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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arzoo saying you don’t have any right to live, if I kill you and people call me terrorist, I won’t regret. Sandhya says no, that would be easy punishment, he would get punishment and serve jail term, the live cameras was shown all his crime acceptance to the public, its live telecast on all news channels, now he won’t be able to show his face. Babasa and everyone see the news. Babasa asks Bhabho to see your both bahus are free of all blames, no one will call Arzoo a terrorist now and no one will call Sandhya a bad police officer. Daisa and other ladies come to apologize. Daisa says I m glad seeing news, that Sandhya is innocent, I knew she can’t be wrong.

The news is seen by everyone. Gul is also arrested. Puru is exposed. The police constable says now

no minister can joke of our uniform, Sandhya made us proud. The people get angry on corrupt ministers, and say they should know right value of their votes. The people protest against Purushottam. The investigation team completes the investigation and says we can’t punish Sandhya now, Arzoo is not a terrorist, we have to put a new committee against Purushottam now. Sandhya thanks commissioner. Commissioner says I m proud that you work in my department, you have made truth won, I m your senior, but the strength and smartness you have, by which you have shut this case, I salute you for this. They all salute her. He gives her the case back and wishes her all the best. She salutes him. He asks her to take the betrayer Puru.

She handcuffs Puru and arrests him. She says no one can underestimate truth, our unity and dedication to do our duty is our biggest weapons against enemies, we swear that enemies of law can never win against us, Jai hind. The police officers salute and say Jai hind. People cheer for Sandhya and Arzoo. The family outside police station. Arzoo comes out and Chotu smiles seeing her. Arzoo hugs Resham. Sandhya hugs Sooraj. Resham kisses Arzoo. Resham says I cursed Sandhya a lot, but Sandhya fulfilled her promise with honesty, you did not let my trust and hope break, I m happy to get such family in India, who does not regard every Pakistani a terrorist.

Sandhya tells Bhabho that no person should be judged by the country, all people and countries are same, land is divided, not love, if Pakistan has Gul, we have people like Purushottam, we should not assume everyone to be like them, can’t we unite. Arzoo says you said right. Bhabho says yes and hugs Sandhya. Sooraj says you proved Sandhya, that even if there are many hurdles in way, truth always wins, I m proud of you. Sandhya looks on.

Later, Sandhya dries her hair and Sooraj comes there. Her hair hit his face. Tune nibhaya aisa saath………….plays……………. He covers her with the pallu. He holds her hands. They have an eyelock. The pallu drops and he sets it again. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to come downstairs fast. Sooraj stops Sandhya and says everyone wants to talk about your bravery, what about me. She says its all because of you, when I fell weak, you gave me courage and revived my self confidence, else I would have not fight and won, thanks for becoming my strength again, for standing with me in my tough time. She hugs him and they smile. Diya aur baati …..plays…………….

Om washes his face. Emily comes and says I know its tough to manage yourself as you are going through pain, I m also trying, but not to take anyone’s place, I want to make your and Sparsh’s pain away. He walks to her and she moves back. He takes the towel from behind and goes away.

Sandhya tells Bhabho that family is happy after long time. Babasa tells some story and laughs along others. Sandhya says I miss Emily. Bhabho says yes, I m worried for her, I m explaining my heart. Sandhya says I got to know from Sooraj, how Emily and Om got married, I think Emily hurried and took this step being emotional, I m worried. Bhabho says when I spoke to Emily, I got to know Om is good, he is educated, we know Maasa’s family, they will not trouble Emily, we should be happy that Emily decided to start her new life. Sandhya says yes, our happiness is in Emily’s happiness. Bhabho makes tea and takes for Sooraj and Babasa. She asks Sandhya to get other cups and be careful, as she is doing work after long time.

