Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2014 Written Update

Suraj asks about Sandhya’s leave application and she is worried about it. He asks her to be hopeful that it would be sanctioned.

Kavitha is pleading Bhabho to forget that incident and forgive her and tries to enter the house. Bhabho shouts at her to stop. She goes to her and scolds her and requests Kavitha to go far away from them and not to show her face. Bhabho gives keys to Emily and asks her to bring 20,000 rupees. Bhabho goes back to her place and does her sewing work. Emily gives Kavitha her money back. Kavitha takes it and leaves.

Sahyadri team members except Zakir reach a club for party. They all comment about how Zakir did not join then in spite of them persuading and Rahul tells even it was hard for him to convince Roma to get there. Roma is still

upset thinking they all did not wish her for her birthday. Then the lights go off and when it comes again, a waiter has brought a bouquet and cake there. Rahul wishes Roma and Roma is surprised and happy that they all remembered it and planned for the surprise. Sandhya tells the same to her that Rahul asked them not to wish and give her this surprise. They cut cake and celebrate. Some rogues who were at the party notice this and they forcibly join the cake cutting. Teammates does not like this but they just ignore those people. They join the dance floor and also get Sandhya to dance with them. Someone is taking video of this from their mobile.

In house, Rathis are at dining table. Suraj notices Chavvi is not there. He wants to call her to join them as she is getting married soon. Bhabho stops him but then assures Suraj that she would make Chavvi eat with her. Bhabho asks Suraj to call Sandhya to tell her to get mehendi from Hyderabad. Meena is excited and tells Emily that Hyderabad mehendi is very good. Bhabho insists to call him immediately as she would forget later. Suraj calls Sandhya but Sandhya has left her mobile on their table and is dancing. Suraj tells Bhabho that he will call her in the morning.

Rahul takes Roma away from the dance floor. He asks her whether she liked the surprise party and asks for gift. Roma replies him to give the gift first and if she likes it, then she will give return gift. Rahul asks her to close her eyes and goes. He brings a stuffed heart toy and kneels down before her and asks her to open her eyes. Roma opens her eyes and is surprised. Rahul proposes to her and she accepts. Sandhya who is returning to the table sees this and smiles. She remembers Singapore events and smiles and thinks of calling Suraj. She then notices his missed call. Roma and Rahul are dancing and the rogues misbehave with Roma. Sandhya who was about to call Suraj notices this.

Precap: Rathis are alerted by a breaking news on TV. The TV channel reports the incident where the IPS training cadets in Hyderabad were involved in a scuffle with common people.

Update Credit to: b2011

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