Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ved and Misri talking at the chaat stall. He says he misses dad, he always agrees to me and never told no to me. She says Tau ji loves you, you can’t tell him this, don’t take tension. Emily talks to Meenakshi and says Misri and Golu missed her a lot. Meenakshi thinks she got gold bracelet for Misri and Pari took it, how to get it back. She tells Pari that other bracelet will suit her more. Bhabho hears this and says person’s intentions does not change. Pari says no, its fine, don’t worry. Meenakshi thinks to use mind and says she fought with Vikram while shopping this, he said why to buy this for Pari, she will become doctor. Bhabho says let it be, leave it.

Meenakshi says no, I said I won’t differentiate in both. Bhabho says then you would have bought

both. Meenakshi says no, I said I will return if Pari does not like. Emily says it can’t be exchanged. Meenakshi says it easy, and asks Pari to keep it if she likes. Pari thinks. She removes it and says if you can get stethoscope for me, then return this. Meenakshi takes it and says great. Bhabho looks on and talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I left lying.

Bhabho shows her jewelry and says want my liar and clever bahu, if you do my work, I will give you this necklace as gift. Meenakshi gets glad and asks really. Bhabho says yes, you lied and took the bracelet from Pari and she gave it happily, do something to lighten the house. Meenakshi asks what work is it, tell me. Bhabho says my Vansh. Meenakshi leaves the box being shocked and says Vansh. Bhabho says yes, I want my grandson back.

Meenakshi says are you joking, we know he is missing since 6 years and cries. Bhabho says Ankur stays in Ajmer, use your mind and do anything, will you do this. Meenakshi says yes, I will do this. Bhabho cries. Aryan meets Bulbul and asks why did he call him here. She argues with him. She says dad is sending Vansh to Jaipur and mum will stay with him, once he gets transfer, dad and I will also go. She says I told him about court restrictions. He says what did you tell him when I told not to say him.

She says we should tell Sandhya. He says we can’t take anyone’s help. She says I can’t let Vansh go, I can’t see him worried. He says let me think. She says plan is ready. Emily shuts the shop and says its big order. Her assistant says she can’t come. Emily asks why, she gives salary on time. The girl says her BF wants to marry her, her family is against, so she is running away and marrying him, he got the job. Emily says congrats, love and marriage decisions are easy and its forever, so think well. The girl says yes, I don’t want to go against family and marry. Emily says she will come in her marriage and says you always took care of Pari. The girl thanks her. Emily says she will become the witness.

The girl asks her not to tell anyone. Emily says I promise and leaves. Mohit hears this and says she can’t manage her home and helping others, I will get chance to snatch Pari from him. Ved calls Vansh and asks him about his health. Vansh says my dad is sending me to Jaipur. Ved says shall I talk to him. The call ends. Ved thinks what to do now.

Sandhya gets a call and gets glad. She tells Sooraj that its good news, she got the idea of gifting Ved. He says I m free then, I want you to gift good. She says he will like my gift. She says the celebrity channel cookery show liked your videos and now you can come on tv. He laughs and says I won’t go. She says do this for Ved’s happiness. He says who will go Jaipur, its far and hot weather, I can’t stay without my son. She says we are doing this for our son.

Ved comes and Sooraj asks why did he not sleep. Ved says can he sleep with them, he is having fear. Sooraj says fine, I will get your cartoon pillow. Sooraj says I don’t want pillow, I will sleep in your lap. Soroaj says we have everyone at home. Ved says don’t know why I m afraid today. Sooraj says fine, we will sleep together today. Ved hugs Sooraj and sleeps. Sooraj asks is he afraid now. Ved says no, hold me like this. Sandhya says Sooraj ji. Sooraj says quiet. She says she will make Ved sleep right. He says he is fine, he said he will sleep like this.

She says but you can’t sleep like this. He says don’t worry, I m fine. She smiles and gets teary eyed. Babasa talks to Ved. Ved thinks he can’t tell his tension to anyone. He misses the bus and says how to go school. Sandhya says I will drop you. He says no, you will get late for duty, call dad here. She says fine and calls Soroaj. Sooraj drops Ved to school and says don’t worry, I will drop you before you get late. He says I know and thinks to tell him the problem. Sooraj says he looks worried and thinks to ask.

Ved asks how does he know he has to say. He says I m your dad, and I can read it on your face. Ved thinks he should tell him the truth.

Ved is hesitant to say. Sooraj asks him to say it, is there any mistake done. Ved asks how does he know, did he come to his school.

Update Credit to: Amena

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