Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjari calling Sandhya unlucky and getting angry. Sooraj talks about the hotel work to someone. Bhabhi makes food. She hears Ved and Sooraj, and runs, making the flour fall. Ved says the glass fell, I m fine. Sooraj says I will clean the glass, stay there. Ved looks for Sandhya’s medal. Bhabho comes and asks Sooraj is he fine. Sooraj says yes, Ved broke some glass. Sooraj lights candle and Bhabho and Ved run to stop him. They make the lightbox fall. Meenakshi and Emily come there. Meenakshi says what if Sooraj has lit the candle. Bhabho stops her from saying.

Bhabho picks the glass pieces and Ved thinks now she will see Sandhya’s medal, and she will scold me. Emily sees the medal and thinks its Sandhya’s, which Zakir brought. Bhabho has thrown it, and looks

at Ved. She stops Bhabho and picks the glass pieces and medal. Bhabho takes Sooraj. Emily asks Ved is he happy now and hugs him.

Manjari scolds Sandhya and calls her a Dayan. She asks why did she do Shringaar, and breaks her bangles. She says you will also live as a widow, stay here, and goes to get something. Sandhya thinks this lady has gone mad, it will be tough to stay with her. She recalls Bharat’s words that she has to stay in Himanshu’s home and that village, she has to do anything. Manjari gets scissors and cuts Sandhya’s hair. Sandhya asks for help and another lady stops Manjari.

The lady says it was an accident. Manjari says if Himanshu died, why did Sagarika not die, if they were travelling together. The lady says Himanshu did not marry Sagarika, then how did she turn into his widow. Manjari says what is she doing here, and asks Sagarika to get lost. A lady comes there dresses in beautiful saree and wearing anklet, bangles and all jewelry. She says she is Sajni, and her husband has got this anklet from city, and Manjari does not have this thing to control anyone. She asks Manjari to control her anger as Garjana Sanghatan has sent this girl, we can’t go against them.

Sajni takes Manjari with her. The other lady asks the villagers to do their work. Sandhya thinks no one goes against Garjana, so Manjari agreed to keep me, maybe they have doubt on me. She says let me go from here, I want to go my home. She requests them and says she won’t stay here. Sajni says Garjana has sent you here and they will free you, you are beautiful but not like me. Sandhya cries and acts.

Sandhya roams around in the village. She thinks she has got chance to stay here and cleared first step of mission. The lady comes to her and asks her to rest, she will get some food. Manjari says another one came to eat food for free. The lady says Manjari will calm down in few days, don’t feel bad, I stay in that house, tell me if you need anything. Sandhya asks her name. The lady says I have a daughter like you, so you can call me Mausi maa.

Daisa comes and talks to Bbabho. Emily and Bhabho worry that Daisa can tell anything, and Sooraj can get unwell. Bhabho does not let Daisa say anything, and answers her about the hotel. Sooraj says he has seen the hotel himself. Bhabho makes Daisa eat sweets and stops her from saying. Emily sends Sooraj. Daisa says when I went Ajmer, I have seen Sooraj’s hotel not getting buildup, did his dream end along Sandhya. Bhabho says no, maybe you have seen something else. Daisa says fine, will you call me in hotel inauguration. Bhabho says sure and gets sad.

Sandhya lies down to sleep. She recalls Sooraj. FB shows Sandhya telling Sooraj that she has sent all pillows got guests. He says fine, I will manage, how will you manage. She says I have this pillow and rests on his arm. Sandhya opens her eyes and sees Manjari’s sitting and staring at her. Sandhya gets up. Manjari asks did you get good sleep. Sandhya says it got late to wake up. Manjari says fine, and starts crying. She says about her dreams of Himanshu’s marriage. She brings some box and shows the bridal things. She asks Sagarika to wear the bridal dress and jewelry. Sandhya asks how can I wear this. Manjari cries and says wear it to keep my heart, I had many dreams to welcome my bahu, I lost my son, everything is over.

She says I want to see my bahu, wear this once for my sake. She leaves. Sandhya thinks she is not able to understand Manjari, she broke my bangles and now giving this jewelry, what does she want.

A man pushes in a dark room. Sandhya looks at her wounded face. She sees Sooraj in the broken mirror and smiles. Diya aur baati……..plays.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • anu

      ya i think some suspense is there. after sandhya death some thing happens and sooraj behavior is different. bhaboo ka badaljane ke pichi kuch na kuch strong reason hai

  1. How dare that manjri behave like this to can she say Manus and dayan sandhya.????

    May be this manjari is doing acting in front of sandhya.????bichari sandhya.

