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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man greeting Sandhya and talking to her. Arzoo hears this and sees Sandhya. She runs from there. Sandhya sees the burqa ladu running. She follows her by getting doubt on her. Arzoo collides with people and runs faster. Sandhya manages to catch her and pulls down her veil. She gets shocked seeing Arzoo and recalls she has sent off Arzoo to Pakistan. Arzoo removes the veil completely.

Sandhya gets her in police station and asks her where is Mr. Basu. Arzoo asks who Basu, I don’t know any person with this name. Sandhya asks then what is his phone doing in your bag. Arzoo says I don’t know anything. Sandhya asks how long will you lie, I have sent you to Pakistan, I told you clearly you can’t come India before holi, then what are you doing here, answer me, what

were you doing in market, you ruined all security and came here, no one knows at home that you did not go Pakistan, you are staying in Pushkar, you know no one here, you would not do this alone, who is your support, you came here for first time and cheated everyone to stay here in Pushkar. She gets angry and says you broke laws and reached border, you had ATS squad timing schedule, answer me who is with you. She asks Arzoo not to be silent, else it will be costly for her, she can be charged to spy here, tell me your motives, you can get 14 year imprisonment, you tell me the truth. She shouts on Arzoo and asks who is with you, where are they, whats your plan, what are you going to do on holi, tell me Arzoo….

Arzoo looks on silently. Sandhya says so you won’t say, fine, you broke laws and now be ready to face the investigation, you won’t be saved. She leaves.

Sandhya tells inspector that Arzoo took me to border that day, where Gul threatened me. Arzoo should have been in Pakistan, but she is here in Pushkar, it would have connection, then this holi is not right for Pushkar, we have to think something fast. Another inspector comes and says we got info about Arzoo, she was staying near town hall and was sending tiffin to Swami. Sandhya recalls Swami sharing the tiffin with Sandhya and telling about the girl giving the tiffin daily. Sandhya thinks Swami was seeing all the work in town hall, is this coincidence or first link in their planning. She calls Swami…. And gets his number off.

She calls the staff member and asks him to get more details of Swami. She asks him to get bill details. The constable gets the bill. She sees Laak written on it, and there is just mobile number, there is no office number. Constable says its strange company name, Mahabharat…. Who keeps such name for company. Sandhya recalls Bhabho saying Mahabharat word is not taken at home, it regards fights. She asks staff to hunt down Swami and get him asap.

Sandhya goes to Arzoo and asks her what did he think, her family has given her much love, Sooraj regards her sister and what did you give in return. She says if you help me, I will help you, I just want to know, are you and Swami linked to Gul….. Arzoo says I don’t know who is Gul, I just used to give tiffin to Swami. Sandhya says so you decided you will not answer, remember that any Gul or anyone else can’t harm my country, I will not let Gul win, remember this. She goes.

Sandhya tells the staff to keep Pushkar on high alert, inform hospitals and emergency services, ask them to be ready. She tries calling Swami again. The police seals the place. She asks them to secure all the roads, no vehicle should leave without checking, check all crowded places and send big teams of police. The staff does she says.

Meenakshi tells Ved and Chotu that Gurmeet and Debina are coming in the program. Chotu says I have kept my phone charged. She asks Bhabho not to stop her. Bhabho thinks family is going there, Arzoo won’t be there, I will call and talk to her. She calls Arzoo and her number is switched off. She says why did Arzoo’s phone off.

Sandhya is checking for Gul’s men. Bhabho thinks of Arzoo. Sooraj comes home. Bhabho gets glad seeing him, and says you came on time, Sandhya will get promotion, Rathi family will get respect, I will get peace today, come to prepare. He stops her. She asks what happened. He recalls Maasa’s words that its 50 years now and still there is no medicine to heal Santosh’s wound. He hugs Bhabho and cries. He thinks I will get peace when I can share your pain and make you free of it, you have bear it alone till now. She says I m here, don’t cry, get ready now, come.

Sandhya is trying her best to find Gul’s plan and catch his men. All vehicles are checked. The program Shaurya 2016 starts and people start coming. Sandhya thinks I have very less time, I m not able to do anything till now. She sees the people entering after security check.

She thinks how is Arzoo related to this plan, I have to keep an eye on everyone, there is something that is hidden from my eyes. Gul sees the live feed and says Sandhya, no one’s prayers can save you, you have seen the laak, and still you could not do anything, my lakshagrah is welcoming everyone. Bhabho tells Sooraj that decorations are so good. She shows the big warrior statue. Sandhya comes to the family. Bhabho says its nice arrangements. Everyone congratulate Sandhya. She thanks them. Sooraj thinks to tell Sandhya about Bhabho’s past after the program. She thinks to tell Sooraj about Arzoo, but now I have to check this program. Gul says its just 15 mins for your death…….

The warrior statue arrow gets the spark and shoots at the stage. Sandhya gets shocked seeing the fire. Arzoo comes there. Sandhya thinks my doubt was right, Arzoo is Gul’s support.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode… Waiting for upcoming episodes…?

  2. In such cases, third degree should be used to get at the truth.

  3. The terrorista are more powerful and efficacious than the police and the koo muttai officers like Sandya could not prevent them from setting fire to the house of lac. It’s really shameful to Indian police gorce!

  4. And one more doubt? How did Aarzoo display herself at the place of incident when she is in police custody? Is it so easy as to escape from police? What nonsense? Sagikkala!

  5. Finally arzoo will not be terrorist. Hope bhabho doesn’t hate sandhya again for doubting her beloved arzoo beendhni.

    1. I wish Arazoo is a terrorist so that Sandhya is proved right and arrogant Bhabho wrong.

  6. i am agree with Jeyam how Arzoo was there as she was in police custody.

  7. Sandya should have given 23 laaths(kicks) so arzoo would give her the information about 23 March ( yaume Pakistan ) gul’s deadly plan? But the directer is in the mood of dragging as always!!

  8. this is my guess arzoo could come there because she would have proved she was actually a government agent of pakistan and had actually infiltrated gul’s terrorist outfit to thwart their plans being an insider if this theory is right sandhya will be displayed as incompetent but if this theory is false and arzoo is infact a terrorist it will definitely add more injury to india-pak relations and bhabho’s fear for that matter…either case the story is off track..and more research needed in order to try something new with sustainability.

  9. Arzoo is so irritating……. why can’t she open her mouth ? I am sure she is guilty and she is a terrorist……I want bhabho to really learn a lesson and not to interfere in sandhya’s duty and commitment. She gave unconditional love to that childish and irritating chalu woman Arzoo. Arzoo is a liar…… she can write Hindi but hid that fact from bhabho and sandhya. Sandhya should not trust everyone and let them stay in her place. First Prema…. then Disha….Rajkumar etch……. and unpad gawar bhabho should know her limits rather than shouting at everyone.

  10. That’s why sandya didn’t inform her family when she was going on mission mahabali other wise bhabo would have befriended with that pagal manjari and would have made sandya’s mission more complicate
    Therefore sandya proved herself right for not telling her in laws about her secret missions !!!!

  11. Arzoo is an example of honeytrap. They are more dangerous than Guls.

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