Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Sandy reaches to gandhiji’s statue, saw the statue n cry out her heart loudly, slowly step forward n ask ques, y she got to dreamt of such thing which is ruining her family, its very imp for her to becum an IPS n fulfill her parents dream but not on the happiness of her family. She dnt want to study like this n now at this moment she’ll drop her dream (main apne sapne ka tyag karti hoon).

At the same moment suraj cum thr, put hand on her shoulder, she turns. She says that wat hv thy done, thy becum so selfish that forget all, thy broke bhabho’s heart n trust, thy hv spoiled everything.

Suraj ask her why is she saying so, sandy says that its the place where he has taken swear to fulfill her dreams n complete her studies, for her father n now being the daughter of that man she pleads him to drop that dream.

But after so much suraj was not ready for this, he says that he’ll talk to bhabho again, that time was not gud n suitable to reveal it, it came out in such way that it hurts all.

Sandy dnt get agree with this, she says that her father has not only taught her to luv books but he also taught her to luv n live with family n if he was alive, he’ll also ask her to live for family, she starts crying n breakdown asking him that she dnt want to do this, suraj console her n says that he’ll do wat she’s saying.

Bhabho came there n says no, she knows sandy luv to move kathputlis but rathis are human not kathputlis, sandy has came so far from the margin of thr house that thr’s no way of moving bck. She gave bag in her hands n says that its dharamyudha n thy r standing in battlefield, bet is ready, now she’s not allowed to move back n gave example of mahabharat, saying that worlds biggest war happen among family members, surya were shocked n hurt equally.

She take her towards candle n ask to take swear of her late father that from now she’ll not look bck, she only think abt her study n bhabho’s 3 conditions n if she failed, she has to give her life in bhabho’s hands. After drama, she ask surya to go home, holds thr hand n take them bck home.

At home, mina was working n murmuring, that she always have to suffer between sandy n bhabho, she saw the police uniform, got sum idea n take it. Vik was changing bulb, mina came in uniform n disturb him with stick, vik saw sum1 in uniform n he fell down, n without seeing ask for srry, n as he saw mina got angry n ask her to leave or he’ll slap her.

Meanwhile bhabho n surya returns home, bhabho says she forget to collect papads from terrace, mina was scared, sandy ask to do it n bhabho says as she wish n leaves. Vik ran from thr as sandy was cmg thr, mina in hurry brk the tulsi gamla n got scared but manage to put it as it was n hide herself before sandy cum there.

Night, bhabho preparing dinner n sandy cleaning plates, chaturi cum with saree n ask bhabho that who wear such sarees, bhabho ask to put it in sandy’s rum,n then ask her to wear it while going to coll, it will suit her personality, it hurts her.

Chavi came to ask for dinner n bhabho said its ready n she call all. when all r thr bhabho ask to not sit n prepares a plate, chavi think its for her but bhabho stops her n ask sandy to sit n eat first as she dnt want her to get late n force her to late when chavi says sumthing against it, she got scolding, bhabho serve sandy hot chapatis n sandy eat it when suraj ask her to, she was crying n eating unwillingly, bbsa noticed her pain but quite.

Precap : Bhabho was preparing clothes of children bbsa came n ask abt it that she has already prepared it for mina’s child then wats all this n she replied that that she’s preparing her turn.

Update Credit to: Amor

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