Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi and Vikram meeting everyone in the famly. Golu hugs Meenakshi. Vikram says he is glad seeing Mohit back, now everything will be fine. Meenakshi says yes, if anyone told Mohit has come, we would have got gift for him, now we did not get anything. She says she bought many things and shopping was fun. She says Bhabho and Babasa should also go there. Misri says its fun to be in our country, and give our gifts now. Ved says I m youngest and I want first. Meenakshi shows the water bottle and gives gift to Golu.

She says Ved will become English speaking halwai by studying well. Misri thinks few things. Vikram shares their foreign stories and they smile. Vikram and Meenakshi talk murmuring. Meenakshi says she likes Pari a lot and asks Misri to give it to her.

Pari says its fine if she likes it. Sooraj asks Sandhya why is she taking him to shop at this time. She says its Ved’s birthday and I want him to make best pasta to make him happy. He says he will make it, as he is a good cook and this work will suit him.

She acts annoyed and wanted him to cook. She says sometimes we have to do whats more than other’s expectation. She says she has made everything ready and asks him to show things and make food. She thinks to send the video to the channel and he will get the job. She records while he cooks. He says when Ved knows we worked so much for him, he will be happy. She says don’t talk in between, I will not understand the recipe. He says fine and cooks saying the steps. Sooraj says is ready and makes her eat it. She says great, I did not had more tasty pasta than this. He says have more.

Bhabho gets sad. Babasa pacifies her and talks to her about Ved and Vansh. She says whatever happens now, I don’t care. The teacher tells all the kids that Vansh is unwell and his dad has cancelled his party. The kids say its fine, we will go in Ved’s birthday party. Ved worries and thinks he will be caught in his lie now. Ved thinks Vansh has trapped him, his party cancelled he is caught.

Aryan sees a video. Sandhya comes to him and she asks about his kabaddi match. She sees the match and he says its interesting match. She says things change at the final time. He says yes, its fun. He asks what happened. She says she has some work and asks him to advertise the video shoot, Sooraj has done cooking and I want this to reach the cookery show channel.

Vansh tells Ankur to agree for the party. Ankur says it can’t happen and asks Ankita to explain him. Bulbul looks on and asks why is he doing this, Vansh is crying, why can’t they celebrate his birthday. He says I m doing this for him. She says so that Sooraj and Sandhya don’t meet him. He says yes, I don’t want to explain. She asks why is he afraid after court orders. He says it means you met Sandhya. She says yes, but she did not wish to take Vansh from us, she still loves you. He says stop it, I m sending very far from here, Ankita and Vansh will stay in Jaipur and we will stay here, you can think I m wrong, but later you will understand I did this for Vansh’s good. He leaves.

Ved tells Misri about birthday party in Sooraj hotel. Misri says what did he say, what will he do now, that hotel is very costly, water is charged 230rs. The chaat vendor asks him to do birthday party at his stall and he will give discount. Ved says it will look strange. Misri says give me more to make my mood well, and asks Ved not to dream of Sooraj hotel.

Bhabho says if you do my work, I will give this necklace to you. Meenakshi asks whats the work, tell me fast. Bhabho asks her to get her Vansh back. Meenakshi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lilll boring

  2. Arey yar. .. y dis director wana make audience fools…
    He has shown that all relations with vanish are broken legally….
    Then y dis meenakshi drama…abt vanish
    It became such a boring show, never expected. . :plz

  3. Cummon meenakshi get vansh back

  4. Whhhoo is aryan???frnds pls tell me

    1. Chotu is grown aryan sharma

    2. He is ChoTTu

  5. Chotu is grown n his name is aryan sharma

  6. Actually How is Chotu named aryan sharma….in previous 1000nd episode their is not even a single scene conform it..
    In chotu school also he was named as chotu. ..
    Then how can chotu be aryan sharma
    Anyone Rply

  7. Aryan sharma s actual name of child artist… Chotu… Ab ek young stud ko Liya hai toh chotu name thode hi denge… de diya aryan sharma.. . Jab serial ke lead characters hi dabba ban chuke hein… this makes hardly any difference..

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