Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lokesh talking to Sooraj. Sooraj says I know what your sister did, and your worry for her, I m afraid for her, but I love Sandhya, how can I give wife’s right to anyone else, if your sister does not get happiness, will it be not wrong, a married woman is suhaagan by her soul when she gets all rights of a suhaagan. Lokesh asks about Lalima’s future. Sooraj says I assure you I will take care of her, I will talk to her, I will explain her everything, give me some time, trust me. Bhabho asks Sandhya to see herself. Sandhya gets shocked seeing Sooraj’s unstable mental state and how the family used to calm him. She cries.

Bhabho says when you went to do your duty after sacrificing your family, see what was Sooraj’s state. She asks her to see the medicines.

She says I used to give him these injections when he got attacks, he used to scream and his screams used to injure my heart, I had no way to calm him. She says Ved lost his mum, his 8 years old young shoulders got burden of his dad, he did not know where did his childhood go. She cries and says you have left every promise and duty, but Sooraj just took your name Sandhya, this family has died 1000 times each day.

She brings Lalima there and says every girl wants her husband is good looking and smart, but this girl took the responsibility of that man who was mad in his wife’s love, she has healed Sooraj with her selfless love, she did Tapasya, her brother used to stop her, I stood against her too, but she did not stop her Tapasya, she did not leave Sooraj’s hand, she jumped into fire and gave Agni pariksha to end Sooraj’s fear towards fire, what did Lalima get, tell me what shall I do, shall I welcome you leaving Lalima?

Sandhya goes to her room and looks for something. Sooraj asks Sandhya, what happened. She says I m not getting anything, I lost everything by my mistake. He asks what. She hugs him and cries. She says I m finding my place, love in Bhabho and Babasa’s heart, I lost it, I left all this and went, I will not get it again. She says Lord has punished me, as I have hurt you all. He hugs her and consoles her.

She says I lost my place in this house. She apologizes to him. He says calm down, come with me. Babasa asks Bhabho whats all this, Sooraj regards Sandhya as his wife, and whats the meaning to give bahu place to Lalima, what did Lalima do? Bhabho says eldest bahu should get our love, I know my decision has no meaning without Sooraj’s decision, I could not explain him right thing, but our respect is linked with Lalima, Lalima did all this for Sooraj, I will not give anyone the chance to point finger at Lalima, I will do her mu dikhai today, I will give her right to be my bahu, till I m alive, I will make Sooraj value Lalima and make him realize what Lalima did for him. She asks Meenakshi and Emily to inform all relatives about Lalima’s mu dikhaai……….

Sooraj brings Sandhya somewhere and asks her to see people around. He asks her to see kids, they are so happy. He says everyone has hope about life, losing and getting things are part of life, you are the reason behind all this, if you did not do your duty to save this country, then life would have not been here, there would be silence of death here, even the family, me, Ved, Bhabho and all relations would have not been here. Sooraj says that time will come soon when Bhabho will know about your sacrifice, you did not lose anything, you have to win Bhabho’s heart, I m always with you. She smiles and says but we have another name between us, Lalima, we can’t deny what she did, what about her.

Bhabho brings the shagun for Lalima. She asks her to wear this clothes, no one will call you by any name, you will be known as Rathi’s eldest bahu, this is my promise, I will get you your rights, I will see till when will Sooraj not hear me. Sooraj and Sandhya look on. Bhabho turns and sees them at the door. Sooraj asks Bhabho what is she doing, this is not right for him, don’t do this. Bhabho leaves. Sooraj and Sandhya come to Lalima. Lalima says Lord has made me fall in dilemma, I know your love and know you both are made for each other, I have cured Sooraj, but I have done that by becoming Sandhya, I respect Bhabho a lot, and could not say her anything, I don’t want to come between you both. Sandhya says we respect you, we thought a lot….Sooraj says we will find a good home and a good… Lalima says this is not needed Sooraj ji.

Mohit says Lalima is clever, she made Sandhya bad in Bhabho’s eyes and got close to Bhabho. Lalima tears Sandhya’s pic and says Sandhya has to go away from Sooraj’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sri

    Omg! Precap!
    At least Sandhya understood that she is not responsible for the happenings. Spoiler says something else n precap says something else. Is lokesh mad? To support his sister marrying an aged person that to who loves his wife for eternity. Disgusting bro he is.Lalima toh full pagal no lines abt her?

    • Romi

      I don’t think they are bro and sis!! They just have made up! It looks like an organised group of theives!
      They are gone ! Thinking of robbery in IPS sandy’s house! Mad people??

