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Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the people ruining the Rathi sweet shop and leaving. Sooraj cries. Dipen talks to the people and ask them to come to his shop. He tells his assistant that I told you Sooraj’s sister will be not like Sooraj, I did not do anything and all this happened, now my shop will have benefit and they all will cry. The people gossip about Sooraj’s bad time, everyone leave support, his own sister did this, how can he trust someone else. Sandhya thinks I won’t let Sooraj break this way, I will win the customer trust again, one day you will sit here at the shop by keeping your head high. She takes Sooraj home. Dipen smiles.

Sandhya takes Sooraj to their room. She tries to talk to him. he asks her to send the caretaker Dilip. She thinks Sooraj wants to cut off himself from

the world and goes.

Maasa says if this shagun did not come from Ritu’s inlaws, I would have gone to see Sooraj. Om says we will go there. Emily gets shagun for Mahen and shows Maasa. Maasa asks her to give it to Mahen. Mahen holds Emily’s hand and takes the shagun. He touches her feet and she thinks he is taking blessings by respect, while he eyes her badly. His touch irks Emily for a second. She feels strange and her smile goes. Maasa asks Mahen why is he touching Emily’s feet, she would be younger than you in age. He says yes, but she is Bhabhi in relation. Emily gets shocked seeing his wicked smile. Om hugs Ritu and is happy. Emily looks at Om. She thinks maybe I m thinking wrong.

Bhabho asks Chavi why did you do this, you managed the shop by your wish, did anyone ask you to get profit, Sooraj earned respect since many years, you ruined everything, answer me. Chavi cries and asks what wrong did I do, everyone do such things, there was not much difference in quality, did I go this for me, if profit comes, it will come in this house. Bhabho asks is profit more than Sooraj, did you see his state, he got pain seeing all this, he got broken up, its first time that people called him fraud, his head bowed down with shame, did you realize what you did. She says its because Sooraj showed the items to them, what was the need for him to show things, everyone here has disease to tell the truth. Bhabho slaps her and says I would have forgiven you if you did mistake, this is not mistake but a sin, sin doesn’t have forgiveness.

Babasa asks Bhabho to let it go. Bhabho says I have seen my Sooraj breaking, how can I forget all this, I felt like someone stabbed me. Sooraj has just given us everything, its first time we got chance to do something for him, and we are not helping him, but staining his name, no I can’t forget all this. Chavi says I left my work and managing the shop since 10 days, you are scolding me for one wrong work. Bhabho says fine, we don’t want your favor, we all will manage, you don’t need to worry, go back from where you came, leave. Chavi cries and leaves. Babasa consoles Bhabho, and says they won’t understand, they are not sensible.

Bhabho and Sandhya see Sooraj and cry. Sandhya says this wound is very deep, if this wound is not healed, it won’t let Sooraj live. Bhabho says trust does not come back if it breaks in business, time does not come back once it passes. Sandhya says no, don’t say this, even there is possibility to rectify big mistakes, there would be some way, this shop is temple for Sooraj, not just an earning mode, Sooraj managed shop with sincerity, no we will not ruin his work, you will have some way, please find that way. Bhabho says yes, there is one way.

Sandhya asks what is that way, tell me. Bhabho says many years ago, Sooraj has become a support for his ill father, I have trained him every way, he was just 14 year old, people did not have trust on a kid, there was same situation like today. Sandhya asks what happened then, how did Sooraj win their trust. Bhabho says time tested him, it was Lord’s blessing, Balaji’s temple Prasad is distributed in entire city, I requested the temple head to give a chance to Sooraj to make the Prasad sweets, he agreed and had pity on me request, my young Sooraj made such Prasad with dedication, that this sweet shop has that Prasad as foundation, then Sooraj climbed to sky. Sandhya says yes, sorry, but you said wrong, time comes back, time has kept same situation infront of us, we will face this challenge, talk to pujari ji, we will win the trust, will you come…. They pray. Sandhya asks Bhabho to come. Bhabho says yes, we will go.

Bhabho asks pujari to give chance to Rathi sweet shop to make the Prasad. Pujari asks Dipen and Bhabho to make the Prasad, the one having devotion and dedication in the bhog, will be given the chance to make all the Prasad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Emotional Episode
    Not that Good
    Only BHABHO & SANDHYA parts are good
    Hate you CHAVI.You never change.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Good precap.
    Hope everything will be back to normal soon
    End this track @ the earliest
    Please make our SOORAJ fine soon.

  2. anybody plz tell what’s the meaning of “bhabhi”?

    1. In india, people call their brother’s wife as bhabhi… or a person who is like their brother…!!

  3. Brothers wife=bhabhi

  4. Bhabhi = sister in law

  5. I hope sandhyawill make everything good n let chavi leave n emily should tell om about mahen

  6. Thank u so much for answering my question.

  7. The serial is completely paralized as Suraj. Introducing another villain in Emily’s life-unwarranred.

  8. Fantastic serial

  9. Nice episode. Sandhya Will win everything.

  10. I don’t know what they are trying to portray. Emily is always in some trouble. Meenakshi gets away with all types of crimes but Chavi has to pay for hers. I think the cvs are trying to teach us that be Meenakshi, always selfish, jealous and petty.

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