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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar talking to Sandhya. He says she is from Pushkar police, so her punishment is that the nuclear bomb will fall in Pushkar where her family and heart resides. This will be the punishment for Sandhya. Shekhar tells commander that he might be worrying that Sagarika told about master plan, there is just one way to not let our plan ruined, this laser pen, we will send wrong info to her staff that attack will be on 15th October instead 2nd October. He sends the wrong date by the laser pen. Commander smiles and says great, now they will not do anything against us.

Sajni calls commander and says we should do something for Sagarika, she saved my son, she is Lord for me and blesses Sagarika. He says I will come home and talk. He does not end call. He asks Shekhar

to keep an eye on Sagarika, that’s IPS Sandhya Rathi, beat her, torture her as she went against Garjana. Sajni hears this and gets shocked. She thinks how can this happen, Sagarika is police officer, she is not bad, she has saved Chote Raja’s life. Commander says we will sacrifice Sandhya after 2nd October. Sajni gets shocked hearing everything.

Commander says we will celebrate after ruining the country, do arrangements for sweets, music and dancer. Its morning, Bharat is on the way. He gets a call and stops the car. The officer informs Sandhya is safe, she has sent message that Garjana changed the date to 15th october. Bharat says fine, thanks. Sooraj lands in Anantpur and says I will get clue about Sandhya here. He gets a call from Bhabho. Bhabho asks is he fine, where did he go. He says I m fine. She says she is worried, he has gone to find Sandhya by incomplete pic. He says Sandhya is alive, I know her eyes, trust your son’s belief, give me few days time. He asks for her blessings and says he will come home with Sandhya.

Bhabho tells Babasa that Sooraj is again going to give Agnipariksha. Lalima cries. Lokesh tells her that Sooraj has gone to find his wife, and you did not say anything. He says just your happiness matters to me. Sooraj asks about wedding hall. The man says oh, that where jewelry was looted. He tells the directions and asks whom will he meet. Sooraj says Amar Singh, the security guy.

Bharat gets a call and stops car. The man tells him about Amar Singh is giving info to everyone about wedding hall and the loot. Bharat says we have to stop him from giving info to anyone, as it will be problem for our mission, I m on the way. He thinks I have to stop that guard from giving info to anyone. Sooraj is also on the way. Sandhya is made to stand between the metal wires in the huge pit. She gets hurt as her move makes her get wounded by the sharp ends of the metal wires. She recalls Shekhar’s words. She thinks to do something that they get helpless to bring her out of this, She pulls the metal chain. She makes the fire stick fall inside. Jai hanuman………………plays……………. She gets the fire stick and lights the metal poles.

She shouts for help and says fire, I will die, save me. The men see the fire and say we have to keep her alive, else Shekhar will kill us. They bring Sandhya out of the pit. She beats the men and shoots at them. She frees the chain and runs from there. Shekhar, commander and others come there and see Sandhya gone. Shekhar asks the men to find her. Sandhya thinks to run more 10-12 kms to be away from Garjana. Shekhar asks the men to activate mines at the outer ring so that Sandhya steps on it and dies. Commander laughs and says now if Sandhya runs or not, she will just die, her fate will decide her life or death. Bharat thinks to stop Amar Singh, so that he does not give info about Sandhya. His car breaks down. Bharat does not see Sooraj passing by on the bike with someone. He calls someone for help.

Sandhya stops seeing the mines and thinks she can’t go out from here, she has to hide in jungle itself. She sees the metal electric wires across the trees. Shekhar says Sandhya is clever, if she gets to know about mines, she will hide in jungle, we will find her. Sooraj asks Amar about the news and shows Sandhya’s pic. Amar says that woman was trained, I thought she will kill me, but she did pity on me and did not shoot me. Bharat reaches there and gets shocked seeing Sooraj. He thinks how did Sooraj come here, did he get to know Sandhya’s truth.

Sooraj asks Bharat about his wife Sandhya. Bharat says I don’t know any Sandhya. Sooraj says you are lying, I know you know Sandhya, I will find her anyhow. Sooraj gets up and has ache in neck. He holds the driver’s neck and the jeep goes out of control.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh! How great Sandya is! She is a super woman having extraordinary strength, ingenuity, intelligence and humanity. She would certainly overcome all difficulties and come out successfully.

    1. Thanks amena …nice episode☺I can’t see sandhya like this she is suffering more…?bt she give good lesson to gharjana people?

