Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police force freeing Sandhya from the net. She says I got unconscious by the bullet pressure, find the terrorists, they would not go out of Pushkar, they have played enough, we have to catch them before they harm anyone. The four guys hide and look on. The terrorist says Sandhya got saved, police is finding us everywhere, police sealed all routes, we should leave soon. One of the terrorist is shot. Other guy says we have to remove Jimmy’s bullet, else he will die. The terrorist asks Rocky to help Jimmy in surgery to remove the bullet, we can’t go to hospital.

They talk about police trap, and make a plan. The terrorist says police will find lodge, hotel and hospitals, they will not check Pushkar’s residential colony where common people stay, there is main

gate to enter it and its easy to control the area. He names the areas and says one of these areas will become our key to leave from here. Jimmy says you mean we will make those people hostage. The terrorist says yes, we will use them as shield, police will not do encounter there, our way is clear. He writes the area names on chits and chooses one. PP shows the area name and they all smile.

Sandhya is on the way and asks staff to check at main areas. Vansh argues with Sooraj and says you are nothing to me, I will die but not stay in this house. Bhabho says like I m Ved’s Dadi, I m your Dadi too, no one can change what happened. Babasa says I m your Dada, come with us. The terrorists reach there and shoot at people. The people run away. Rathi family gets shocked and look on. PP vacates the houses. The terrorist says this place is under our control now and cuts the telephone lines. A man tries to run away and gets shot. The people get shocked. The terrorist asks everyone to obey them, else they will shoot everyone. They collect everyone’s mobiles. Vikram thinks its imp to inform Sandhya.

Sooraj thinks how to inform Sandhya that terrorists have captured Hanuman gali, they took mobiles and cut telephone lines. Sandhya asks doctor about such case if guy got injured by bullet, they are looking for terrorists. Doctor says no, there is nothing such. She gets Vikram’s call.

PP takes Vikram’s phone and beats him up. Meenakshi cries. Sooraj says he did mistake, leave him. The terrorist sees Vansh there. Vansh too recognizes them. Sandhya says Vikram’s phone is off. Vansh says I will not leave you, you killed my mum and dad. He beats the terrorist. The terrorist scolds Vansh and asks do you want to go to your parents, how did you reach here, we would have killed you if you did not get down the car, I will shoot you now. Sooraj hugs Vansh. Bhabho shouts no. The terrorist says family drama started. Everyone cry.

Sandhya says I will call Sooraj. Arpita comes and tells about Ankur and Ankita’s bodies kept in morgue, you have to identify them. Sandhya gets shocked. Arpita asks Sandhya to go, I will manage this. She holds Sandhya. Sandhya nods and walks to the morgue. She sees Ankur and Ankita, and recall Ankur’s immense love and care. She cries and says your sacrifice will not go waste, I will punish those murderers, they snatched parents from my Vansh, I promise I will not leave them.

The terrorist says its coincidence, we are standing in our enemy Sandhya’s house, our fate is not so bad, her family is at our gunpoint, now it will be fun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg it’s a shock what about their daughter bulbul is she dead ????? I hope this show doesn’t end its better than yhm sns ssel yrkklh suhani si ek ladki should end and Diya aur bati hum should go on y is Rathi family always victims no matter if it’s a bank robbery or terrorist attak their always present there

    1. Ruksy

      no! this show has been running too long. suhani si ek ladki should not end maybe yrkklh but not ssel or yhm.

  2. I hope nothing bad happens to Sandhya and Sooraj.

  3. Tensing Episode.
    Nice Precap.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope everything will be fine soon.
    Hope SANDHYA will save everyone soon.
    Plz don’t drag this terrorist attack drama like that stupid FLIGHT HIJACK drama.End this track soon.
    This terrorist attack scene reminded me about Mumbai Terrorist Attack.Some scenes are similar to that incident

  4. Nice episode. This episode was quite frightening anf interesting. Please don’t end this show you please change this serial time at everything will be solved

  5. Why did these terrorists come from? What is their dushmani with Sandhya. The episode does not tell us..

  6. I think Vanch n ved will try to stop them or sandhya to the rescue once again to save her family

  7. soumitra majumder

    Realy very nice shop i allways lv this serial and plg dnt stop the serial

  8. why always sandhya’s life in the risk?
    i shows she protects and saves people cuz her family is between them as well…height of coincidence

  9. why always sandhya’s family at risk?

  10. Rubbish, too much violence

  11. where is the characters arzoo and chotu

  12. Oh the terrorists think if they defeat Rathi House, Sandhya will give up the fight
    I think should start season 2 with Sandhya’s daughter make a revenge for her. Deepika pls play this role

  13. Give me a break! How come all the bad things in life only happen to Sandhya Rathi’s family?? All you are doing is making the show more and more unrealistic!

    1. Agree with you
      Hope season 2 will be better

  14. What are the terrorists real names
    And the head boy?

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