Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kavita telling Officer that she did not want Sandhya to get the best cadet trophy and get posting in Pushkar. Bhabho hears this and is shocked. She leaves the aarti plate from her hands. Kavita is shocked seeing Bhabho. Everyone hear the sound and think what happened. Sooraj comes and asks what happened. Everyone come there and look at Bhabho. Bhabho goes to Kavita and asks you did not wish Sandhya to win best cadet trophy, but why. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho says why did you do this. She says tell me. Kavita says aunty ji….. Bhabho say don’t fool me not with your lies, I heard everything, tell me the truth.

Kavita says Santosh ji, our deal was on selfish motive. Bhabho says what selfish motive? Kavita says you wanted her to get posting in Pushkar and you forgot

you insulted me infront of everyone for her and I started hating her since that day. She says it was impossible that I help her and see her win. Everyone is shocked seeing her true side. Bhabho says you should be ashamed, I m also ashamed that I trusted you. Kavita says its your mistake. Sooraj intervenes and asks what did she say, its Bhabho’s mistake. He says you are right, she has loved and respected you.

He says you have cheated us and we did not expect this, what did Bhabho do to you, we have always regarded you as my family member. He asks why did you cheat us. The elections results come and Kavita says I did all this for votes. Officer Singh looks on. Kavita says I knew Bhabho will influence many people here, and I wanted your support to win. She says the way I run away from marriage altar, Santosh ji would have not given me votes.

She says I had to win at any cost. She says that’s why I did all this drama. Everyone looks at her stunned. Pushpa asks Chavi what was the name of the doctor. Chavi gets tensed and says she does not remember. Pushpa says where is the hospital file. Chavi says file? Pushpa says I will see name in it. Chavi says I…. Pushpa says I will find it myself. Chavi says file is not there. Pushpa asks how can this happen, I will call Dilip and we will go to doctor. Chavi says don’t call Dilip. Chavo says I was not pregnant. Pushpa is shocked. Chavi says I did not have any miscarriage, I lied, as I did not wish to go office, and wanted to be at home.

Pushpa says you have played with our feelings for your selfish mean. Chavi says no. Pushpa says you should have told me, I did not force you, I wanted you to feel free, do you think life is a game or joke, we all were so happy, your family kept a function for you. She asks is Dilip with you in this drama. Chavi says no, he does not know, don’t tell him. Pushpa says he was so happy to become a dad and then got broken knowing he lost the child. She scolds Chavi. Pushpa says what could I expect from a girl, who has hidden her bridal lahenga at her wedding. She leaves annoyed. Chavi gets tensed and cries.

Bhabho says so you were using us, doing drama with us. She gets angry and says everyone thought you are our well wisher. Kavita says yes, I have used all of you, not once, but many times. She says do you remember, when I came to you all taking Someshwar’s name. Bhabho thinks of that scene. Kavita says all that was a lie and Sandhya knew this. Everyone looks on shocked. Kavita says she was quiet after knowing, as she did not wish to tell you all. She was tied to her duty. Else this drama would have happened that day, I was not mad to tell my truth myself.

Sandhya says yes, I knew her truth but I was tied by my duty so could not tell you all. Meenakshi says but we trusted you a lot. Are you not ashamed, you will not be forgiven. Kavita says I won’t want to be forgiven. She says Bhabho came to me for help, as she did not trust Sandhya of her hardwork and abilities. Sandhya says enough, we gave you much respect, now I m not on duty. She says I m the eldest bahu of this family and I m telling you this is not your victory, we have not seen your true face as they are innocent people. She took your help, as she is a mum and did not wish my job to break this family, she always trusted me, she kept her promise in that deal but what you did, you cheated us.

Kavita says cheating is called plan in politics. She says this love, respect and trust matters for middle class people, for me power matters, which I will get today. She says all this drama is be a past then. She says I won’t forget you so soon, beware of me, as future will change for me, I will have power and you will salute me. Bhabho gets angry.

Sooraj defends Sandhya and says I will tell you that my wife can never salute a woman like you. Kavita says you lost now itself. She says is your Patni Dharm over. Sooraj says I will support my wife and she will not leave her job. The news say we have the result now. Sooraj says you will lose this elections, as per my sight. He says see the news. The results say Kavita is now lagging behind, as Pushkar’s results are not in her favor. The result is her opponent has won and she has lost. Kavita is shocked. Everyone smile.

Sandhya tells Kavita that Lord has failed her. It will be good if she leaves form here now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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