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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho scolding Kavita. She says if I see you near my home, I will beat you with my slipper. Babasa says Kavita ji, we want to congratulate your failure from our heart, we are happy that you failed. He says if you win, I would have cursed myself all my life, how we all have voted you. He says you have cheated us, how can you live like this. Meenakshi says you wanted to make Sandhya salute you, now that won’t happen, but Sandhya’s heart is very big, if you have any work, she will do it, without any greed, now leave from here. Sandhya says Lord have punished you for your crime, it woule be better that you go from here. She asks Chotu to show the way to Kavita.

Kavita says I will go myself. Meenaksho taunts her. Kavita leaves. Officer Singh says great, I m proud

of you. Sandhya thanks her and says what happened here was because of you. She says else this truth would have not come infront of my family. She says why to spoil our mood talking about her, you came here for first time, have food please. Officer Singh says thanks, but next time, I should go now. She shakes hands and says all the best. She greets everyone and leaves.

Meenakshi is happy as Taisa comes with Misri. She says I will come meeting Misri. Vikram says why did she go to meet Taisa. Meenakshi runs to Misri and sees her crying. She says she will help them and Taisa acts rude to her. Meenakshi says you are Bhabho’s best friend and came to give you Prasad. She asks Misri to eat and Taisa stops her. She sees locket and asks whats this. Taisa says leave it. Its night, Sandhya wakes up Laxman and asks did he not iron Sooraj’s clothes. Laxman says power went, I will do, but I ironed your uniform, as you have to go for duty, where does Sooraj has to go.

She asks how did he iron her uniform then. He says by hot water in vessel. She sees the iron and takes it. Laxman says she got angry. She irons the clothes herself. Laxman says I will do. He says I realized my mistake and won’t do this again, forgive me. She says its about my husband’s pride and respect. He says sorry, I won’t do this again. Sooraj looks on. He asks her why so much anger on a small thing. She says your pride is more important to me than my pride. He holds her hand. Diya……………..plays………….

They smile. Its morning, Sooraj makes sweets and talks on phone to his client. Sandhya gets ready and comes to him. The shop owner Balkishan comes. He says she is my wife Sandhya. Sooraj tells her that its his shop and asks her to call Bhabho and Babasa. He asks how did he come all of a sudden, is everything fine. He asks him to give hot sweets. Babasa and Bhabho are happy seeing him. Bhabho says Sooraj’s work is set now. Babasa says this shop is very lucky for us. Balkishan says I want this shop to be lucky for me too, so bless me. Bhabho asks what do you mean.

He says I want my shop back, its my shop. Bhabho says this shop….. Babasa says its our shop. Your dad sold us. He says my dad did not sell you this. He says its my shop, and give it back to me, give me the keys. Bhabho ask what is this nonsense. He says you must thank me for giving this shop for so many years, but today I need it, so vacate it soon. Sooraj gets tensed. Bhabho says are you drunk. Sooraj says what are you saying, we have bought this shop for Rs 2 lakhs and we gave Rs. 11000 also. He says you gave it as advance, but not bought it.

He says you told to cut Rs 11000 from rent and kept the shop for 11 years. He scolds them and says if my dad is dead, will you take Rs 12 lakhs shop just like this. He gathers the crowd and says see them, what are they doing, they have taken the shop to work and now they are saying its theirs. Vikram comes and asks what is he saying. Mohit says don’t know. Balkishan insults them and asks them to vacate it, he will get the shop and drag them to court. Everyone is shocked. He calls them thief. Vikram says whom are you calling thief. Balkishan says I will come back to take my shop and will take it. I will not leave anyone. Sandhya looks on. He leaves.

Mohit says we bought this shop legally, we will not let it go. Bhabho cries. Sandhya asks about the shop papers. Bhabho says the papers got burned many years ago when our house caught fire.

Update Credit to: Amena

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