  2. Nice acting by all character… Superb… Thanks amena for fast updating…????????????

    Sandhya is real example of all women… To be strong in dis world to face all problems… She is breve girl….. Superbly acting she did… All times she show her best acting… As well as all DABH team (whole) superb they did all work.. Hatts of all whole team…?

    Hope they show like this… I also want this…. Bt one thing is also that if suraj find sandhya before mission complete… That was more create problems for sandhya… Hope this nt happened…?

    1. Varsha, The whereabouts of Garjana village is not known to Suraj. Hence I think it’s impossible for hin to find ou Sandya. If it so happens that Bharat explains about Sandya’s secret mission I think he would be satisfied and return home happily.

  3. Awesime episode.hope suraji finds sandhya with the help of bharath sir.
    Again dabh rockz

  4. Great episode

  5. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???
    Superb episode… As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene… Mind blowing…?
    Really ek dam zakaassssssssss episode… Suraj scene was also nice…?
    Ohhh shitttt that chandu give wrong information to bharat sir that mission is on 15 Oct nt 2 Oct… So sad…?
    And bharat sir also believe on that fake news… Hope Bharat sir get daut on that news.. Hope so…?
    Wowwwww sajani also now that sandhya is with garjna sanghtna… And they harm sandhya with badly…?
    Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she also fee that sandhya is good police officer… She save her son life… ?
    M thought come that sajani get know that sandhya is police officer.. So happy.. Now definitely sajani help sandhya.. Bcoz sandhya save her son life… So that’s why she help sandhya… So happy…?

  6. Yoooooo varsha calm dwn bruhh

    1. Hope Bharat sir get know that garjna sanghtna catch sandhya… As soon as possible they get know this news…?????????

      So happy… Whenever I see this show.. Myyyyyyyyyyyy favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv showwwwwwwwwwwewwww only DABH… So excited I mm….. It’s also nice for me that now a days I can’t see or read any dabh upcoming episodes twist or story… Bcoz of they reveal any spoiler m interest get low so I decided to dnt read or see any spoiler… So bcoz this my desicion I m excited to watch upcoming episodes… So happy so this decision I also nt come in this page after my cmts over I come in fresh page… Bcoz so many people want the spoiler for them I say people that post twist… ??????

      Sorry I hurt u feelings with my cmts… Forgive me…????????

  7. Thank God that bhaboo trust suraj… That was nice… Now bcoz of bhaboo’s trust this is the big thing for suraj… That bhaboo believe him… So happy…?
    So for many days I see bhaboo trust… She can’t use bad words for sandhya when suraj say that sandhya is alive.. And he bring sandhya home… So happy….?
    Lokesh scene was nice… He is veried for his sister… For him lalima is everything for him… Hope lalima recover soon…?
    Idiot garjna sanghtna they store sandhya in that big whole… So sad… To see sandhya in pain.. As well in that whole the tie sandhya with badly… ?
    What a idea sandhya to free frm that whole… U put fire near by u… So risky… Bt she take this risk…so happy…?

    As usual background song means that hanuman chalisa was superb… Suit for that situation… This is the nice song they choose for that situation… ?
    Nicley sandhya do that fire drama.. Her acting as usual superb in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… ?
    Superbly she come frm that whole.. As well as her action scene… And then she shout that members to f garjna sanghtna… Mind blowing… ?????Ek dam zakaassssssssss…?

    Nicley sandhya run frm that place.. Superb mind blowing in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss..?
    OMG chandu put all over that dienyamind… Ohhhhhhhhh?

    It nice that sandhya see that dienyamid… Be careful sandhya… Now it’s interesting to see how sandhya come frm that place…?
    What I say that happened… Again my thought come true that suraj come that place where sandhya did that robbery… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… So happy…?

    Full suspense Precap.. Hope tomorrow bharat sir tell suraj that sandhya is alive…?

    How take suraj frm that jeap…? may be that person is member of police officer… May be Bharat sir say that the take suraj that place where sandhya is… And then suraj misunderstand that officer … He thought that someone kidnapped him… This my thought… ?

  8. Plz makers…dont put dat bakwas song…show sme patrotic song…really….it hurts our feeling….

    1. It’s nt bad song this is good song… It’s also nice song this song is suit for that situation… Plz dnt say bakwas… It’s real song that they show sandhya’s situation… So plz request dnt say this… This is God song… ?????????????

