Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with commissioner praising and saluting Sandhya. Arpita gets angry and salutes to Sandhya. Bhabho recalls the incident and tells Sooraj and everyone what the goons did. She says Ved is so scared, he is in shock. Babasa says yes, kids are much scared. Ved gets up and cries. He hugs Sooraj. They all get worried. Bhabho asks him not to worry. Ved says if mumma did not come, I would have died. Sooraj tells him that he will get rakhi tied by Kanak and celebrate her birthday too, nothing will happen. Sooraj thinks Ved is much scared, I have to make his fear out of his heart.

Maasa tells Om and Emily about bank robbery, and Sandhya saving everyone, but Ved has got afraid, he is crying a lot. Om and Emily say we will go. Maasa asks them to go and make Ved rid of his fear, he

is little kid, Emily don’t go by walk, doctor asked you to rest, Om take her well. Emily and Om leave. Maasa hopes everything get fine. Emily and Om hire a rickshaw. Her pallu gets stuck and Om helps her. She moves and gives him place. Om does not go with her and goes on his bike.

Sooraj asks Ved to sit, we will make laddoos. He makes laddoos and shows Ved. He asks how is it. Ved says good. Sooraj cheers him and tells about cooking contest. Ved says I have seen the pic, mum told that you won by difficulty. Sooraj says yes, it was not easy, I was scared. Ved asks him how did he win. Sooraj says I had fear in heart, it was necessary to win over my fear. Ved asks you won over your fear first? Sooraj says your mumma explained me that I have to win the contest anyhow, and took me to the pool. FB shows that moment, where Sandhya enters the pool and Sooraj worries seeing her in water. He goes in water to save her and how she encouraged him. He says I came back to Pushkar by becoming world’s top cook. He tells Ved to conquer over fear, Sandhya is brave, if her son is afraid, then how will Sandhya feel. Ved says yes, mumma will be sad, I can’t make her sad, I will not get afraid, thanks Papa.

Om and Emily come there. Om says great, we were talking Ved is a brave kid, superman. Ved asks Emily did you say this. Emily says yes, Om said you are superson of your supermom. She hugs Ved and looks at Om.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho what is she thinking. Bhabho cooks some sweets. She says I hope Ved’s fear got away, I was making sweets for everyone. Meenakshi says police got the things from lockers, police will ask everyone about their belongings. Bhabho says I remember. Meenakshi asks her to have badam. Bhabho says I did not get old, I remember what all you did.

Emily calls Om and says he did not stay at clinic till late, where is he. Om comes home. She asks him why did he get late, even his phone was off. Om stays aloof. She asks him to say something, she can’t bear his silence. He asks what should I say, what is left to say. She says whatever is in your heart, sorrow gets half when shared, I m your wife, I m also feeling the pain you are going through. He says you are lying, you were not ready for the baby, why are you sorrowful, you should be happy, that you got what you wanted. She cries and says you feel I m responsible for this. He says yes, for losing this baby and our relation’s end, things for clear for me, you accepted me as husband just for namesake, you did not regard me as your husband by heart, you did not wish to give birth to my child. She cries.

The officers praise Sandhya for making the Pushkar police proud. Arpita congratulates Sandhya and says you are really brave officer, you have caught those robbers by thinking well, you saved many innocent lives and you had your family there too, your courage got double, your husband and mum in law were trapped in plane hijack too, you care for innocent people where your family is trapped. Sandhya says thanks, my family is my strength, not my weakness, you are also police officer, I don’t need to remind that all the people are like our family, we don’t see caste, face, religion and anything while we save their lives. Everyone clap. Arpita gets a good answer.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho to say what all was there in locker. Bhabho says necklace, Sandhya’s letter in which she has written that she is Vansh’s real mum, did Vansh get that letter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh…. I missed the episode…thank you Amenafor the fast update…I hate you selfish woman….

  2. Nice episode. Suraj and ved part was so nice. Sandhya gave a very deserved nosecut to arpitha.

  3. I hope vanch get the letter by mistake n good for arpita ass

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