Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj thinking of Bhabho’s words. Bhabho prays to Lord. Bhabho gives aarti to Sandhya, which makes Sandhya very glad. She takes aarti and smiles. Bhabho walks ahead. Bhabho says I hope Sooraj has taken his decision. Sooraj says yes Bhabho. Everyone look on. He takes the garland. He sees Sandhya and walks ahead to Lalima. They all look shocked. Meenakshi thinks Sooraj has chosen Lalima. Sandhya cries.

Sooraj makes Lalima wear the garland. Sooraj folds hands and says Lalima ji, I have know the truth, you came for me as an angel, Lord has the power to give anyone life, you gave me a new life, so for me, you are not less than Lord in my eyes, you did a lot for me and my family, I m thankful and indebted to you, I m your slave, like a devotee for Lord, I can’t

give my heart to you, as we make someone stay in our heart once, I have Sandhya in my heart, she is my wife. He says I can’t love you, I just love Sandhya, I have accepted Sandhya by my heart, the proof is my madness and the thing when I could not bear the shock of her death. Sandhya cries. He says Lalima ji, this relation and right will be just with my wife Sandhya.

Everyone look on. Sooraj says I can’t give you any right. He asks her to understand. Bhabho asks what are you saying Sooraj. Soorja goes to Bhabho and cries. He says you always trust me that I can’t do injustice with anyone, I can’t do this, his relation with Sandhya can’t end even with death, Sandhya is his breath, his heartbeat, how can he end relation with her. He says don’t make me do this sin, if I do this, it will be injustice with both, I can’t give that right to Lalima, how to give more value to unknowingly made relation than the relation I m living since years, I m sorry.

He goes to Lalima and folds hands to apologize to her. Lalima removes the garland and cries. She turns to go, and Bhabho stops her. She says Sooraj said his decision, my decision is still pending. She says Sandhya is Sooraj’s wife, fine, but I give the right of this house’s eldest bahu to you Lalima. Sandhya looks on shocked and tears roll down.

Babasa asks Bhabho what is she saying. Meenakshi thinks a new drama started, now it will be fun. Emily says sorry Bhabho, but Sooraj’s wife and your bahu can’t be different. Bhabho says whatever the traditions, but my world is different, I m changing this tradition, my eldest bahu will be the one who gave new life to Sooraj after 6 months, not the one who has left Sooraj and us to die. Sandhya cries.

Lokesh asks Sooraj how can he do injustice with Lalima, she has done a lot for him, she has bear taunts of society. Sooraj says I can understand, love and devotion are different things. Sandhya goes to Bhabho and folds hands. Bhabho tells Lalima that she is eldest bahu of her house, she will read Ramayana for her daily. Sandhya holds Bhabho’s foot and cries. She asks her to forgive, and just bless her once.

Bhabho makes Sandhya get up. Sandhya requests her. Bhabho asks why do you need my blessings, you are big police officer, people raise hands to salute you. She asks Sandhya to go to get salutes and appreciation. Sandhya asks Bhabho not to do this. Bhabho says stop it, you always stood for truth, you do justice, tell me whats right and whats wrong, whats justice and injustice. She asks Vikram to go and get it. Vikram goes. He brings laptop. Bhabho asks Sandhya to see it herself. Sandhya gets shocked seeing…..

Lalima tears Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic. She says Sandhya has to lose, I love Sooraj, Sandhya has to go away from this house, I will celebrate Karwachauth with Sooraj ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. heyyy wen willll dabh tem shw abt missing ppl ankut,ankita,vansh,aryan etc…… wbt their stories??? and dabh team u missed chandu’s detailed story y he turned evil u just gave a short abt him…. plss dont miss out that if u read this cmmnt

  2. What Bhabho is doing is wrong. She should have done second marriage to Emily when Mohit abandoned her and Pari. But at the same time, what Sandhya did is also a blunder. She should have thought about Ved. How a poor little boy will feel when his mother is dead and his father has gone mad? She should have revealed the truth to Suraj before going to mission. Suraj would have managed Ved and bhabho as well.

  3. suraj decision was good!
    he is such a positive, softly and supportive husband.

    but babho will never understand suraj because she doesnot have that attitude.

    I accept sandhya’s false death created trouble in rathi’s family, but according to country’s security it is important to keep her mission secrete…….

    she kept that secrete means its her profession. that’s it. if she keeps the mission secrete means she doesn’t respect suraj?
    no, that is false, she love her husband more than a country and her life. it was proved when suraj got shot with bullets…………….

  4. Before sandhya went 2 the mission she wrote one letter la wat abt tat…may b in tat letter it is any important thing…may b sandhya ll do wrong in this matter bt it could b forgive thing only compare 2 other members in rathi family she done nothing…she return now so bhabho ll forget and forgive sandhya done so much of things 2 tis family…and tis lalima how could she tear our suraj and sandhya photo…hate u lalima i hope she does nt take any advantage abt suraj told he is looking her like god nu…pls director end tis lalima character…

  5. Noboby come between our suraj and sandhya…sandhya pls aware with tis lalima and kick out her…i hope they didnt separate our s&s because their love bond is so strong..

  6. @varsha where r u?,and @anu wen ll u come frm ur holidays?here so much of drama is done by lalima she is try 2 separate our s&s..

