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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the puja starting. Meenakshi’s mum and sister come. Meenakshi is glad seeing them. Bhabho says congrats for her engagement news. Her mum asks about Chavi, is everything fine. Bhabho says she is not well, else she would have come. Meenakshi says I know Chavi can’t come because of her health. Bhabho asks her to go to kitchen and work. She welcomes her family inside and asks them to sit for the puja. Some mantras play. Kavita comes and says she left her all the work and came here, as they give her much respect. Bhabho thanks her for coming, as its her big day today. Babasa says you are on tv all the time. Kavita acts sweet and says can I see tv, as votes are being counted. Bhabho asks Sandhya to take Kavita to the tv inside.

Chavi applies nail polish and is happy.

Pushpa comes and asks her to take rest. She brings juice for her. Chavi says you are doing all the house work alone, and I m here sitting, I m feeling bad. Pushpa asks her to take rest. Pushpa’s friend comes and says I came to tell you that there is no Rajni hospital. Chavi gets tensed. Pushpa asks Chavi was the name right. The lady says maybe its some other hospital. Chavi says its doctor Rajni. The lady says I know her well, she shifted to Jaipur last year. Pushpa asks where did you go. Chavi says I don’t remember.

Pushpa says she is not well, we will ask her later. The lady leaves. Pushpa thinks. Sandhya tells Sooraj that maybe Zakir won’t come, as he is busy. Zakir comes and hears this. He says looks like you don’t trust our friendship. Sandhya says I do, but I felt you won’t come. Zakir says it means your happiness will be double today, as I brought someone whom you know since training. Sandhya says Rahul? He says no, and smiles. He says one min and calls Offficer Singh. Sandhya is surprised seeing her and smiles.

Everyone look at Officer Singh as she smiles looking at Sandhya. Sandhya says Singh Sir. Sooraj says Singh Madam. She greets everyone. Bhabho says Madam ji. Sandhya welcomes her inside and says you did not say, suddenly here. I m very happy that you came my home. Babasa is glad seeing her and thanks her for coming. Bhabho asks are you taking Sandhya again. Officer Singh says no, just to meet her, as I was going to Jaipur to a press conference, so came here to meet Sandhya and Zakir.

Bhabho says we have puja today,you came on good time. Zakir says I have to leave now for some work. He leaves. Meenakshi calls Bhabho and she goes in. Officer Singh says Sandhya is looking beautiful. Sandhya thanks her. Laxman says Sandhya that Bhabho is calling her. Sandhya says I will just come. Officer Singh sees Kavita there watching tv. Kavita greets her and thinks it maybe Sandhya’s colleague.

Officer Singh also watches the tv news about politician Kavita, who is leading. Officer Singh asks is she Kavita. Kavita says yes. Officer Singh thinks she is the one who called her to stop Sandhya from winning. The puja is being done. Officer Singh goes to her and stops seeing Bhabho come. Bhabho asks Kavita and her to attend the puja. Mohit and Emily do the puja. Kavita goes back to the tv and is happy that she is near her win. She is ahead by 40000 votes. Officer Singh introduces herself as IPS officer Agrima Singh. She asks do you remember anything. The puja gets completed. Kavita says I don’t think we met before, as I don’t forget faces. Officer Singh says I identify the voice of special people, its true we did not meet before, but we spoke on phone.

She says you called Hyderabad police academy and told me that Sandhya Rathi should not get Best cadet Trophy. Kavita says oh, you are that Officer Singh. Officer Singh says yes, I m the one who refused to agree, if her family loves and respects you so much, why did you wanted this that Sandhya does not win Best Cadet Trophy. Kavita says I don’t like answering. Officer Singh says its good that I did not compromise with my values, else Sandhya will have been gone through injustice. Sandhya has proved that politics can’t stop her. She says but I want to know why did you want this. Kavita says I did not wish her to get best cadet trophy and her posting comes in Pushkar. Bhabho hears this and drops the plate being shocked.

Kavita tells the truth to Bhabho as they had a deal between them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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