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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chotu refusing to see pic. Sooraj says he is shy. Sandhya asks Chotu will you marry Arzoo without seeing or talking to her. Chotu says you also married Sooraj without meeting him. Babasa says see, he is following Sooraj and Sandhya, its so good, we got one more pairing here like Diya and Baati, Chotu and Arzoo. Bhabho says you are right. Babasa says Chotu you gave us a great Samdhan, I mean you chose good bride for yourself, I will give pan party, come. They all leave. Meenakshi runs with sweet box and says I will have these sweets. She eats the sweets and finishes the box.

She says if Bhabho knows this, she will taunt me, what to do. She tears the box and wraps in cover. She puts other sweets in the metal box and takes it. Bhabho comes. Meenakshi says I kept

the sweets in box, that box got torn, so I kept in this. Bhabho says you are right. Meenakshi gives the box and says I will go to shop, Vikram is alone. Bhabho cleans the sweets from her face and says I know you are Chatori, you won’t change, go. She goes. Sandhya and Sooraj have a talk. She asks him how did he say yes without seeing her pic. He hugs her and asks if I ask this. She says I was not willing to marry, but you were very eager to become groom. He says I have seen you by my heart eyes, and used to talk to you by my heart. She says great, it was so romantic and beautiful moment, and wishes Chotu and Arzoo have such love.

Chotu talks to Priya on phone and says I agreed to marry Arzoo, but I m feeling bad, I did not like to Sooraj and Sandhya till now. She says you did this for good, you proved how much you love me, I love you. He says I love you too. She asks him to sleep. She ends call and smiles thinking she should get money in her hands soon.

Meenakshi goes to shop and smiles seeing Vikram counting money. She goes and asks him to take her for movie, and also for shopping. She takes money. He says move and takes money back. He says I m angry, that salesgirl left work. She says I m ready to help you. He says no, this is not your work, salesgirls are here so that people see them and come in shop. She says Bhabho took decision to make Chotu her son, now he is getting married, I was thinking.. He says wait, are you linking this matter, this is Bhabho’s decision. She says my saving scheme will be there, Bhabho will be there. He asks her not to dream. She says Chotu’s bride will come, we can keep her as salesgirl, we will not give her salary, she is beautiful, how did you like my idea. He says great and keeps the money.

Its morning, the PCO owner checks records and asks the guy about Pakistan number. The guy says yes, an old woman came and called Pakistan. The owner asks why did you not tell me, did you hear anything. The guy recalls and says she was talking about 10 lakhs rs. Owner says we should inform police, don’t you read in newspapers. The guy apologizes. Ownder says I will inform police. He calls police station.

Sandhya greets Bhabho and Babasa. Bhabho asks did you inform Resham that we are getting shagun. Sandhya says yes. Bhabho shows dry fruits and shagun. She asks Sandhya and Sooraj to buy a gift for Arzoo. Sandhya says yes, I thought something special. Bhabho says fine, we will get marriage mahurat from pandit. Babasa looks at the mirror. Sandhya gets a call, and the man informs her about a woman calling Pakistan and talking about 10 lakhs. She asks him to find out who was she and why did she come here.

Sooraj and Sandhya come to jewelry store to buy gift for Arzoo. Sooraj likes a gold anklet and shows Sandhya. He asks did you think about this. Priya sees them and smiles. Sooraj asks the man to pack one pair. He makes Sandhya wear an anklet and says you know I have old relation with ghungroo sound, I used to come to you hearing the sound. She smiles and says I was newly wed that time. He says you are still same Sandhya. She says great, its Chotu’s marriage and you are having fun. Priya talks to her mum, and says you felt I will lose Aryan if he marries Arzoo, see there, they are Sooraj and Sandhya, Aryan regards them Lord, Sooraj is halwai and he fulfilled Sandhya’s dream of becoming IPS true, Chotu is his shadow and I m sure he will fulfill my dreams. Her mom says this game is on your belief. They laugh. Sooraj pays bill.

