Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts
Emily runs into the hall & thinks of a solution & looks at someone watching her. Suddenly the power goes off in her hall.

HEre sandy tells that they can come with her if they want to see & take a photograph with the hero & heroine of the film. Some support her. Meanwhile one among them tells that the hero is in outdoor shoot.

Emily asks everyone to calm down & adds that she also had the same experience & they should report to the manager & get back the money.

Sandy tells that the newspapers publishes the news one day late & The hero has come to pray here in Ajmer. & goes on to add that those who r interested to take photos can come with her.

Here emily gathers everyone for a riot & they

forward to get the money back from the manager. Emily shouts & leads the campaign saying that they will get back the money today.

Here sandy & everyone leave too…


Second round

The competition is to make the children have a bath without cry.
Meena wonders whether misri cries r not while taking bath. The count down starts & everyone get ready. Sudha & kanha watches carefully. Meena carefully applies baby oil & slowly help her to bath & MEena shows some love & make misri have a bath. Meanwhile misri sprinkle some water on meena. Meena shows some love. She finishes the work. She tells self that the girl knows that her mother has to win today & complains that kanha is not like her. Misri picks some bangles & meena tells that misri is like her – fond of bangles. Meena for a minute thinks that she has forgot being in a competition hall.

Ab welcomes everyone back. Tells that the contestants have learnt Rajneeti with this. Mohit woners what will happen to emily. Ab calls one person & tells that he made an excuse saying that he found one ring outside & asked everyone to identify that. He got 80%
Next is Aparaajita. He tells that she ha slost her confidence at the last moment & her scoring is 0%

Break: Ab calls sandy & asks to look at her scoring.

Aparajitha tells that she never likes telling lies to anyone. Ab tells that it is competition & it is fair in war.. Adds that older people tell that lies told to save some people is good.

Then comes the next person. He gave offer of free cold drink & other free items. His scoring is 90%

The next person is Ashutosh. He told that there is a dead body in the bathroom & a knife too. Asked the audience to give their finger prints. His scoring is 75%

Mohit & emily looks at each other. Emily gives a nod. Babasa worries what wd the DILS have done.


They declare Meena Misri to be the winners. Meena is shocked & super happy. Sudha & kanha clap. They give meendi a crown. Meena happily hugs misri & takes the trophy & certificate, Prize

Break: Sandy is called to look into her results.

Ab calls prasant. He gave an excuse saying that there is one petrol leaking car due to which other vehicles are in trouble. His scoring is 62%

Next is Sandy. Suraj is eager. Ab tells that she caught the nerves of the audience very well by saying that hero is outside the hall. Her scoring (everyone’s hearts beats rapidly) she gets 95%. Suraj is happy. Babasa chaturi superhappy. Chavi Bhabo Mohit shocked. Emily nods somewhat. Sandy looks at suraj happily. Suraj claps.

Next Person. He made an excuse saying there is rain outside. Tells that it is a bad one as everyone can get the weather report on mobile phone these days. His scoring is 7%

Chavi tells that only emily is left now.

Precap: Ab tells that Emily scraped through the first round by one point & asks her whether she believes that her tactics would help her this time… Emily is not so confident


Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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