TRP WEEK 28 (2015)
        TOP 10 Serials of The Week
        #1 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3.9
        #2 Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.4
        #3 Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi 2.9
        #4 Sasural Simar Ka 2.7
        #4 Udaan 2.7
        #5 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma 2.6
        #6 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.5
        #6 Balika Vadhu 2.5
        #7 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.4
        #7 Diya Aur Baati 2.4
        #7 Jamai Raja 2.4
        #8 Tu Mera Hero 2.1
        #8 Qubool Hai 2.1
        #9 Jodha Akbar 2.0
        #10 Swaragini 1.9
        Yahoooooo. sandhya do any thing to sucuss of mission mahabali

      2. on star plus 3 potions. yahoooooo
        mission mahabali is give more susoence in upcoming episodes… where is chavi? hope they show in upcoming episodes…
        hope minakshi nt sucuss in there plan …

  13. Nice to see suraj and sandhya scene together. That part was nice when suraj teach how to make sweet sandhya. So awesome part that was.????????????

    1. really old DABH scene’s are coming sandhya missed sooraj each and every work but wt abt sooraj?

      1. they also show this in few days. may be at least they show that suraj remeber sandhya….that was good for me……

  14. Hope they show this kind of scene of suraj and sandhya??????

    1. Again tense precap.????

      1. true say varsha but saturday ke tension precap nahi dena chahiye aghar ayisa diya to we want to wait 48 hrs………

  15. Tomorrow Minakshi and vikram bring suraj in that officers place sign that pension paper.?

    1. these two people are never change. but it not happen i think so bhaboo will wakeup

  16. When bhaboo know that than she sure kill Minakshi. For that may be we know the truth of suraj this behaviour as well as bhaboo’s behaviour.?

  17. Sandhya is a true PATRIOT.She is a real SOLDIER.A real POLICE Officer should be like this.

    1. Ya.true say?salute those officers those this kind of duty so save us first.?proud of them?

  18. I am waiting to see how Sandhya going to fight with naxals.

  19. Why Sooraj is monotonous not showing feelings about Sandhya.

    1. Ya why?????????? till not understand….

  20. Admin, It is very irritating to see all kinds of Smilies. Can you please instruct people to post comment but not the all kinds of numerous smileis?

    One or two can be fine. But here we see comment section full of Smileys…

    Msg from team: We already don’t approve comments if too many smileys.

    1. sorry if u dnt like my post simely which i post yesterday episode cmt with smile…then i never give simle….dabh is best show ever…..wating for bhaboo’s reaction when she know abt minakshi’s khand…

  21. salute to you sandhya for your positive attitude towards mission with the help of suraj in your whole heart ♥ and in every thought……….

    All the best for you sandhya

    Complete this mission successfully

    1. ya for sandhya suraj one simlie give her stranght….

  22. Guys, baboo knows Sandhya is alive and she went on mission. That’s why baboo got angry that she sacrificed family for a country. You may ask how does she knows?
    Baboo sees Sandhya in Bengali saree…
    Before that baboo saw her photo
    Sandhya saves sooraj in the train

    1. In my point of view my opinion also same bcoz she observing from starting. she help zakir abt this mission. on that time she ask sandhya also but we will wait for upcoming episodes to revel the suspense. some twist will take place in this situation.

  23. Lovely episode.

  24. I think sandhya’s furneal time sooraj loses half mentality. So all member don’t stand him in front of fire.

  25. Sandhya’s money is going for Ved.Sooraj may become witness. But all money don’t go with husband.


    1. what a nonsense……….sandhya and zakir are friends and collegues…sandhya never marry anyone ..she is suraj’s own …Diya our bathi never separate

      1. ya dnt say anything. u cant say any one dog… suraj and sandhya one .they never sepert……zakir is only sandhya’s best friend…. and for ur kind information zakir love emli, sandhya love suraj very much……

      2. In the same way sooraj also Sandhya’s own..
        Then y should Sandhya became others wife and y she wear bridel dress on other person name
        That may be any reason
        Injustice with sooraj

      3. Sandhya always do injustice with sooraj.
        Sandhya said she will be with him in his dream then how can sandhya leave sooraj on his fate in his dream
        That may be any reason
        But sooraj always do justice for Sandhya

    2. Sandhya she never marry any sandhya and sooraj they are made for each other dont saperate them what is this non sense….. dont speak negetive abt sandhya sooraj

    3. I don’t agree with you
      Dogs May not bear ghee
      But suraj ?? needs to raise highly to give its full light
      Specially for the people like you who are so pessimistic

  26. After back to home, neither sandhya will go for suicide nor case file against sooraj for cheating.

    1. Sandhya never do this.when she come she slove all family matter then she fulfill suraj dream vedansh hotel.sandhya never break home. Emli should file the case against mohit to toucher his wife means emli.?????

      1. Sandhya will come back and solve all family problems and then all family members will attend in sooraj hotel pooja again

        At that time Again Sandhya go for another secret mission..sooraj again go mad bhaboo get angry on sandhya—-sooooooo onnnnnn

  27. Today they show in SBS that suraj when see any fire he get shock. And he behave like mental. He is very critical condition. Finally suraj express his feeling. Bhaboo spred whole tab water on suraj. Then he see that lamp and that lamp he see sandhya. And then he get in shock means he scare that.and no one control suraj. ?
    This is flash back scene.
    Suraj and bhaboo acting was awesome. Just like real.??
    Abt that scene and acting I just speechless???
    I can’t see suraj like this when I see this video that time I just cry.nt control my tears. I can’t see this scene in serial.?

    1. First time I can’t see that scene. Suraj stage is horrible. That’s why bhaboo angery on sandhya.?????

      1. Varsha pls tell me what bhaboo and sooraj spoke in SBS segment

      2. Ya I am expecting strong reason will be ther. That means he is in shock

      3. Anas aka suraj say that without baati no means of diya like that without sandhya no means of suraj. Suraj is broken when he hear that sandhya is died. Bt suraj know that sandhya never live suraj alon. He know sandhya is alive. And show there masti between bhaboo and suraj.Then he he in masti that his bhaboo is khadoos. Then bhaboo say she is nt khadoos she is very lovely person. For this suraj behaviour she angry on sandhya.??????

      4. SBB me DABH team kya baath kiya 2 nd marriage ke bare me bataya?

      5. Bas bataya ki bhaboo may be do suraj second marriage.nt confirm.?

    2. Thank God they at least reveal one suspense. That’s why suraj is like this. When all rathi family come frm doing kriya karam of sandhya. This is next upcoming episodes they show this.????????

      1. one more new entry in DABH

        Shefali Sharma to enter Diya Aur Baati Hum!

        Actress Shefali Sharma who was last seen on Sony TV ‘s Tum Aise Hi Rehna is soon going to enter Shashi Sumeet Productions’ popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus .

        As per the ongoing tracks of the show, after a leap of three months while Sandhya ( Deepika Singh ) has been kidnapped and the Rathi family is informed about her death, on the other hand Bhabho ( Neelu Vaghela ) is trying her son Suraj ( Anas Rashid ) to get out of this pain.

        Our source informs us, “Bhabho will soon be getting a new girl for her son Suraj so that he can move on in his life happily forgetting all his past memories with Sandhya. Here’s when Shefali will make an entry to the show. Shefali will be seen essaying the character of Lalima who will be the new girl in Suraj’s life on the show.”

        When we contacted Shefali, she said, “I am yet to receive a confirmation from the production house.”

  28. no we are not in need of suraj second marriage.

    we want to see sandhya return to suraj life again

  29. Meenakshi could never be mended. Let us ehat she is going to.

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