Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Awasthi getting Resham’s place checked. Bhabho and everyone wait for Babasa. Babasa tries some shayari lines. Everyone look on. Meenakshi says see, Chotu should say this lover’s shayari and Babasa is doing this. Bhabho calls Babasa to come if his shayari is over. Awasthi apologizes for the trouble. Resham says its fine. Police leaves from her room. Sooraj, Sandhya and family proceeds. Resham makes the place fine. Sandhya asks Awasthi how did he come here. He says a Pakistani family is here, so I came to see. Sandhya asks whats the room number. He says room number is… Meenakshi panics and he asks them not to worry, they are normal people who came for personal work. He says Mam I have work and Sandhya asks him to go.

Sooraj rings the bell. Resham welcomes

them. They all get seated. Meenakshi says Babasa is praising her a lot. Resham recalls the police check. Bhabho asks why are you worried. Resham says nothing, I came from Hyderabad so… leave it, we will talk about our new relation. Bhabho gives her the shagun for Arzoo. She shows the clothes and jewelry. She says wedding mahurat is after a month, Chotu’s Dadi wishes Chotu’s marriage happens in Pushkar, I request you all to come, Sooraj will make arrangements for your stay, everything will be good.

Resham says I want to thank you all, I know Arzoo is going in a very good valued family. Babasa says we are lucky and says shayari. Everyone smile. Resham also does shayari. Babasa says great Resham ji. Bhabho looks on and asks him to stop. He signs Bhabho to stop. Resham asks them to accept this from her side, and gives them envelops. Sooraj says you are giving Arzoo to Chotu, sorry, but this is not needed. Meenakshi takes it and says this is Resham’s love, I can’t refuse for this.

Resham says I m happy that Sita’s promise is fulfilled, I met you all, I want you all to come to my house, meet Arzoo and my family. Sandhya says sure, we all will come. Resham gives the card and says my address is written in this. Bhabho could not read hindi and asks Sandhya to keep it. Sooraj takes it and was passing to Sandhya. Meenakshi keeps it and says I will show it to Sandhya after going home. Resham compliments Meenakshi’s clutch. Meenakshi thanks her. Babasa says we will come, as you invited us with love. Resham thanks them. She gets Arzoo’s call and talks to her. Arzoo asks her did she forget her, she did not call her. Resham says I m coming, and have good news, Chotu’s family is here, congrats, they all liked you, marriage date is after a month. Arzoo smiles. Sandhya talks to Arzoo and says I m Chotu’s Badi Bhabhi Sandhya, Chotu is very mature and caring, he will keep you very happy, don’t worry, you can call him Aryan. Arzoo says no, I will call him Chotu, this name has sweetness. Sandhya says he is sweet as his name, talk to Bhabho now. Bhabho blesses Arzoo. She says its Makar Sankranti today, keep laddoos infront of tulsi. Arzoo says fine. Resham thinks Arzoo will not know of it, and tells Arzoo to find tulsi. The call gets disconnected. Resham says call ended. Arzoo tells her friends about her inlaws telling about tulsi, now she has to find it.

Arzoo says Dadijaan said tulsi can be found. Her friend asks how we will find it till we know about it. Arzoo says Salman, my mind is not working, you help me. She says idea, I got Tulsi and tells her friends that I m going home. They all wonder what is Tulsi and go after Arzoo. Arzoo calls them and asks them to see Tulsi. She shows Tulsi Virani’s pic and sing Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai….kyunki saas …..

Chotu tells Priya that he can’t lie to Sooraj and Sandhya. She cries and asks him to say truth to them, they love each other, but they are not made for each other, we should get separated. He stops her and says I love you a lot, I can’t live without you, I can’t bear separation pain, if I have to lie to be with you, I m ready to lie. She says I love you and hugs him. she says I m sure you love me a lot.

Bhabho and everyone are on the way. Bhabho asks Sandhya and Sooraj to book tickets and go to Hyderabad. Babasa says I will also find time. Sandhya sees Chotu with Priya and thinks who is with him. she asks driver to stop car. Sooraj and Sandhya see Chotu with a girl. She says who is this girl with Chotu. Bhabho asks what happened. Sandhya says I have work, I will just come. Chotu and Priya are leaving on the bike. They see Sooraj and Sandhya, and get tensed. Sandhya and Sooraj go to them.

Arzoo’s aunt talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Sandhya and Sooraj are coming to visit Arzoo, Sandhya is IPS officer. Aunty thinks how did she get visa so soon, something is fishy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chotu is simply a fool who does not know the real character of his lover Priya. Well let us see the consequences of this unwaarranted relationship.

  2. Nice Episode
    Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes
    But hate same precap for many days
    Tracj is very good

  3. richa (titli)

    WTH i know they showed aarzoo’s innoscence buttt who the hell told her that tulsi LOL no offence and even if u google you get the tulsi as “HOLY BASIL” or OSSIMUM plant with pictures even wikkipedia shows that firrst and what r they tryin shoe that are the ppl the other side soo ignorant?? well may be as a child or youngster she is ignorant but none knew it ok fine may be but seriously they gotta show how that TULSI came instead of the plant 😛 LOL

    gn sd tc Dabhianss nd these dayss =vvvvv less comments soo saddy missin Ns4 bro, anu, dharini,seema varsha big fan bigfan etc………………

    i think mooohit murder trak ate everyones patience and they left 😛

    @@@@ ameena please change the cover pic , from that aapradhi kaun to recent one plssss…. this is new track naa plssss

    1. richa (titli)

      if they leave loose threads again i m really gonna quit this show again

  4. Nice episode!!! Very interesting to watch whether suraj sandya will be able to see priya’s real face?
    And @ richa!! Maybe arzoo doesn’t have access to the Internet and secondly maybe there is no tulsi plant grown in pak?

  5. Tulsi is found but in pakistan but mostly by herbal doctors etc … They brought the kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi tulsi scene just for humor.
    Well i laughed at their voice when they were singing.
    Btw this arzoo is way tall… I hope chotu isnt shorter than her.

    1. Yes bcoz arzoo (Prachi Tehlan) is a sports woman and that too basketball and netball player- these players in this kind of sports are taller usually to throw ball in the basket easily!!
      Chotu is also taller but I think he’s faminin look while arzoo is like a Tom boy due to her stocky body!!

  6. Tulasi is a herbal medicine and also considered as divine. It’s botanical name is ocimum sanctum. Many girls are named after Tulasi in Tamilnadu and I think that the picture of the woman who is celebrated by Arzoo might be called Tuladi and mother of Chotu..

    1. richa (titli)

      @@@@ sir she the pic lady is our education minister Samriti Irani sir she used to play the role nof tULSI IN SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI SERIAL aired on SP years ago

  7. Nice epi.don’t like babhasa’s behaviour.he is too much

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