Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho seeing Sooraj decorating flowers in a bouquet and talking about Sandhya. Bhabho worries and goes to inform Babasa. Babasa says Sandhya is Sooraj’s wife, whats wrong if he got the flowers. She says Sandhya is pregnant. He says so what. She says how to explain you, first three months are crucial, its not good to get close to wife by giving flowers. Babasa reminds that his mum stopped him from going to Santosh when she was three months pregnant. She asks him to stop Sooraj. They go to Sooraj.

Sooraj hides the surprise, and asks is there any work. Babasa says yes, do one thing, go and sleep, its late. Sooraj says fine. Bhabho says no, your Babasa has stomach ache, give him medicines. Babasa says what are you saying, and looks at her. He says yes, I have

ache. Sooraj says I will get medicine. Ved comes and says Sandhya was going to help me in homework, she slept, shall I wake her up. Bhabho says no, let her rest, I will ask Emily to teach you. Bhabho asks Sooraj to go and sleep, as she gave medicines to Babasa. Babasa says yes, actually the matter is… Bhabho stops Babasa from saying and they leave. Sooraj says what happened to Bhabho and Babasa today. He gets relieved and sees the two baskets. He says Sandhya ji, a romantic gift for you is ready.

Arzoo and Chotu stand at a distance. Chotu recalls Piya’s love to act of loving Arzoo. Arzoo recalls her friend’s words to be shy and not be Mushtandi infront of her husband. She sits on the bed and it sounds. Chotu looks on. Arzoo recalls her friend’s words to use her eyes to impress her husband. Chotu goes to her. She turns and he gets hit by her dupatta. She says sorry, it struck by mistake. He says its fine and recalls Piya’s words. Arzoo recalls her friends’ words to move her hair and impress him. She moves her hair pleats and it slaps Chotu’s face. She says sorry. He says its fine. She thinks she won’t do anything by her friend’s advice now. Chotu and Arzoo have an eyelock. He gets close. She beats him reacting seeing a lizard. She says sorry, everything is happening wrong today, I will make things fall. She steps on dumb bell and falls on Chotu. The bed breaks. Babasa wakes up and says its earthquake. Bhabho says no, something heavy fell down, and recalls Arzoo. She says my Chotu… and rushes. Arzoo and Chotu have an eyelock.

The family breaks inside the room, while they both are lost in each other’s eyes. Everyone smile. Babasa and Bhabho look on. Meenakshi says Arzoo broke the bed, Bhabho named her right Mushtandi. Chotu and Arzoo get away.

Its morning, Sandhya tells senior about Arzoo getting Chulbul illegal way, sorry, but I know her. He says I m not saying why she did this, I m saying how she did this, there were many cameras on station, but she did not get caught in any camera, how, its like she is trained, I m not saying she is enemy, but trust and carelessness gives chance to enemies to attack on us, you got Gul as your enemy too, he will not move back from doing anything, so we have to keep an eye on Arzoo, its important.

Arzoo goes to Sandhya’s room. Ved comes there and Arzoo hides. Sandhya says I understand, but I have seen her. She is like kid, I don’t think she can hide anything. Senior says you become Sagarika in Mission mahabali, you made people believe you are simple and innocent, maybe Arzoo is doing the same. Ved leaves from the room. Arzoo gets relieved and shuts the door. Senior says I m not asking you to kick her out, I know Arzoo is bahu of your house, I want you to keep an eye as an police officer, maybe she is really innocent or be something else, she maybe not be simple as you are assuming. Arzoo looks for something in the drawers. She takes something from the drawer and hides in her dupatta.

Senior says we have good news for you, you will be going in special team on some mission. She says that’s good news, thanks. He says its believed that Gul and his men will do something at border. She assures him that she will manage and not let any enemy do anything. He says great, I expected same from you. Arzoo checks few papers and applies the stamp on it. Sooraj is on call and says I m getting Arzoo there. Arzoo sees the stamp she has stolen, and says IPS Sandhya Rathi’s stamp will make my work more easier.

Sooraj comes there and says Arzoo…. Arzoo hides the stamp and papers. She opens the door. Sooraj says I spoke to Resham Dadi, everyone is leaving for Pakistan, they are waiting for you, come to meet them once. He sees something there. The stamp is hidden there. She gets tensed. Sooraj looks at the broken bed….

Daisa tells Bhabho to do ritual, Mu Dikhai is already over. Arzoo comes there, everyone look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh! Writer please don’t make Arzoo a culprit . Her face is innocent.

  2. Can anybody tell why husbands cant get closer when their wive is 3 months pregnant????

    1. Some women may be suffering from nausea and vomitting during the first trimester so that they may feel uncomfortable. In some cases there be a history of bleeding and abortion. In that cases it should be avoided. On the other hand many women like it and so it depends upon the mental and body conditions and there are no strict rules in this matter.

  3. The comical mushtandi Aarzoo seems to be a terrorist. What is this sudden change of climate?

  4. Where’s Zakir, bulbul & chhavi ???

  5. For Gods sake do not turn arzoo into a villain and open chotu s eyes !! Make him know the truth of that stupid piya

  6. Arzoo’s night scenes were so funny:-D:-D:-D

  7. I think sooraj will find out the real reason behind arzoo y she want to kill sandhya

  8. first they showed arzoo a caring , fun loving girl.. she even care for a pup and now she is terrorist,,Also she helped sandhya in getting flag even without revealing her identity, she did good then and now terrorist..writers truly , rather than mission mahabali,mission arzoo,go get some sense to get mission logic and reality in this daily soap.U urself dont spoil the good show

    1. You are rite verti..This writers are disgusting

  9. no matter whether arzoo is terrorist or not but chotu is really poor fellow he loved priya who just want his money and nothing else and he married arzoo who seems to be terrorist are they didnt find any better girl for chotu funny thing is that chotu is the one who was choosen in child hood by a terroristf for his attack(do you people remember) and now too but if arzoo is terrorist then what about resham ha ha ha ha so much confused feeling very sad for chotu i had a better option make arzoo terrorist and show that in a attack by arzoo piya died so finally problems will be solved and after aleap bring a good girl for chotu make him ips officer after all if story is of sandhya then what is need to bring these many characters they made it helllllll

  10. Can someone tell me the meaning of Chulbul and mushtandi?

    1. Chulbul is the name of dog….mushtndi means fat girl

  11. Thank u keerthu 🙂

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