Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arpita and police force reaching the bank. The goons aim at Bhabho and kids. Bhabho opens the locker. Bhabho gets worried and sits down with the kids. Arpita says we should go inside. Sandhya says no, the people are inside and goons can harm them, don’t tell me what to do, I m incharge here. The goons shoot at cameras. Sandhya says they have come well prepared. The goons take bank manager there. Some papers fall down from locker and Vansh picks them. The goons take jewelry. Ved says its Kanak’s anklet. Bhabho asks him to be quiet. The goons ask manager to give keys. They take cash.

Arpita says we will catch them, if they run away, Pushkar will laugh on us. Sandhya reminds her that its their duty to save innocent people. The manager says I don’t have keys.

The goon goes out to ask who is head cashier here. The manager throws the key to Vansh and requests him. Vansh hides the key in the papers. The goon comes back and beats manager for lying. They ask for keys.

Sooraj calls Sandhya and asks about the robbers. She says yes, we are trying to manage situation here. He says listen to me, Bhabho were taking Ved and Vansh to bank, she is not answering my call. She gets shocked and asks what are you saying, Bhabho and kids are inside. He says I will come there and ends call. Arpita hears Sandhya and says so her family is inside, so that’s why she does not want to attack at robbers. The goons count down asking the manager to give keys, else they will shoot him. Vansh says stop, I have the vault key. The goon scolds him and takes the key. Bhabho says he is a little kid, leave him. goons asks them to sit quiet.

The goons rob the vault. Sandhya tells the force not to show till they get orders. Arpita confronts Sandhya that she will worry for public now, as her family is inside. The goons get some people outside . Sandhya gets shocked seeing Ved. Sandhya signs Ved. Arpita thinks so this is Sandhya’s son.

The goon says if anyone fires on us, no one will be alive. Arpita says they will leave. Sandhya asks Arpita not to shoot. Goon says we want a van. Sandhya asks them to take this van, don’t worry, no one will stop them. She asks Arpita to lower the gun and follow her orders. Arpita says they will leave. Sandhya says I m incharge, follow my orders. She asks goons to go. Goons take Ved and get inside van. Sandhya sees the other goon with the public. She gets back silently. Other goon takes more people with him. Arpita looks on. Goons shut the van door and are leaving. Sandhya rolls on the ground and reaches the van. She hangs down under the van. The van leaves.

Sandhya holds the van and drains petrol. The can stops. The goons ask why did van stop, what happened, police can come anytime. The goon checks the van. Sandhya catches on and pulls him under the van. She rolls outside to the other side. Ved and people see Sandhya. She pulls the other goon and asks him to call his other goon out, if he doubts, I will kill you. The goon calls the other one. She then hits the first goon and faints him.

Sandhya asks Ved not to get scared and be with the people, lock the door. Ved locks the door. The goons come out and sees one of the goon fallen. Sandhya gets on top of the van and shoots at them. The goon shoots at her. She run towards some car and the shootout continues. She calls control room and asks for police force. Goon asks Ved to open the door, else he will shoot. Sandhya catches the goon and aims at him. The police force reaches there and nabs all the robbers. Sandhya gets Ved and everyone out safely. Ved hugs her. She says nothing happens, see I m here. The people thank Sandhya.

Arpita comes there with commissioner. Commissioner says I m sure department got their brave police officer Sandhya Rathi back. Arpita looks on. commissioner praises Sandhya for saving the people, catching the robbers and saving the money too, any officer would have panicked and shot at robbers, you did not do this and proved you still have that talent, you are very brave, I m very proud of you. Sandhya thanks him for encouraging him always, and says I always work with dedication. He says police department needs you, every officer here would be proud to work under you. He salutes Sandhya. Arpita gets angry and has to salute Sandhya seeing others. Sandhya looks on and smiles.

Arpita praises Sandhya and says you caught the bank robbers by bravery, you saved innocent people, even your mum in law and son were present, you worry for innocent people when your family is present. She taunts Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sandya has proved her sagacity and valour and arrested the thugs. Very interesting episode!

  2. Well done sandaya.we love dabh? ?

  3. Superb Power-packed Action Episode after a long time.Hats Off DABH team.
    Superb Episode.
    Hate You ARPITA.f**k Off you blo*dy shit.
    Police Officers like you are insult to my nation.
    Even though ARPITA is just a character,there are such cheap jealous officers in real too.I meant those real life cheap officers in my comment on ARPITA.

  4. Kindly portray the police officers and men in correct attire. The rank worn by the Commissioner is disgusting. Likewise, SP rank has collar-dog, which is missing for Sandhya. Need to be more authentic while portraying Defence and Police persons.

  5. Nice epispde Sandhyas performance was wonderful. DABH always rocls.

  6. Really nice episode. Sandhya is back.

  7. wow sandy rocks…superb episode…sandy stunts so well..

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