Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chavi managing to hide faulty bad sweets. She shows the clean shop to Sooraj. Sandhya and Sooraj smile seeing the shop. Sandhya says I will make jalebis today, and asks Chavi to sit. She makes big jalebis and says Sooraj ji, I will make good jalebis. The jalebis burn. Sandhya tries again. She shows jalebis to Sooraj and says its somewhat broken, its fine, why to waste energy in breaking it. She makes Sooraj have it. Chavi says great.

Sooraj compliments Sandhya. Chavi also likes it. She says I have to talk something, for my work in Mumbai, I have….. Bhabho comes and tells Sandhya that ayurvedic doctor came to see Sooraj. Sandhya says this is imp, Chavi we will talk later, doctor came from far. She takes Sooraj and leaves. Bhabho tells Chavi that you are doing

right, you are doing a daughter’s duty, you used to think just about yourself, but today you are thinking about brother and family, bless you. She goes. Chavi thinks how to talk to Sooraj about loan, those men can come anytime.

Emily tells Maasa that I have seen Ritu and that guy, they look happy. Maasa wishes the guy says yes. Om tells Maasa that Sandhya solved Chavi and Vikram’s fight, Sooraj is happy now. Maasa says Sandhya got this talent from Sooraj, he always kept family united.

Ritu comes smiling and says I have spoken to him, now you all go. Emily asks her how did she like that guy. Ritu says very happy, I think you said right, Lord makes pairing in heaven. Maasa asks Emily to get sweets, the guy said yes for Ritu. Emily says congrats and hugs Ritu. Emily goes out and the guy sees her. Om gives sweets to the guy. Chandni asks for sweets too. Om asks her to have sweets. The guy’s friend ask him not to have any relation with Chandni, she is his saali, but looks mad. The guy says so what, Ritu’s Bhabhi is pretty. Emily asks the guy what to call him, Jamaisa or Nandoisa. He asks her to just take his name, we are related now, so call me Mahen. They all smile. Mahen eyes Emily.

Bhabho does Sooraj’s aarti. Sooraj sees Sandhya getting ready. She recalls how Sooraj used to fill her maang. She says Sooraj ji, you will fill my maang today, you said there should be no changes at home. She goes to him and keeps her head on his forehead. She gets his tilak and sindoor in her maang. Diya aur baati……………plays………….. They smile.

A man throws the sweet box and scolds Chavi. He says I have puja at home, this sweets are stinking, check this. Chavi says this is your problem, you have to store sweets in fridge. Sandhya hears this. Sooraj asks who is it. Sandhya gets worried looking down from the window.

Sandhya says nothing. Sooraj asks her to say. Chavi argues with the man. The man says I m shocked seeing customers treated like this at Sooraj’s shop. Another man comes and shows the insects in sweets. Bhabho and everyone come there, and ask what happened. The men come with the bad sweets and throw there. Sandhya brings Sooraj there. The men complain about defective sweets which are making them ill. Chavi says we don’t sell bad sweets.

Sandhya says we use best quality products to make sweets. The man says we all are not lying, there is mixing in the sweets here, you are making people ill. Sooraj asks them to calm down, I know wrong happened with you all, I think there can be any misunderstanding between this, customers are like Lord for us, I assure that we use good quality items in our shop, we won your trust, where will we go by cheating you all, if you all don’t believe, I will show you the products. He asks Sandhya to get the sweets and products. Sandhya gets the sweets which Chavi has hidden up. Birju gets the items. The men ask them to see the insects in the sweets. Sandhya, Sooraj, Bhabhi, Babasa and everyone get shocked.

Meenakshi says oil is so black as if samosas and jalebi are fried in same oil. The men ask Sooraj is this your belief, you are a liar Sooraj. They all get against Sooraj and ruin the shop, throwing all the sweets and crushing with feet. Sooraj cries seeing this. Rathi family too is shocked and tries to stop the men. Sooraj gets shattered. The men leave from the shop. Meenakshi blames Chavi and asks her to see what happened because of her. Sandhya looks on.

Sandhya and Bhabho cry. Sandhya says this wound is very deep on Sooraj’s heart, what shall we do, there will be some way, this wound won’t let Sooraj live. Bhabho says yes, there is one way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone friends……….

    So hereafter sandy resign her job……… ?????

    This was totally unexpected from me…….wat about u frnds?

    1. I appreciate SANDHYA for her decision.J just bcoz it’s for SOORAJ

  2. More problems to EMILY
    Much more problems to RATHI family
    How can those stupid people blame SOORAJ like this.Don’t those fools have the sense SOORAJ is paralyzed,he is a patient & if they behave like this,it can worsen his health.Stupid people.No sense.
    Not that good Episode.
    Always SOORAJ & SANDHYA have to bear the insult for SOORAJ’s siblings’ mistake.blo*dy shit.
    Plzzz make SOORAJ fine soon
    Get well soon SOORAJ.
    Cheer up SANDHYA
    Only you can make SOORAJ smile & make him happy.
    Awaiting for upcoming episodes
    Hope EMILY will not be in trouble because of this new character(groom of RITU)
    Plzzz end this tragic track soon
    Plzzz give us some happy funny entertaining episodes
    Plzzz bring happiness back to RATHI family soon.Plzzz….
    If it’s true that DABH is going off air,end the show on a happy note.We don’t want any tragic climax for DABH.Plzzz……

    1. When is it going off air

  3. U know guys..sandhya and meenakshi confirms that dabh is not going off air…I think there is no good news for me than this….thank god..for this good news…….for it refference go and check in SOORAJ SANDHYA LOVERS Facebook. ..

  4. I think sandhya will have to quit her job to run the shop

  5. So disappointing , i hope they make Sooraj fine soon , and for the love of god leave Emily out of trouble foe once . I am getting annoyed from seeing her suffer every single time the writers need to create a little bit more drama .

  6. Shocking News
    SANDHYA will resign from her dream job.
    I appreciate SANDHYA for her decision.
    If SANDHYA resigned job just because of anyone’s annoyance it would be bad.But SANDHYA decided to quit the job for SOORAJ & his shop.SANDHYA is right this time.SOORAJ made her dream come true with that shop earnings.This time she quit IPS to save SOORAJ’s shop.
    Love You SANDHYA ji.You are the best WIFE always.
    Plzzz end this track soon plzzz……
    I think show is really going off air as SANDHYA is quiting her IPS.Afterall show was all about SANDHYA & her IPS dream.
    Appreciate SANDHYA’s decision.

  7. I think there will be a new turn in drama as she resigns from her job I don’t think it ll end caz sooraj is unaware of her decision so sooraj may feel sorry the time when he gets to know he will be shattered he would do something for sure because he himself told all things should be as normal before awaiting for the battle o

  8. Total fake stuff is shown in this show diecter should at least make sense or I think Indian people love to see these nonsense that’s why director doing that

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