Sooraj says Emily’s marriage happened so soon, I thought to keep a small function, we can sing and dance, we can meet everyone. They all like the idea. Sandhya says we should have some hungama for new couple. Arzoo says no need to do anything for us. Vikram asks for them? Arzoo says I will do anything again. They all laugh. Chotu signs Arzoo to stop. Arzoo looks at them, and asks why are they laughing. Bhabho says we were not talking about you and Chotu. Sooraj says if you want to tell us Arzoo, you can share. Bhabho says we were talking about Emily and Om, they are new couple. Arzoo smiles. Bhabho asks Sandhya to do arrangements, and goes to talk to Maasa. Sandhya asks Arzoo to talk to Resham and ask her to postpone her departure, she can attend this function. Arzoo says no, her ticket is booked, I was thinking to visit my Maayka for some days. Chotu gets shocked. Bhabho calls Sandhya. Chotu says Arzoo…. Arzoo leaves…..

Arzoo says Noorie called so many times, it will be fun to meet all friends. Chotu comes there. She smiles and says I will pack light clothes too. Chotu goes after her. Sandhya talks to Maasa. She ends call and tells Bhabho that Maasa said she can’t come, she will send Emily and Om. Bhabho asks really, come, we will invite Resham. Sandhya says no, Arzoo said Resham is leaving, she can’t come, Arzoo was talking about going her Maayka. Bhabho says she did not tell me. Sandhya says its not for sure, she will ask you first, come we will talk. Bhabho says come, we will ask her, if she goes after some days, it will be better, she just came from hospital.

Chotu asks Arzoo is your leaving tomorrow imp. She says no, Resham is going, so I thought to go with her. He says but you can go later too, don’t go now. She says it does not matter. He holds her hand and says don’t go Arzoo, for my sake. She smiles and says fine. He smiles….. she says I will think, if you have to stop me, you have to do something for me. Sandhya and Bhabho come there and look on.

Emily gives clothes to Om. Om says I have come as Maasa told me, I don’t have to play any games with you. Bhabho hears this…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi

  2. I want more romantic scenes from arzoo chotuplzzzzzzzzz

  3. Good & Happy Episode. Superb.
    SANDHYA’s dialogues @ Police Station superb. She rocked.
    But upcoming episodes will have very least fun & entertainment. End Emily’s bakwas senseless stupid bullshit ongoing track soon Plzzzzz.We can’t bear that nonsense.
    End that track too.As faster as possible.
    Not that good precap.

  4. Todays epi was nice seeing surya seen after a long time.Expecting more of surya scenes in the future epi.But i still have a doubt ,i remember that once arzoo drank the whole of sandy badam milk acting innocently but in her mind voice she told that she will ruin sandy soon .Do u remember guys .Can any one clear my doubt pls………….

  5. Anas rashid looks quite bulky na.Anas chellam i wanna see u as how u were 4 yrs ago with the same charm n cuteness.But that doesnt mean that u r looking bad now.Always i deeply love u so much

  6. Todays epi was nice .seeing surya scene after a long time.dabh rocks…….hoping to see more surya scenes in the future

  7. Good he is caught but I think sandhya should look into emily n om marriage i think he kill his wife to frame her n his mother should be sent to jail

  8. If they are going to continue whit the Emily non sense drama, then now is the time to bring back Zakir and make Emily actually see him as wonderful and right for her as hi is, and somehow make rude Om feel bad and start liking Emily and then loos her ….. or something like that

  9. Well done DABH team! Excellent actors, story writers, director and producer! Please give some ideas and common sense to the team of Mere Angne Mein.

  10. DABH is always rockzzzzzz….my favourite favourite serial……..pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls don’t give an end to DABH……..superbbbbb serial….continue dabh team….

  11. Emily suffered such a lot at the hands of that useless shameless Mohit.
    Please it is nothing but fair that she gets loved back in return.
    This OM seems to be a grumpy man- never a smile and looks very wicked.
    She deserves more – pls get her out of this man’s clutches

    Maasa is up to all tricks – if she has planned a murder – she should be brought before the law. She is framing Emily and using her at her beck and call – so unfair

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