Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhabho shooting at herself while Sooraj is distressed. Disha stops Sooraj. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to kill herself. Bhabho refuses and pulls trigger. There is no bullet and Bhabho is safe. Prema tells about game of death and asks Bhabho to shoot at dr. Gautam. Bhabho refuses to shoot. Prema says Gautam showed bravery to fight against us and he should get prize for it. Prema asks Bhabho to shoot fast and it can make many people get heart attack. Gautam stands up and his wife protects him. She asks Prema not to kill Gautam. Prema says they have saved many life and now they will see will life save them or not. She makes Bhabho pull trigger. The bullet is not there again. Bhabho cries plentiful. Prema says this man is lucky.

At the jail, Sandhya recalls Rajkumar’s

unlucky words and his family’s misery. She says Rajkumar and a person in darkness asks Sandhya what is she doing. She asks what are you doing here Zakir and where is Rajkumar. He says he came to see reports to help her. She asks about Rajkumar. He says he is shifted in security ccell. Zakir sees gun in her hand and recalls her words feeling helpless. He asks how can she think this being dutiful officer. Sandhya says she lost her husband and family and even he was dying. She says he has no right to be alive. She says she will kill him. Zakir asks her to keep gun inside. He says whatever difficulties come, a dutiful officer should not let emotions win and law lose. Sandhya cries.

The plane is stopped at some place. Prema continues game of death. Bhabho says forgive me. Prema asks her to shoot Shanky. She says there is nothing in world you can’t do and teaches her to shoot. Shanky begs not to kill him. Prema says Bhabho is very lucky. She shoots Shanky and even he gets saved. Prema says I told you Bhabho is lucky and goes to Mamta ji. Even she gets saved from getting killed. Prema says one bullet is there and two slots with one death and one life. She says we have to see who gets death. She calls some guy to come. Disha takes the guy to front. The guy requests Bhabho not to kill him. His wife requests not to kill him.

Prema asks Bhabho not to shake hand and shoot. He gets really shot and everyone freeze with fear. Bhabho is shocked as the guy’s blood falls on her face. Maya gives a blo*dy stare. Bhabho gets into guilt shock. Bhabho tells Sooraj that she has killed that guy. His wife cries asking him to get up.

Maya tells Sandhya that she is sending video. She asks her to show video to govt and they can come to any result.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Is this diya aur baati hum or any other….
    Really very stupid…..
    (Enna da nadaguthu inga!!!!!!)

  2. “Aata maajhi satakli”.
    After watching this episode I think bharath sarkar should call Bhajirao Singham Sir to end the episode.
    If Singham sir is busy then they will definately call CID ACP Pradhuyman.

  3. Stupid serial

  4. asif siddiqui

    The rating for this show will defintely be down. I think the writers dont have story to continue the originally good show.

    1. Does this serial deserve any rating at all. they are showing pure shit and taking the viewers for a ride…

  5. The show has become nasty and horrible. The writers and producers don’t seem to care about people’s views

  6. Hopeless. long do they plan to strech it…getting on our nerves…pls finish this hijack drama.

  7. ridiculous episode

  8. Its been almost 3 weeks now !!! Finish this hijack shit n show us something new

  9. Once my fav serial ….. nw the worst dragging it so much…. jus wanna go break d tv…. koduma da

  10. Stop this f**king a*sh*le shitty drama. Ab to TV fodne ka Mann karta h. f**k u sandhya f**k u prema f**k u producers. Sajid khan bhi Einstein h tumhare IQ compare me.

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