      1. I also agree Varsha. This song gives courage to sandy to become more brave.

    2. Don’t tell like that this song is very good song nd situation based song…??hat’s off to Deepak Singh..her acting is awesome nd mind blowing??

  9. Rocking Episode.Sandhya & Sooraj superb.
    The only thing which looks unreal & I don’t like is the team always make Sandhya’s missions related to her family somehow.That’s bad.
    I think Sandhya will take the help of electric line somehow to escape.Eagerly waiting to see that scene.
    Eagerly waiting to see upcoming episodes.Eagerly waiting to see whether Sandhya succeed to escape or not.
    All the episodes of MISSION MAHABALI was superb.
    Mind Blowing track.

  10. Nice episode. Sandhya super acfing.

  11. Yes I agree! She is an extra ordinary brave woman !! Excellently played the charecter by deepika Singh !! Hats off to you deepika dear!!

    1. I meant agreed to @ varsha earliest cmnt about sandya!!

  12. Sandhya scene was nice… Tomorrow episode was more interesting… So excited to watch… Hope that garjna sanghtna people nt catch sandhya again hope so…?????

    Why r u merged my all cmts in one cmt… I also recmt that BT u also merged that….???? So sad…. Plz dnt do this… I can’t see this my merged cmts… Plz show normal cmts plz…. It’s request… K… If u do this and change my all merged cmts in normal cmts then I can’t come here for cmts…. My last cmt so sad to me…???

    1. So excited to watch upcoming episodes as well as how they show upcoming scene also… Hope we always see like this new tracks… So happy… We see soon suraj and sandhya reunite

      Guys One good news…. ??
      Star plus now show DABH daily 5 times… See this…
      Main telecast — on 9:00 PM

      Repeat telecast– on 1:00 AM , 8:30 AM, 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM ??

      Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so happy that they show DABH in 8:30 AM also.. Which I want so happy… Thanks star plus and also thanks thouse people who post star plus toll free no… So bcoz of that no call that no.. I request them plzzzzzzzzzz u show repeat telecast of DABH in morning also…. So happy that they granted my request and they telecast repeat episode of Dabh in 4 times… ??

      So happy that… They accpet my request… Thanks star plus team for accepting my request…. ??

      Hope guys u like my this good news… Hope so… ??

      Sorry if I hurt someone feelings with my cmts…?

      My last cmt.. I never come on this page bcoz they merged my all cmt as well as my recmt which I cmt on u cmt… Gnsd hope u always cmts like this…if hope then miss me… I miss u so much guys… I so happy that u r my friends… Thanks that u r part of my friends… Thanks…???

      1. Repeat telecast Is Depend on trp…I am happy again our serial will be in first position ☺

  13. Stunning episode. Really Sandy is a unique actress. Really it is very hard for me to believe that she is acting. She definitely lives the character instead of acting. In real it is hard to see such a brave officer. Moreover in earlier comments somebody told that Sajni will help sandy. It will be great if it happens. Good luck Deepika didi.

  14. Guyssssssmz last episode full online

  15. Now sajni will die for sandhya it is obvious…Wonderful episode just loved the track but have fear that suraj will again create trouble for sandhya

  16. superb episode i am very excited to watch this show great performance by sandhya hatsoff to you and shows the woman power very great of you.

  17. U know what guys?when shekhar and his team become frustrated by Sandy’s action and by mistake praise for her intelligence,I feel so….ooo happy.and obiously more frustration and dissappointment waiting for Chandu and be ready to face our Mahabali,Sandy.desperately waiting for Sooraj Sandhya reunion.i am loving all the episodes of DABH.very good job by all the cast and crew of DABH.

  18. 2day’s episode was superb!!!! (Y)

  19. Nice episode. It’s really nice to see that sooraj searching for sandhya and sandhya escaped bravely.

    I guess sajini is going to help sandhya. Bharat should know about her situation quickly.

  20. No matter the song is good or not, please don’t use abusive words. It is a devotional song.

  21. Awesome episode…

  22. Good morning guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a nice day to all ………………

    waiting for today episode. DABH always rockssssssssss

  23. now they r worrying about the identity but when mamjiri was caught they should have removed the academy pics from the net………… &the server to chandu have shown error as manjiri might not have saved rhr pic & chandu might hav searched it…..

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