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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking the officer to check all arrangements for the final time. Officer says audit report came fine, everything is okay. She thinks its holi today and I could not find Gul’s plan. Gul asks his men to damage all fire extinguishers. He thinks he is keeping his promise to Sandhya. Gul’s men empty the fire extinguisher bottles and shut emergency exit. An inspector calls Sandhya and says we got Mr Basu’s missing report filed from his family, he was last seen at town hall. She asks what, how can this be, I will find out.

Sooraj asks the lady about some old records at hospital. The lady checks the file and says strange, all papers are fine, one paper is torn, which you need to see. He asks what, how can this happen, check well, I have come from far. He

worries. The lady goes to check. A file falls. Sooraj goes to see, and sees Maasa. He says Maasa, you here…. He asks her what secret are you hiding, I have to come to know this from far, give me that paper….. Maasa signs no.

They go out and Maasa tells him that many years ago, Santosh went to visit kuldevi with her parents. FB shows India Pak border, year 1960. The lady prays that her daughter and son come back fine from the other country. She cries and prays seeing Indian flag. She says I m worried for Santosh, not Murli, what will we tell everyone. Bhabho’s father says we have to hide this matter. Bhabho’s mother says people will taunt us. He says yes, what will we explain when girl has stayed in other country for seven days, they will make an issue. Another man asks Bhabhisa why did Santosh and Murli went across border. Bhabho’s mum says its my mistake, we came to visit kuldevi temple, kids were playing and went that side, they did not come till now, how long will it take.

A jeep comes on the other side. Little Santosh and Murli get down the jeep. Bhabho’s mother sees the kids and smiles. Santosh cries and Murli wipes her tears. Murli asks her to wait for some time, I will take you to Maa and Babasa. Santosh says I know, you will protect me, that’s why I lived there. The man announces they will release 5 indians and in turn the other side have to leave 5 Pakistanis. They open the gate. Bhabho’s mother is happy seeing the kids coming, holding hands. The kids walk ahead. A man comes running and says stop this, kill the enemy country people. The man takes the gun and shoots at Murli. Bhabho’s parents shout Murli, while little Bhabho looks on shocked. The firing at border starts. Little Santosh cries and shouts Murli. She is taken to her parents. Bhabho’s mother faints by the shock. Little Santosh sees Pakistani’s flag. FB ends.

Sooraj checks the paper. Maasa says since then, whenever Pakistan’s name is taken, Santosh gets scared, this secret was locked in Santosh and my heart, when I heard you talking on phone, I came after you, I did not wish you all know this. Sooraj cries.

Sandhya says how can Mr. Basu get missing. The inspector says this is strange, he did not reach train station. Constable says we will find him. Sandhya says how can he disappear after giving the report here, its sign of big danger, check his phone details and tell me soon. Gul asks for Basu’s phone. The man says I forgot to check for it, sorry. Gul says one mistake can ruin our plan, if they reach Basu’s dead body, our plan will be ruined, no I have to reach that phone first.

Sooraj says but Maasa, you know there is no matter hidden between Bhabho and me, but Bhabho has hidden this, she would have been in pain and we children did not know. Maasa says Bhabho could not win over this pain. Sooraj says she has been in pain always, I can’t see her in this state, there would be some way, I have to bring out my Bhabho out of this, else family will break. Maasa says some wounds won’t heal with time too. Sooraj hugs her.

Sandhya tracks Basu’s mobile and says it was on one location, how is it moving, someone is taking it, hurry up. Sandhya reaches the market and tries tracking the phone. Arzoo is also in the market, wearing burqa….. the men greet Sandhya and ask how is she, is everything fine. Sandhya says yes. Arzoo sees Sandhya with the tracking device and starts running. Sandhya looks at the burqa lady running.

Sandhya catches Arzoo. Arzoo reveals her face and Sandhya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The flash back story of Bhabu is somewhat sorrowful. But one more day is wasted by these unwanted things.

  2. Good Episode. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s as well as following episodes of this track.
    Sandhya starts rocking. Sandhya rocked the precap.
    Cheer up Sandhya.
    Rock on.
    Sooraj scene good.
    Bhabho FB mystery over.Thank God.
    Eagerly waiting to know how Sandhya find out Gul’s plan.

    1. @AD—->Sandhya won’t find Gul’s plan till Police function hall catches fire….it was clearly showed in SBS that Rathi family and all police family are struggling to save there lifes…..and had to do her Bhahu duty as well as police duty…………………………….and the Question is
      who ignited the fire??????

  3. I think murli is Bhabho brother n i hope sandhya find out wat arzoo is doing

  4. lovely episode.

  5. Nice episode…..But
    lets see what will happen even sandhy if find Arzoo….i think this won’t work out… becoz we have to remeber behind Arzoo stay in india,,, bhabu’s hand is there so sandhy can’t do anything….so now (Arzoo) will attend police function without any struggles and fills her motive????

  6. Day after tomorrow is holi. Till then we may have to wait.

  7. Why is 22nd date story is not updated for diya air baati hum???

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