  2. Nicley emli hide that medal frm bhaboo and give to ved. Emli so care to words ved.that was really nice.?????

    Emli character is very nice. She take care ved as her child. Nice to see that. That scene touch to my heart ???????✌??

    How nice of ved.also nice to see that Emil understand ved tension. Love u emli.????

  3. Sandhya suffer lot ??? first in home and now in this place.????

    Again suspense abt suraj’s hotel.may be they sell that hotel that’s why they stop daisa.or may be any other story of that.?????????

    Today Nice to see sandhya and suraj scene together. So nice scene. Awesome scene. ????

    Hope we see dis kind of scene between suraj and sandhya. Just like they show as in dream?????✌

    Sandhya miss suraj. So sad to see sandhya like this???

    That masima who save sagrika that was nice.?? she was nice women. ?✌?

    • NS4

      I think there will be another suspence with that lady who saved sagarika from manjari.
      This one way of acting sweet to get info from sagarika…
      I think this becoz all villagers supports garjana gang

    • anu

      ya true say @varsha i am expecting the same dream with sooraj also sooraj ko bhi yaad karna chahiye na sandhya ko oo nahi dhikara and one more thing you observe in sooraj room sandhya memories hai and sandhya ka mummy pappa ka photo bhi.

  4. Whatever she say was true. That is nt her daughter in low. Bcoz she nt marry himanshu ✌✌?✌✌✌✌✌✌

    Then suddenly change that manjri. ?????

  5. I can’t trust anyone of that place. Bcoz they behave like normal. And they r nt like is.?

    Bcoz they r the part of the nakshalwadi.they can do anything. After all they r very smart people.?????

    She love sandhya and want that sandhya wear that bried dress.cant belive this✌??

  6. May be that women beat sandhya ????

    That manjri behave like that she get shock.BT I think this nt her really identy.??????

    Again shocking and horrible precap. Some one beat sandhya??????

    How dare to that women compaire to sandhya. Sandhya is looking awesome. That women is looking k.???

  7. Romi

    This episode is full of suspense I feel suffocated when I see sandya in this jungle with the beasts
    Feeling equally sorry for suraj and ved

  8. Romi

    What is the mystery why is suraj not allowed to let the fire
    Is he suffering from epilepsy (mirgi)
    What is his disease

  9. Romi

    Manjary is another bhabo ?
    Poor sandya!
    Kaise kismat hai asli and naqli dono saas pagal hain ????

  10. this total rathi family has once again took suraj’s kabbadi money.. once he bought few lakhs from Singapore they swallowed now this money too.. if suraj has some phobia he has to be shown to a psychiatrist but they have house arrested him totally.. stupid atrocious rathi family.. and this manjari she is another version of bhabho total mad woman.. only Emily and kids are good at heart towards Surya

  11. DABH

    Why people taking this serial so much seriously…Come on , it is just serial..Just enjoy the characters, expressions and the twist and turns in the plot..

  12. anu

    sandhya jane ke bad suraj ke sath bada incident huva hoga that’s why bhaboo also changed. ayisa change dekhne me acha nahi ahi.

  13. Honana

    Coz himanshus mom is in shock of his sons death… So sometimes she behaves gud with sandy n sometimes rude

  14. SurajLalima

    Lalima and Suraj look so cute. They are real life couple too. It is best to cut Sandhya role and start new track with Lalima and Suraj

    • Dnt say anything. This serial is base on sandhya and suraj. How they support each other in there bad as well as good there life no one take there place.they always support each other. Most important part is in there relationship is no ego.?????✌✌????????????????

  15. Jeyam

    Can anyone tell me the meaning of Dayan? It seems Sooraj did not complete the construction of the hotel. What was he doing all these days? Mourning the death of Sandya? And the intention of Sandya’s stay at the Naxals village was not explained? perplexity all over.

    • anu

      I think he in shock. He thinks sandhya is alive and he is completing their hotel. He is in shock. On yesterday episode it is conformed

    • Dayan means WITCH or DEVIL. Actually suraj is nt his sence. After sandhya death. Some things happen to hotel.that’s why they hide frm suraj ??????

  16. anu

    That’s why all people are taking care of sooraj and they are not sending out in shock only sooraj are speaking like that this is my opinion.