      • richa

        ya may b romyy mayyyyy bee not but they thot ki sandy dead alll in troma tohh garam lohe pe hatohda maar hoi dete hai thats y nw as sandy is bak they r in troble sooo a new plan orr may b they shew lali as tyaaaaag ki devi who bcame negativ for s &s lov which i dont want i want a goood ans 4 bhbooo

  2. Jeyam

    The story is some what intriguing in the plot and nothing could be assumed as to what would happen. But one thing seems certain that Lalima plays a subtle but tricky game which is evident from her statement.

  3. ssssssss

    I think they want to Use sooraj talent to grow their business..till all things goes well but when that time sooraj find sandhya is alive nd he goes for they creat a fake story told to bhabhoo nd bhabho belives that becoz lalima is cures sooraj nd she feel all becoz of sandhya

  4. richa

    happy dusshera latika dr may god bless u srry saw cmmnt nw sooo wishing it here
    @alll frndss happy dussera n njoy,,,,…… and may this SP bad shw tradition end wth this dussera which test the veiwers to extent and may good traks air eveywere 🙂 😛

  5. ssssssss

    how sooraj fill lalima maang…when he is also in mental state he loves only sandhya…i think lalima creates a fake story may be sha has selfish moto behind this

  6. AD

    Nice Episode.
    Is Lalima’s entry in Rathi house is Mohit’s evil plan?
    He calls lalima clever as she made Sandhya bad in Bhabho’s eyes.
    Hope they will end this track soon.
    On which date is Karwachaut?Plz reply.Plzzz…………
    Bhabho is irritating.
    I want Sooraj to remind Bhabho about Sandhya’s sacrifices including her kidney donation.
    I want the director & writers to end this track before november 15th.

  7. Sneha

    Sooraj manages Sandhya amazingly.Sandhya doesn’t leave Rathi house for Sooraj.
    Bhabo alltime makes trouble for Sandhya, Sooraj again to again manages Sandhya .

    Snake’s poison is nicely detected by serpent. Mohit is one type of serpent. He doubts Lalima.

  8. seema

    dnt worryy our dearrr sandy, with the full support f our husband we can do n can win anything..nothing is impossible….thats yes u can… r u mad?? lalima hw can u able to separate their strong bond…. both f them loves each other no one knows whose love is better than whom …that much infinityyyyyyyyyyyyyyy timesssss they love each other, atleast if any of one s nt true in their love may b ur plan wud b successful ……… it is impossible…… better luck next time…u r nt sandhya to do anything fr her family selflessly ……… with the help f stupid n selfish mohit u r acting like this???????…………..advance all the best fr ur utter failure……hahaa….

    • s.sathyanarayanan

      What Seema told is correct. Mohit is stupid fellow. Lalima, Lokesh Bhaboo fake story will not survive any more.

      Hope Sandhya is relieved from all these troubles and makes Suraj Rathi fine.

  9. richa

    i wud like to dedicate a song …..

  10. john

    the production team have run out of ideas ,so they put any shit story just for the sake of creating lot of episodes,frankly speaking this show has lost its moral value,now suddenly suraj and sandhya has become dumbos.bhabo needs a kick in her backside and her husband should hang himself ,useless character.production team are useless morons.

  11. Well done bhabu…..well explained ur pain..
    Stupid writer.. to prove what Sandhya did was not wrong…u changed lalima…stupid crap…..
    Sooraj u fool….if Sandhya not any other offer can do her job….u stupid crap…..
    don’t mind that…nly Sandhya IPS officer

  12. K.praveena

    Lalima did a lot for rathi family. But lali evil thought comes out.then Bhabusa again come sandhya side. What a stupid. Don’t feel sandhya. You did a lot of sacrifice for rathi. Never u n sooraj gets separeted in people heart.

  13. Seema Katara

    What happened to the pious Lalima and true devotee of God? She is behaving like a shrew.
    I thinh Bhabho has gone bonkers. She should be happy that Sooraj has returned home safely. She is ill treating Sooraj just because he loves Sandhya.
    Why does Sooraj not leave the house with Sandhya and Ved?
    I think most of the viewers are tired of the track. It has become the routine Saas-bahu serial of STAR PLUS. Viewers are tired. Change the track soon with Lalima gone

  14. richa

    heyyy akha hw r u??
    romi u seems to b in fun moodtoday anyways giv eng word for maang ….
    romyyyyyyy bbooooo kooo jake bolna ye sab reacton dekhne ka maaza aayega 😀

    • Romi

      @ richa I explained it earlier in reply to ur cmnt to seema ! And my answer is the same as yours ! Just check! And 2 day I’m happy cuz completed my assignment and it was approved! And from 2 morrow 1 week holidays in England ( Birmingham ) so I’ll chill! And enjoy! And will not have to wake up early in the mornings! ?