Resham prepares to welcome Arzoo’s inlaws. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing police. Awasthi talks to her. She asks is talking to family wrong. He says so you are Pakistani, show your passport and visa. She shows him and says I came here to fix my granddaughter’s marriage, I respect laws. He asks about 10 lakhs matter, the PCO owner informed them, she knows the border situation. She says every Pakistani is not involved in this, we want to live with peace even there. He says we have search warrant. She asks him to do as he finds right, but I have request that you do this later, as my imp guests are coming. He says sorry, we have to search now itself. She says fine.

Rathis come there. Sandhya says this is the guest house, Resham is staying here, and asks the man. They all proceed with shagun, while police checks Resham’s bags and room. Sooraj asks where is Babasa.

Arzoo’s aunt talks to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Sandhya and Sooraj are coming to visit Arzoo, Sandhya is IPS officer. Aunty thinks how did she get visa so soon, something is fishy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yesterday Romi has expressed her intention to take part in the matrimonial procession of CHOTU and Arzoo that would befall from India to Pakistan. I wish her all success in her sincere attempt to participate in the parade. And we have to understand the character of Meena. She had done certain good things but she still remains a greedy and gluttony woman and this instinctive remains of her can never be altered.

  2. Nice Episode.Eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes.Hope Priya’s truth will be out in front of Chotu soon.Please don’t drag this track for long.End this track as soon as possible.That’s better.

  3. richa (titli)

    romi?????who @ jeeyam sir

    @@@ ramiii bhaiii…………
    a silly ques. 4 u
    y is it called wedding procession whereas procession is different after all it’s a happy moment charecterised by word procession 😛 it should have been wedding parade 😛 or wedding marchh orr weddinggggggg show off, or the dancing wedding parade lol just kidding……….. LOL the rteal question is what do you think about the current track and the current promo arent they a bit different?? isnt thepromo missssleadinggggg?????? bcozzzzzzzzz we usually aremnt allowed to fly kite near LOC 😛 LOL no offence guyss just for funn comment

  4. First of all @ richa your dp doll is so cute!! I think that it’s called procession cuz we’re bidding farewell to bride and groom ‘s good days ? And we are enjoying ourselves seeing them destroying there lives? It’s just a joke ?
    Chachi jan is the Pakistani version of meenakshi – both are drama queens and greedy too!!
    Arzoo will crush meenakshi’s money under her feet!! Meenakshi is planning to make her as a salesgirl in her shop!!
    There’s no banking transfer relationship between India and Pakistan,so how resham is asking for money!! Is she gone mad or the director has lost his mind!!

    1. No banking transfer system?….. Is the enmity between the two countries this serious? OMG … My dad is pakistani while mom is indian …. I love both the countries

  5. Hi Richa what is Chatori? And did you really go near LOC and try to fly a kite?

    1. Hey sir you earlier mentioned it ” meanakshi is a gluttony woman ” so exactly bhabo said the same ” tum bohat chatori ho ” means that ” you are very gluttony person ” so
      Chatori means gluttony ?

  6. Gm guys hav a nyc day
    hey saljaz really (≖_≖ ) ur parents from both cuntries nyc to hear this
    @ramììí bhaii thank u☺
    @jeyam sir i dunno exact word for it but chatori (fem.) mean person who is foodie and loves eating especially the mix of tomgue teasing twisted tastes like mix of sour,spicy and sweet etc ,the persn cand control his longing 4 food usually
    i hope i xplaind ht well nd rami bhaii pls giv. eng. Wrd for it
    and sir my sis have been near wagah border not actual Loc as no1 is alowed to near LOC THE Line which looks LOC isn’t the loc as the real1 is a bit far and the wiring is done almost a few km far from real one and security is tight sir, we saw loc frm far away , and border area is dangerous , and the ppl who tresspas they do it through the jungle area or river area , and even a bird flying is suspected nd many times they are cought with msg. Transmitors etc ….
    Also its a few hours dist from my place and i wish to go to wagah border soon and watch the shw…

    1. Yes but i live in kenya

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