Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Ab telling he just now got a news that there is a difference between emily’s & ashish’s glasses & goes on to announce that there is only one person with 25 points who will go to the next round. He further asks sandy whether her SIL will go to the next round or not. Sandy crosses her finger. Ab tells that sandy is right & emily goes to the next round. Chavi Sandy Mohit & bhabo everyone happy. Ab tellsAshish that one of his glasses broke & his point is just 24. And announces emily to be safe.

Chavi tells that emily passed this round somehow & wonders how will she manage the other rounds. Mohit asks her to speak good. Ab tells that he will meet the participants after a short break in the next roundShocked (wow good pace

by the cv’s)// Sanly get aashirvaad from Bha Bha. In the dining hall Mohit is having serious face. Emily gets him some food. Mohit tells her that she came last in the first round itself & what would happen in next rounds. Ems tells that she will try. Bhabhasa comes & tells that she did try very well & asks her not to let down her confidence. Mohit tells that she must remember what she said.

Sandy taking some food. Suraj comes & encourages her by telling that she did a good job without light etc. Sandy replies saying that she did that with his help & it is his nature who used to find out things in the shop without power. Bhabo calls suraj & sandy if they are done to eat with them. SurYa leave the food counter.LOLD’oh


It s the turn of meena. Meena prays. She touches one baby after the other & wonders how to find the baby. Sudha tries to signal (to blind folded meenudiLOL) Meena touches one baby after the other. Touches Mishri but moves forward but the baby holds her finger. Sudha signals her to take it (Sudha one comedy piece signalling to a blind folded person). Meena picks up the baby & removes her blindfold & feels good as a mother.Tongue (Meenudi too has some feelings).. Meena feels that she couldn’t find her baby but her baby found her right & wipes of her tearsShocked (OMG what a scene … meenudi & emotionsEmbarrassed)

Break: Second round going on…picture victure roundWink


The contestants gtather in a hall. Ab tells that they will give some entertainment for them. Adds that they will show a film today. One of the contestants tell that they have brought them to make a picture out of them. Ab tells that it is true & adds that they can see the picture but can’t. Adds that there are four screenings & a bomb is fixed one among the screening hall. All get shocked & ab asks them to stay cool & think like that & asks them to do the needed. One of the contestants tells that just they can announce. Ab tells that they should not inform the viewers & help them come out without scaring them. Sandy tells that it is dangerous. Ab tells that precautionary steps are take. Ab tells that there is one man kept for watching the contestants. One among tells that it is difficult to make the viewers come out without informing. Ab tells that they must do the impossible. Adds that like the last round the least two scorers will be eliminated.


Ab tells that the hall will be silent & the audience lost in film. Sandy is alloted screen no.1 Emily no2 Aparaajitha 4 The guy 3 rd screen.
Ab tells the organisers that once the people come out they must inform them that they are out for some inspection.
Sandy inside the screening room & looks at the audience lost in the film. She wonders how to make them out.She has only 10 mins left. Sandy thinks & smiles & moves forward towards the screen. She stands in front of the screen. Everyone shout. Sandy tells that she has some important thing to announce & tells that they can come out with her if they want to take a picture along side the hero & heroine of the film. Some people believe her. One among them tells that he read in newspaper that the hero is out of station/died.. Sandy is confused

Precap: Ab calls sandy.. Sandy comes with a confident face. Ab tells that they can find out the result of Sandy. Everyone look at the screen.

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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