    • richa

      thanx @ xxxx
      @ romi hi5 for the comment
      @ ns4 mohit isnt involved but is trying getting involved and have again 😛 useless effort

  15. It’s nice to see that sandhya searching for family trust in her room and sooraj console her. That’s why they called as diya baati. Baboo explained very well but no one is able to understand her except sooraj. She saved the country means indirectly she saved her family too.

    But still there is a big suspense about Lalima. Different spoilers expressing different views.

    • U guys r funny crap ??—–Even if bhabu knows this (sandhya went to save country)then also she say….it will be better we have died in bomb blast…. Because Sandhya has cheated by breaking trust..
      Trust is more valuable than life….u people don’t understand…??

      • Romi

        Ohho yaar just chill! Do you eat trust or wear it ! What is your problem! It seems to me that some girl named sandya and she cheated you and brake your trust that’s why u r against all girls whose names r sandya! M I rite ! ?

      • @romi–This is wat the problem with you guys from foreigners.. don’t know the values of love, trust, blood relations..
        Ask any of ur Indian friends abt the values of these words(love, trust, blood relations) and then reply OK!!!

      • richa

        stop fighting ok universally human blood os red colour and consists of the 4 major BG
        AB &
        any1 any where will have blood group from these four only (BG) no human will have Z BG etc… ok juzzt the personalities r different and thinking and guys plss yaar kyaa bacchon wala topic leke baith gaye ye fiction h maze loo aur jisko jo krna krne do…..

    • Really that was funny Sandhya searching for her place and trust in room cupboard…. Heights of madness… Its gone good she didn’t cut sooraj and other rathi members heart to search trust funny Sandhya ??

      • romi

        Love for country is more important than trust of bhabo! Your blood became white in this so called trust of family relations!
        Sandya is a diamond ! A true diamond , a priceless diamond! You daisee mundy value it ! We foreigner also have blood, relations , trust and love but I don’t support jaahil bhabo . now go sleep v will talk 2 morrow! Till then good night and sweet dreams ( with bhaboo and company)

      • romi

        [email protected]! I’m just [email protected] on the right path but he doesn’t understand! Mai kiya karoon! Kuch sallah de do!

    • Romi

      Sorry it’s not the same , it’s different !! And @ Ahmad your thought is good ! Mohit can do anything to get the property! He is so mean and cunning !

  16. DABH FAN

    Lalimas marriage to Suraj was not valid as there were no feras. Suraj was cheated then as he was told he was marring Sandya and had Lalimas fface covered. Bhaboo is the cause of all problem as she lied to suraj to get Lalima in the house.

  17. NS4

    Super Awesome …….Sandhya-sooraj scenes
    This is y we love these couple…
    in any trouble.. They join their hands together….
    See how simple sooraj removed Sandhya’s pain from heart.

  18. yashvora

    well with dis immaturity ss pair isn’t not only disastrous but catastrophic

    d senseless backing without a decent debate is simply like India disowning its defense in order to appoint a 1 or 2 members team of social workers to tackle d terrorist attacks [ like 26/11 ] that too at national level – lovely but meaningless

    too much sweet [ su ] makes u diabetic
    too much spicy [ sa ] makes u ulceric
    unfortunately here v have both at excessive & double dosages

    for d worst part d title is most exploited usp – Ironically d daily soap depends on sacrifices & narrow minded ethics to define & so defend 1’s character & even define a thing called love [ in their own meaning ]

    a good or even decent teacher [ person ] is incomplete but also useless if he is only good in lecturing —- but completely ignore / dare not try to force d students to rectify their mistakes
    same with su – he never cared to force his family to judge themselves or even rectify their mistakes – instead he paid for those mistakes by his senseless sacrifices

    other then su & probably em – many says sa is best – but have u cared with whom u r comparing sa with – simply crap like me & mo
    well d fight isn’t for d deserving 1 but who is d best among d worst
    & as expected la needs 2 b degraded to low levels to fit into d category of sa , me & mo

    d daily soap is based on hatred & narrow minded ethics that’s y after a decent reunion it hurts to see d progress of d track ; & d track turns for another degradation of a character

    simply just for comparison sbs is a great story of love conquering odds that too Together

    in other words d pair of sa & la never brings a smile on my face but on a contrasting front , d pair of Toasty & Smiley never stops a smile on my face –
    simply sandy can’t b another Toasty

  19. NS4

    I didn’t understand the precap…was mohit involved vit loolima and lokesh… or its all mohit plan…..or mohit came to know the real face of loolima and lokesh
    Way it may be??????