  7. i cant really type without mistakes 🙁 😛 anyways hope u aall got my cmment wat i wanted to say… 🙂

  8. babho very doing not good its not fair

  9. sorry one mistake please omit that word “very”

  10. Why every one is against sandy???
    Wt ever she did is correct…..
    anyone knows this duty first god next
    even if god comes next how come family will be important??
    If every ips officer thinks abt his family or if every military officer who guards the borders thinks abt his family Frst than the country then we would nvr b in peace like this
    Kk so don’t comment abt sandy like dat…
    if she thinks abt his ved and lives there only they would have died by now…sandy is selected for this mission bcz she is perfect
    and bhabho Wt ever she is doing now is not at al correct .showing partiality towards relations blo*dy bhabho hate u
    Does any one watched fanaa movie??
    Kajol kills amir even he is her love and husband
    I hope u all ppl understand

    1. noo ramya..we r nt against sandy…our opinion is jus sandy shd tell that she might b somewhere n lives safe …..we dnt wanted her say abt where is??? n fr wt purpose she s there ????? it is also the moral responsibility of sandy to inform to her hubbyy that she s nt dead n this drama s only fr a big mission……if this happens all these cud b averted…..characterisation of husband like a sooraj wud nt revael abt sandy , thisss is 500% sure………….am i right????? this is my opinion…

    2. Well said @ ramya ! That’s what I’m explaining to whatever his/ her name is ! But I hope sandya will make them realise their mistake soon!

    3. Well gr8 [email protected] ramya..
      U just tell me one thing…serve the country mean…. U can hurt or u can cheat ur own family…..

      1. Yes you can !!! It’s allowed to leave even your own parents 4 the sake of country! Sandya did a great job or else your lovely bhabo would be no more!!

  11. Gyz if u feel they will drag this track like mission so u ppl dnt watch …diya baati rocks
    Suraj is the best

  12. Suraj and Sandhya makes a good couple. My opinion is, Sandhya would have told about the mission to Suraj atleast. I think no authority says to hide everything to family. Atleat they will allow to say atleast to their partners or parents whoever important. This is not a good idea to hide everything from family. So, sandhya would have told about this atleast to Suraj. Whatever going around in serial now is not making happy to me. Babhoo should not have done second marriage to Suraj. My humble request is to make Suraj, Sandhya with their family together.

  13. Please donot lalima come in middle of Suraj and Sandhya. Please end that charater as soon as possible. Sadhya didnt do any wrong. only thing is she would have given allowance to say about mission atleast to suraj. But anyhow please make everyone together without lalima. Lalima should also understand and it is better she understand go away from them.

    1. i think bcos of overrrrpossessivenessss lalima wud definitely commit a bigg mistake n that too wudnt b forgiven by bhabho as result lalima wil b kicked out of sooraj’s life….lalima jii hw did u forget ur wordsss????…u said to sandy that u dnt want to come between them bt nw hw dare u tear sandyy’s photo…sandhya wil reveal the true face f lalima n lokesh veryyyy sooon…..come on sandhya come onnnn , as compared to mission mahabali this s very easy fr u…..

    2. Sandyz innocence will be proved at the last moment by Ved telling and
      showing the Letter written by Sandy. I guess my imagination should become
      true. only then she will get back the old respect from rathi family.

  14. Am not getting this precap
    Spoilers said fo teaching sandhya a lesson, babho n lalima had made a plan realise sandhyas’ mistake bt this precap Is showing lalima is in negative role

  15. What is Lalima behaving like an old mail who has lost everything. Suraj is someone else’s wife and she is trying to cling onto him like a desperate soul. Can’t she find another man???? what on earth is the matter with these Directors now??? Nothing clicking in their heads to move along with a sensible story.

    Bhabho should fall down dead. She is alive today because Sandhya sacrificed her own health to give her life. What an ungrateful b*t*h of a mother in law. She is not a good role model. Utterly selfish and trying to run everybody’s life.

    I think it is time for the Raathi family – Suray,Sandhya and Ved to move out on their own and let this family manage things alone.

    Give this young family a life please????????

    This drama is now reaching a sickening stage – believe me it is

  16. lalima kp sooraj she pyar ho gaya hai to WO etni jaldi hear nhi manegi WO sooraj ko pane keep liye Sam dam dnad sare upay lagayegi,ye shi hi to hai payar air jnag me sab jayaj hair!

  17. I was fans from Viet Nam! This very dramatic episode! I don’t like to think of her, Santos! Not only her but all selfish everyone in the family are selfish! why not one shall know for Shandhya, she had to sacrifice a lot for families Rathi! she must sacrifice themselves to protect the country, which is also protected everyone in thr family from terrorists! if not her, then perhaps all are dead! when Soorai made his decision! mrs Santos should respect that! becausr she gave him the chocice, do not you? so that her back between Lalima stay! i did not understand that she was thinking? i hope everyone will understand and symbathize Shandhya!
    I am also glad Soorai made 1 right decision! wish for their love will last forever with time!

  18. india just have suspense in their dramas one problem goes and another com stupid bhabho just keep your mouth shut in full serial lovely awesome sooraj not having any words to praise you I want sooraj and sandhya together

  19. Happy dushraa ….. Varsha richa anu n all off u guys… Hope u enjoying dushraa…

  20. That good sooraj choose sandhya .. Realy happy

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