Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Daisa gives her blessings to sandhya , saying hope the kid in her womb will be safe and she will be able to be blessed with a health kid soon , every one are stunned hearing this and meena wonders why is bhaboo spreading on false news? Bhaboo looks outside and sees suraj coming hesitatingly to house, before sandhya could clear out this misunderstanding to Daisa as sandhya was bout to speak, bhaboo interrupts saying, wat are u doing Daisa? Looks like ur mistake , and doing Godh barayi Rasam.. Daisa is confused and says, u said there is some good news and its related to sandhya so if its not about her pregnancy then what it could be ? Just then suraj enters the house and sees the drama , Bhaboo corrects telling her that, yes what u said is right, the good news is related to sandhya but its not about being pregnant ..Daisa notices suraj , Bhaboo turns around and asks suraj to come in, he comes in and she takes bag from his hand and places a chair next to the stool sandhya was sitting and removes the ritual items from sandhyas hands and place them on floor and then she makes sandhya sit on the chair , sandhya is confused and nervous, she removes the shagun ghoongat which daisa gave to sandhya and gives it back to daisa every one are confused but when bhaboo removes sandhya’s pallu from her head every one are shocked and stunned by this move of bhaboo while sandhya is all teared up and is scared… Bhaboo then says that , elders said that a wife is not a wife who dont use a pallu to cover her head, but today sandhya is going to break the rule as she will be placing something else in place of pallu and bhaboo removes the police cap from bag and places on sandhyas head, every one are stunned while suraj, babasa watches this helplessly and suraj is silently crying …bhaboo then says a wife is suppose to be holding a cooking spoon but sandhya will hold a Latti and places the police tanda in her hand, daisa understands the drama and is laughing with in while rest of the ladies are stunned and keep talking among themselves… suraj is simply so dead and helpless… and then bhaboo places the police dress in sandhya lap and says every mother in law does Tej and other rituals with their daughter in laws but since she is a new and modern mother in law she is celebrating her daughter in laws dreams success, all other daughter in laws work for their house happiness but sandhya will fight for every ones right as it was her dream when she was born and it was same when she came to their house as a daughter in law, and since its 26th Jan, they should all encourage sandhya in achieving her goals, and by gods grace by next year she will be wearing a police uniform than a saree, sandhya is heart broken and teary, while babasa is embarrassed and upset and suraj is literally crying , while meena and daisa are super happy and laughing among themselves… then bhaboo does the namaskar and salutes to sandhya every one are stunned and sandhya is crying , daisa says what is all this , ur daughter in law is becoming a cop and ur celebrating it ? bhaboo says yes, her happiness is with her daughter in laws dreams and happiness and its a good news for her, daisa then starts taunting her saying , what happened to this same dream when she sent them both to mount abu? she was weaving a cap for the kid and even said as a challenge that sandhya will give them good news soon or else ? Bhaboo says even animals can give birth to kids … so wats new in that , but unlike other gals who dream of families and kids sandhya who is different will run around thieves and solves crimes and she is proud of it, sandhya had enough of crying and embrassement, she silently gets up from chair and places the rest of the things on stool and puts pallu back on her head and folds her hand in front of bhaboo and says , please forgive me and stop doing all this, bhaboo takes her to pooja mandir and tells her that, she is asking her to stop but its not like eeverything happens as per sandhyas wishes , she had played enough lie games and now its her turn to see bhaboo truth and zid, she then asks her to tell truth that , she was so lost in her dreams that she couldnt maintain a marital relation with suraj caz of that even after marriage and asks her to tell truth in gods name, that she couldnot have a s*xual relation as she didnot want her dream of being a cop to be trashed , and then tells her not to lie as she is in front of god, sandhya hesitates a lot and then says yes, bhaboo was stunned to hear this and composes herself while daisa comes there and asks , what happened santosh, ? u can tell me i am like ur sister lol, bhaboo says its nothing , she brought sandhya for gods blessings and takes her hand and takes her back to hall …

she brings dhool and asks daisa to play music so that she can show, how happy she is over sandhyas good news and starts dancing, in btw she stops to catch her breath and every one wonder why bhaboo in doing all this? wat sort of happiness is this? but then bhaboo asks daisa to continue and then starts dancing, every one are worried over bhaboo and babasa is simply embrassed with this drama and holds in face but is worried , then finally bhaboo spins and spins and spins and before she could falls suraj catches her, she pushes him aside, sandhya runs from there to outside , bhaboo says she has given good news and they all can leave …

Precap: looks like a garden, bhaboo says to sandhya now its not a house hold matter its more of a war, and neither can she back out and nor can sandhya … sandhya is all tears while suraj looks on …

Update Credit to: breezy

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