Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya thinking. Sandhya comes out of the room and recalls Bharat’s words. Zakir says I m so sorry, it was all secret so I could not tell you, its good, I m jealous that you get all great chances than me. She gets teary eyed. She says she is proud of a friend like him, he trusted her abilities. She says she could not say yes. He asks what, but why, whats the reason of this no. The kabaddi match continues. Abhay comes to raid this time. Abhay can make bonus points and Mahendra cheers for him. Sooraj holds him and Abhay tries to free him. Abhay fails to touch the line. Sooraj’s team wins.

Bhabho and Babasa get happy. Abhay’s record of taking bonus point breaks. Abhay gets angry. The first half ends and both teams have same points. Avinash’s mum and Prakash

comes to him. Avinash touches his mum’s feet and takes her blessings. Prakash says Avinash became great champion, its failure to him is my biggest happiness and victory. Avinash says he failed by his hatred and cries. He apologizes to them and Prakash hugs him. Prem tells Avinash that Sooraj went. Avinash recalls the dumbbell he kept and thinks to stop Sooraj. Avinash runs to stop him and media stops him. Sooraj opens the cupboard and the dumbbell falls on his shoulder. Avinash comes and gets shocked seeing him.

Sooraj gets hurt and falls. Everyone come there and doctor treats Sooraj. Aditi asks what happened to him, can he play. The doctor says he can’t play, his shoulder got dislocated, his inner wound. Babban scolds Avinash as he got blind in his hatred. Ratan says Sooraj made us win over our weakness. Prem says Sooraj made us reach finals and he can’t play now. Lakhan asks Avinash is he mad. Raj says he should be ashamed. Babban says we will beat him. Sooraj stops them and says its not time to fight, not to think, victory is waiting for us, stop fighting.

Avinash says they are saying right and apologizes to Sooraj. He accepts his mistake and says he should be punished, beat me. He asks Aditi to punish him. Sandhya and family looks on. Sooraj asks does he regret, then just play for the team and win for him and the team. He says he is sure that Avinash will play and win. Avinash cries and hugs him. He apologizes to him. Sooraj asks him to cover team’s weakness with his strength. They all go for the match.

Bhabho asks Sooraj to kepe hope. He says he has their blessings. They leave. Sooraj gets sad and tells Sandhya that he could not play the match, he trusts his team, he had to play the finals and getting selfish now, he got helpless now. He cries. Ved asks him not to lose and makes him smile. He reminds him the words that person loses and wins by heart. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words and the mission. Sooraj hugs Ved. Sooraj tells the doctor that he wants to play the match.

Aditi says he can’t play. The doctor says he is not in condition to play, he can’t even left his hand. The match continues. Sooraj comes there and asks the team not to get upset. He says lets play and win together. Aditi says he can’t play. Sooraj insists. Mahendra says Sooraj’s shoulder is hurt. Abhay says I will talk to referee and make him disqualify. Mahendra says no need, his decision will make his team weak. The referee talks to Aditi and gives nod to let Sooraj play. Bhabho worries and asks Sandhya how can Sooraj play. Sandhya says his body has wound, not his self respect. Ved says his dad never steps back from his work. Sandhya recalls Bharat’s words.

Sandhya walks on the road and recalls Bharat’s words. A car comes towards her and hits her. Sandhya falls on the road.

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  2. NS4

    Nice episode. … today episode is filled with full of positive scenes. …
    But filled tension in mind with the “Precap”

  3. Jeyam

    The mind set of Suraj is such that he can encounter any adverse situation with courage and confidence. But why was Sandya hit by the car . Is’t a purposeful attack on her or the driver is drunken or the dierector wants to create suspense?

  4. Hi varsha,gd mrng…after seeing ur post i hope there was a cute romantic scene is one d way….eagerly waiting 2 see it.

    • NS4

      Ya u r right…… dis is the best show…. actually i don’t like to watch serials…. But after watching one episode of DABH(i.e in telugu—-sooraj reads sandhya’s letter in award ceremony). From there this the only show i was started watching DABH in Hindi And telugu from starting episode………

  5. shabbu

    This kabadi track is worth watching.. its really attracting the viewers …

    Sanraj is really awesom.. They both deserve each other…


    sandhya such a stupid. if she is not provoked by another situation, she becomes unable for taking any decison.

  7. shabbu

    Sry if i said [email protected]

    I really dint understood ur comment

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