Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhabho killing Arju/Arjun. Bhabho sees blood marks on her face and shockingly hugs Sooraj. Arjun takes breath on his wife’s voice call up. Sooraj shows Bhabho that Arjun is alive. Bhabho asks dr to check Arjun. Maya asks him to move back. Bhabho says his wife is crying. She begs to get killed but give treatment to the guy. Maya says his life is in your hand. She gives two options to either call home last time or save him. She asks Bhabho her decision. Bhabho says she doesn’t want to talk at her home, she wants this guy’s life. Maya says enough of their goodness and shoots Arjun again. Passengers cry seeing him drop dead. His wife shouts and cries.

Zakir tells Sandhya not to lose hope as they did not get any plane crash report. He asks her to increase her

courage. He asks her to go home and give strength to family. He says he knows it is tough and she has ability to handle everything. Sandhya goes home and hears Babasa talking to Bhabho. She asks how to handle Babasa. He asks about Sooraj and Chaturi. Bhabho says they are fine. She says they has killed an innocent man. She calls them stone hearted. Maya asks Babasa to make her talk ASP Sandhya. Babasa gives phone to Sandhya. Maya congratulates Sandhya for his family to be fine. She says she can’t guarantee their life. She asks about govt assuming plane has crashed. She says Sandhya Rathi just one night has gone, think about future. She says she is waiting for Rajkumar for 5 years and asks Sandhya to talk to govt. Sandhya asks for Sooraj. Maya says she is afraid of Diya and baati couple breaking. She says, when govt did not make her talk to Rajkumar why should she allow her to talk to Sooraj. She says she is sending video and show to govt to make quick decision.

Sandhya tells family that Maya has asked for Rajkumar. Meenakshi asks her to give Rajkumar. They ask her to keep her promise and get Sooraj home. Sandhya gets video and is shocked seeing. Babasa asks what happened. Sandhya says she has to go headquarters.

Passengers cover nose by bad smell of bodies. Prema tells Bai ji to throw dead body out as it is smelling bad. She calls Sooraj and dr Gautam to throw the dead bodies out of the plane. Bodies are thrown out. Sandhya shows the video to SP and others. Maya threatens she will increase dead bodies count and puts condition to accept their demand. She says everyone will die, shocking the police.

Passengers are scared of terrorists.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This crap is dragging on like crazy, typical of Indian dramas

  2. 2310 se 2311 bhi hogaya. When will this dragging end.

  3. Tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh, tarikh par tarikh milti rahi hai … lekin insaaf nahi mila my lord, insaaf nahi mila … mili hai toh sirf yeh tarikh. Episode katham hi nahi hota hai.

    Guys plz check the story of IC 814. Indian airlines hijack in google. There also terrorist killed newly married husband of couple.

    Common now atleast everybody know Premas revolver is empty. No action further. Director playing on peoples mind.

    Also funny thing is Sandhya got iphone n terrorist has got cheap phone. The video is trnsmitted to sandhya. New technology. Point is in earlier episode the plane communication has been lost due to network loss as they are in some remote area.

    Big Big Crap. Director thinks people are dumb..

  4. Dear Tvadcritic
    Shayad 2312 Sunday hai. Sab log ko ek din chutti. Ghar ja sakte hai. At least ek din ka chutti enjoy karke phir 2313 ko daftar ana hai.

  5. @mcmgold

  6. How long will they drag this joke of hijakin?

  7. Fuddu episode. Shitty drama. Yaar at least someone kill that prema I hate her face. Ye 2310 khatm hoga 23-10-2015 ko. Tab tak inki aadhi audience mar jayegi. Sandhya air jakir shadi kar lenge aur baccha bhi.

  8. What a load of crap this drama is, id rather watch cartoons because thats what it is about nonsense. Its not possible to get a lighter through the airport so how do u get guns in the plane?

  9. That black dog prema needs shooting where the sun dont shine

  10. Somebody needs to write a petition to we his serial off air ASAP. They have mocked at the entire police force in India ,and the crap is getting deeper by the day!!!

  11. This is not a family show anymore. It’s very disstressing to watch. It’s become a stupid movie instead of an everyday drama. The show should be taken off air and writers and director should thin about what they portraying. There should beva pettion against the writer. Typical indian producers will do anything for crap.

  12. My 9 year child is better writer. Can u kick this writer and director out of this drama.

  13. sorry to all the folks here. I also feel like dumbest person in the world. today I ll shoot myself in the head n finish the episode forever. sorry sandhya I can’t take this crap anymore. suiciiiiiiiide.

  14. Sorry for wrong name. Me suraj Ji sandhya’s hubby. N now ‘aata majhi satakli’.

  15. f**king autocorrect

  16. Govt is shown very mussch irresponsible. At the end sandya will be happy to see her family members alive . What about other dead?

  17. dis is totaly crap…y cant they shw some improvements dan draging the old crap since ages???????

  18. good news people!!!
    nomans island has telephone network…wooohaaaa
    who placed it?
    government…nah… she said no government plays control over that island
    it must be the rajkumar but i wonder which network provider… terrorist’s own network….
    does the writer has a f**king brain?
    ok fine he doesn’t own one but non of the crew members as well… bunch of idiots making an super idiotic drama

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