  20. NS4

    stupid lalima ???……How dare r u to tear our Sandhya and sooraj marriage pic….
    Remember this our s&s r one soul….. Don’t think abt separation… u can’t even keep ur finger on this couple..
    Get lost u Devi…??

  21. Seema Katara

    Please stop this nonsense. Let us have a social theme with Sooraj and Sandhya working for development of Garjana village.
    Let the Saas-bahu crap be left behind and let Lalima disappear from the scene. Let us enjoy the serial
    Sooraj and Sandhya are complimentary. It is refreshing to see them together happy

  22. NS4

    good morning guys
    Have a nice day..

    Hey Varsha, Anu,dharini..wat happen??? u guys comments missing….. Come soon and join us..

    Waiting for today episode

  23. Suja

    This shows a mother can only be a mother however good and nice. .she can never be a mother to her daughter in law.

  24. Prena

    Writers till when this disgusting track. What about VEDANSH. Suraj’s dream. Now sandhya Is back, suraj just stay away from this people. U, sandhya and ved move out and start working for vedansh. Leave bhabho. Disgusting Old fat lady. U won kabadi for vedansh, now start it.


    Bhabho has a dual personality and a big ego. Everyone has to listen to her, otherwise they are punished. Please change her. let lalima go quickly. How can she tear Sooraj-Sandhya’s photo. SHE IS WICKED.

  26. Last night I read one spoiler alert somewhere.
    What they are saying is it’s all planned by Mohit to grab sooraj land.
    @ns4, Varsha, Romi, dharini, Richa and all other guys what do you think?

    • NS4

      May be… It happens… Chances r there… Useless mohit can do anything @Luvdabh….and in precap shows what u said I think sooo

  27. We are just fed up with Bhabho.

    She is nothing but an interfering old Bat of a mother in law.

    Why can’t she leave her married children to lead their own lives. Is she trying to make her home a harem now???

    Nobody likes her – I think it is time for her to say bye bye from the series – get lost – die and RIP

  28. vaishnavi

    One good news 4 us according 2 the mission mahabali sucess our dabh is in top position in TRP..our serial is regain it…iam so happy…they r gave the value 4 deepika risks and stunts…

  29. Salina

    Bhabo is a schizo. Sons are spineless. Babasa has no guts, as head of family he should make and force the decision.

    • Romi

      I think bhabo will show her MAHAANTHA as she expect it from sandy too ;and she will dance happily and will welcome her husband’s bride?????

  30. Daisy Dang

    details of the film is too wordy! Lalima character should end soon! and should have a good end to all!
    really tired! :(((

  31. Sorry But Its True

    @richa…don’t act smart…I said abt blood relation and u r teaching like a Professor in biology….. 1st u know the difference b/w blood and blood relation..
    And for ur knowledge in biology… I mean in medical language…. Any child in this world will related with their own parent blood group either mom r dad…this is what called blood relation in English terms….not like what u said abt detailed description abt blood group

  32. seema

    Sandhya and Sooraj have a romantic moment and revive their old love. Sandhya dries kurta and the moment is similar to what happened many years ago. They laugh recalling the old moments and hug. Bhabho is adamant that she will not accept Sandhya as her bahu. She has kept a mu dikhai for Lalima, which shocks Sooraj and Sandhya. Bhabho invites all the relatives in the function. Bhabho gives divorce papers to Sandhya. She gives a Lord idol to Lalima. Sandhya got sure of Bhabho’s decision and cries………………..u stupid babho hw wil u give divorce to sandy..are u a husband to sandy??????? hehaaa

  33. richa

    @ SBIT u really took it wrng way i wasnt lecturing u alone but alll ok ………….. u pppl just induidge in petty fights and i was just trying to calm the situation okk if u hav noticed my comments they r mostly not related to d topis anyways it as i said itss nt blood its just the diff prsonality and the way u take it & bacchon wala topic le ke baithe ho huh sacchi koi padhega woh hasega any ways my cmmnts are for fun… and try to take in a positiv wayyy oss was not only lecturing uuu … nd yeah m a bio student so what if i revised my topic here 😛 and spread a little knowledge … :/ :\ nd plss try to b positiv ok aur i’ll b carefullll nxtt tym not to try to make ur mmod fyn and i know about blood relation better than u and plss dont take it as an lecture……..

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