Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone chanting for Mukeshwari Mata. Ved says Mukeshwari Mata’s temple looks beautiful, its special day, that’s why Devi gave me flying powers. Sooraj asks why did you stop from saying everything. Ved gets silent. Riddhi says I will open the door. The temple door opens and all the villagers get glad getting to see the glimpse of that temple. The people enter the temple and chant. Sandhya thinks why is this done, this light and calling everyone here. Meenakshi goes to Sandhya and says I understood everything, you did this, tell me if you want my help. Sandhya says no, I did not do this, I don’t know who did this. She asks Meenakshi to come with her.

Binny tells Rishabh that I know you don’t believe this, but you have come here as Sandhya too got here by

Mata’s call. Rishabh says yes, I came here just because of Sandhya. Sandhya comes there and hears him.

Om apologizes to Maasa for talking to her badly, and says I was worried that Emily would doubt on you. Maasa says it was necessary, the result is in our favor, you leave from Emily once, then I will arrange Purvi’s stay somewhere else, then you and Emily come back. Om says fine, I will manage this, you take care of yourself. Emily comes and looks on. She thinks Om had a fight with Maasa, and now he is caring for Maasa, then what was that fight…. And the decision to leave home….

Riddhi says we are lucky that Dui Mukeshwari Mata called us here in the temple, now Devi will sign and show us what she wants to go. Sandhya thinks what is Riddhi’s plan, what does she want to do. A voice plays. Mata says I called all my devotees in this temple for the first time. Dui Mukeshwari Mata appears there. Everyone get shocked. The villagers get happy.

Arzoo, Chotu, Babasa and Vikram are at the newspaper office. The man says I told you on phone that you can’t get old record, but you came to Jaipur. Arzoo says its important for us. Babasa asks him to try. Chotu asks him to please help. The man says you have come here from Pushkar, seeing your efforts, I will also see if I get anything in records.

Dui Mukeshwari Mata says I m glad with your devotion, so you got this change to meet me, but there is a sinner too, who wants revenge from me, that sinner is creating hurdle in your devotion, I can’t stay here when that sinner is here, so I decided to leave from here. Rishabh smiles. Riddhi asks Devi Maa not to go, if anyone has to go, that sinner will go, we request you to tell the name of that sinner, we want to know who is it. The people ask the sinner’s name.

Riddhi asks Devi Maa to bless them, and tell the name. She says we want to do your maha aarti, then you can sign towards that sinner, bring that sinner infront of us, then we all will decide what to do. Dui Mukeshwari says how can I say no, that sinner will be infront of you after maha aarti. Sandhya thinks are they going to target my family…. The people say we all will stay here and do aarti. Sooraj asks Sandhya why are you worried. Sandhya says I think they are signing towards us. The women dance in the temple. Rishabh looks on.

Sandhya says anyone can happen wrong here, our family has to leave from here, stay here. Sooraj says I will come along. Sandhya says no, this plan’s mastermind will get alert, be here with Bhabho and Ved, you be careful, I will sign you when I get to know anything. Sooraj agrees. Sandhya goes.

Om gets the bags. He asks Emily to get Pari and Sparsh. Maasa acts annoyed and says we will give this room on rent, we can get some money. She gets dizzy. Om runs to her. He makes her sit and says you are unwell. He asks Emily to get first aid box. Maasa asks Om what is he doing, if you worry for me, Emily will doubt that we are acting to fight. Om says leave about acting, I m worried for your health. Emily gets the first aid box. Om asks Emily to get water. They make Maasa take medicines. Om says its minor attack and have to admit her in hospital. He calls for ambulance. The women dance around the Mukeshwari idol. The people look on and smile. Sandhya goes to find some clue. Rishabh thinks when Mukeshwari Mata names Sooraj, then the crowd will get angry and kill him, even Sandhya can’t save you, Sooraj will get neelvish in sometime.

The man gives the 12 year old newspaper to Babasa. Babasa reads Rishabh Maheshwari. Arzoo says Rishabh is Binny Maasi’s son, this news looks of use, we have to call Sandhya right now. She calls Sandhya and does not connect. Rishabh gets an injection to make Sooraj get neelvish. Arzoo keeps trying to call Sandhya.

Arzoo calls Sandhya and says I have to say something, I read a news in 12 year old newspaper, a lady got neelvish in some village and she was regarded a Daayan, her land was taken away from her, this happened on a Baba’s saying, a guy opposed this, then a Baba and villagers have beaten that guy. Sandhya says I will talk to you later, even I m in big trouble here. Arzoo says you will be shocked hearing his name. Sandhya asks her to say it fast. Arzoo says his name is Rishabh Maheshwari. Sandhya gets shocked. Rishabh looks around and is about to inject Sooraj.

Sandhya says Rishabh knew this since 12 years, why did he not tell anyone about this. She runs back to the temple, while Rishabh is injecting Sooraj. Sandhya comes there and looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    Super episode

  2. Superb Episode.But worried for SOORAJ.
    Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes.
    Hope everything ends up good.

  3. Hope SANDHYA will save both VED & SOORAJ.

    1. Yes , this show is about a sooper woman ( sandya) so she’ll save her family and will arrest that stupid baazi. So don’t worry sandy will make every thing fine??

  4. Timely information given by Aarzoo helped Sandya to recognize the real culprit. Now it remains that they have to provide clear delineation about all the miracles that happened around the Mukeshvari temple.



  6. I want some romantic moments between chotu and arzoo…..plzzzzz make it after this track ends…..nd guys had anyone of here watched veera serial.? Am a big fan of veeba…….

    1. Yes , veera’s ( on screen) hubby is portraying Ganga’s hubby in Ganga on ntv ! I don’t know about the actress ! That was a fantastic serial!!

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