  17. anu

    On yesterday sandhya sooraj ko yaad karne ka scene lagaya an sooraj bhi yaad karne ka scene lagaye to acha rahta. I am waiting for that. But sooraj ko shock we kaisa bahar layenge uska shaadi kaisa karenge dekhna hai. Rato kid roop me enter hot I hai rathi me house me dekhna hai

  18. anu

    This serial is going more suspense and tension. But bhaboo you are against on sandhya I don’t like it.

  19. KM

    The woman who saved sandya is mother of the person who kidnapped sandya.waiting for entry of laalima.welcome back Hitler didi

  20. AD

    After Sandhya returns she asjs forgiveness.After some incidents Bhabho forgive Sandhya.And later Sandhya fulfils Sooraj’s hotel dream.I think so.
    I want Bhabho to give Rathi Parivar’s full responsibility to Sandhya after her return.Then she should make an end to Emily Mohit relation.Later with Bhabho’s permission Sandhya should make Emily marry Zakir.

  21. NS4

    I have a doubt —–was that true abt Bengali wife’s cut their hair after husband death?????????????????????

    • once upon a time this ritual in every religious.that after death of husband they cut hair that wife.and also treet very bad with that women. they also blem that women…. bt now this ritual is going in some area….

      • dabh fan

        if sooraj do second marriage then how sandhya will live and accept this truth?

        if babho forgive sandhya then what about sooraj second wife?

  22. Shaurya

    Who published Fake news, Rati Pandey plays ‘Lalima’. Don’t publish this type of false news.

    • anu

      No its real rati is playing lalima character and sooraj is getting 2 nd marriage with lalima. face book updates is there u check it once. @shaurya.

      • See this news.@shaurya
        Lalima, the girl who was going to play Parvati’s role along Sooraj as Shiv ji. Bhabho chooses Lalima for Sooraj. She asks Sooraj to marry Lalima and wants to give Lalima a place in their hearts and home as Rathi’s bahu. Rati Pandey will be seen as Lalima, and paired opposite Anas Rashid. Bhabho finally convinces Sooraj to marry Lalima.

  23. anu

    I think the story writer is planning to do 2 nd marriage of sooraj with lalima both will manage the family responsibilities then sandhya will do sooraj ko manme rakhte huve serve the country bcoz duty ki vazase family suffer horaha haina. then it will story ends. i think writer and director will give sad ending.

    • NS4

      If this 2nd marriage track come true…then I’ll stop watching this show…

      Really can’t BEAR this separation..

      Actually this 2nd marriage will make show NONSENSE

      And it will SPOIL whole SERIAL

      And It’s not SUITABLE for the show (DABH)

      • anu

        Exactly this not happen but news will coming on……….. hhhhh ayisa huvato serial ka poora story change hojayega. DABH fans poore upset hojayenge. Plz DABH team dont do that. abhi jo track chalraha hai usme babhoo sandhya ke against dekha nahi jara tab sooraj ka 2 nd marrige kaisa dekh sakte. i cant bare this…

  24. NS4

    @Varsha: sooraj 2nd marrage ..really confirmed
    What was that news?
    Sooraj do 2nd marriage OR Sooraj 2nd marriage drama will take place????
    Wat was the exact news????
    Plz Anyone answer…???????????????

    • anu

      @NS4 I am also confused in this news some body tell it will happen some body drama will take place i dont know the exact news. @varsha it is possible give plz explain

      • Actually there just planning of suraj second marriage. BT when suraj in mandap on that time sandhya return in rathi house. I also read that new that suraj do second marriage with sandhya. Hope this news will bi true.then track will goan awesome.??✌✌????

  25. NS4

    Good evening guys…

    Still 2 and 1/2 hours left for today episode

    I am waiting to watch —as in precap..who was that person beaten Sandhya

  26. NS4

    After leap in all episodes they showing that sooraj was not in good condition… So then how bhaboo think abt sooraj 2nd marriage…. Even if she(bhaboo) think for ved or sooraj…
    How can a bride father wish to give their daughter(lalima)

  27. Guys good news rati pandye confirm that she is nt coming in dabh.?✌✌??
    Read this new:-

    “I suddenly read the news as it is all over websites and televisions. I don’t know what is going on. I was not approached for any role in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’,” Rati told in an interview. ✌??
    Now suraj nt do second marriage. If suraj do second marriage then the girl is only sandhya.✌??

    Hope today they reveal any one suspense.✌???

    Or other then they give one more suspense today ????

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