Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya deducing from the clues that the jewellery are in the temple room

Meena now sees that Sandhya is right and will soon find the jewellery anyway.

To prevent her, Meena spills oil on Sandhya’s path and even throws the bottle, and when Sandhya turns around to walk, she was alerted by Meena, who shouts and tells her to stay there, she is going downstairs to call Chaturi

Meena now hurries downstairs to the temple room and on coming down, faces Suraj, Meena asks Suraj to go upstairs as Sandhya is stuck up there with oil spills all around, and Suraj hurries upstairs.

Meena now searches the temple room, but couldn’t find the jewellery anywhere.

While searching, she accidentally moves an idol a little bit leftwards


was about to go away when she spots something shining and that light is reflecting on walls, and on closer inspection in different direction, she now spots the jewellery.

Greed overcomes her, and she thinks how Dhaisa was telling that the jewellery is worth crores, and thinks of hiding those to sell them at a later stage.

Now after Meena went away with all the jewellery, SurYa enters the temple room, and they searches here and there, but couldn’t find the jewellery, Meena too comes later and asks SurYa whether they found it or not, Sandhya says they are yet to mind, and Meena smiles on her work

Vikram too comes now and seemed disappointed with all the search resulting nothing, he resolves to search his room once more, and makes that clear to everyone.

Meena excuses herself with the pretext that she is going to have a sip of water, and goes to remove the jewellery from her room to the place where cow is there.

Meena has brought some hay to conceal the jewellery and was talking the hay, along with the jewellery to the arena where cow is there, Chotu offers help, but Meena says she will manage on her own, and goes to the area and conceals the jewellery effectively.

Now SurYa overseeing Bhabo and Bhabasa, and seeing their sorry state, Suraj says that they will have to remain positive and keep searching for the jewellery, and he won’t be at peace till the blame from Bhabo is lifted.

Meena was with the cow and now praying to cow to give cow-dung and the cow lands a cow dung directly on her hands Meena is totally hating it but then carries on with her task of concealing jewellery inside cow dung

Meena finally makes a mound with all the jewellery inside cow dung, and says she is too clever, much more clever than even Sandhya, and says she will confuse with the cow dung already plastered on walls (by Mohit earlier) and so removes them and paste recent mound of cow dung with the jewellery inside it

Everyone of Rathi family sitting in courtyard with sad faces, Chavi says only few hours left for the deadline now, and a milkman suddenly comes, and tells milk available.

Sandhya goes to collect milk but the milkman rebukes Sandhya and the whole Rathi family, says he doesn’t sell milk to those people who are hypocrite, tells lies and doesn’t even leave god when it comes to stealing

Sandhya asks the milkman not to believe in rumors and not to give biased treatment to a family which has bought milk from him for years and paid him at right times just for the sake of some rumors

The milkman says in about a few hours it will be clear that they are liars and thieves and leaves the spot.

Sandhya tries to normalize the situation and was asking everyone to carry on their day to day activity and not remain silent, but Vikram says he won’t open shop today, as he knows the society has ostracized the family and no one will even pay a visit to shop, so no use of opening it then

Suraj says he will open shop today because he knows from heart that they had neither done any stealing nor are they sinners and goes out to open his shop. He also asks others to stay positive in these troubled times.

Chaturi brought milk from the cow (in their house) and says gow mata has her blessings on the family, so no worries.

Precap–> Suraj was over phone requesting for a gas cylinder, but his request got rejected, as the gas supplier claims that they had run out of supplies.

Chotu says now how will he complete orders of Shivratri
Sandhya says she will bring dried cow-dung which will act as fuel in these troubled times

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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