Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st January 2013 Written Update

Meena is happily singing while displaying a saree, Vikram comes and asks her why is she so happy? Meena says that now she has the opportunity to become Bhaboo’s favorite Daughter in law and not sandhya, vikram says its not that easy but meena is saying to self that , in order to show oneself as good, we have to show others as wrong, (WOW) and from now on she will make sure sandhya keeps on making mistakes , saying this she goes into the house …

sandhya is cleaning the stove, while babasa is drinking his tea , bhaboo comes there is measuring rice grains and daal, while meena asks if they are expecting guests , bhaboo says yes, while rest try to know about it more, bhaboo says guests wont be hidden from anyone , every one will be able to see them, she is tensed that she still got to go to market and all , and then bhaboo asks sandhya if she can manage cooking for them? meena was like oh so bhaboo is trying to show sandhya bad by making her cook for guests and all while both chaturi and babasa signals sandhya saying nope, but sandhya dont have a chance to speak but then bhaboo says that its better if she only manages as she dont want sandhya to make something else, and bhaboo is busy in preparing while meena tries talking to her saying she and sandhya will handle everything while she can go to market, but bhaboo refuses simply and even says that meena is not suppose to be working now… meena still tries to persuade her, but bhaboo simply refuses saying they have t cook for 25 ppl and sh still remembers wt doc had told her about meena having proper rest and she isnt going to market. .meena isnt willing to give up she says doc has asked her to work to keep her body fit for delivery time, sandhya is nervous while bhaboo finally gives into meena and says she will go for market, meena assures her that she will take care of cooking ,chaturi, babasa and sandhya are worried and tensed . Meena is happily thinking that she will make sure sandhya will make mistakes and it will be a huge drama, bhaboo then tells me to remember that they are going to have guests and nothing should go wrong or should lead to insult, meena says she will be careful and nothing wrong will happen from her side but she is not sure of sandhya, on hearing this sandhya is super tensed, then bhaboo says that she is giving responsibility to meena and if something goes wrong meena is responsible for punishment and not sandhya, babasa smiles happily while meena is super worried. then bhaboo goes out and reaches surajs shop and then asks him to join her for shopping in case if he has time, surajs says he has and asks her its been a long time since they went for shopping and asks her if they are going to have chat after shopping then bhaboo who was still serious says that , he is not old suraj anymore on whom she can trust and then walks away, sandhya was bout to put vegetables when meena comes and says no , no she will handle it , as she is sure sandhya will make mistake and meena has to bear the consequences and says she is worried about the three mistakes bet and tells sandhya not to do any work in that case she wont be able to make any mistakes and then adds saying since sandhya is educated she should be knowing what game bhaboo is playing by making a bet on mistakes and all, sandhya is annoyed and leaves from there. meena talks to self saying bhaboo is definitely upto something big as she never lets her right hand know what her left hand is upto.

Bhaboo enters a show room with suraj and then asks the salesman to pack a dress which they dont show , but seeing t hat suraj is stunned and she asks him to reduce the size of pant, and asks suraj to bring to home, suraj asks her why she is doing it? she says he never asked her why before then how can he expect her to be like old bhaboo and asks him to bring it home once alteration is done, suraj is highly disturbed

Emily and Mohit are in cafe, emily is happy to know suraj and sandhya are his brother and sister in law, she asks him why is he so unhappy in saying it ? mohit tells her that sandhya is not a nice person she is wicked and caz of her he is unable to do his MBA and if she knows about their relation she will make sure they will break up, Emily believes him and says she wont be friends with sandhya anymore and wont talk to her at all, mohit is super happy as his plans of fooling emily and showing sandhya in bad light has been successful …

meena shows bhaboo everything and says that she has prepared everything for guests, bhaboo says that though meena had left cooking two months back, but from smell of dishes she can make out meena havent forgotten anything, meena sees this as chance and says that both DIL’s are gems as sandhya will not forgot wats in books and meena not about cooking and was about to add more when a knock on the door interrupts them bhaboo says it could be guests and goes to fetch them, Daisa was at door with rest of the gang and asks bhaboo why she has invited them all with out any festival or any reasons ? bhaboo says they will know about it and asks them to come in … meena and rest are stunned to see daisa and others as guests, bhaboo says she has a good news to share and it dont need any festival season and her happiness is related with sandhya , daisa then tells she has guessed it could be related to sandhya and she has come with a gift for her , and all every one in family except bhaboo are confused while Daisa says that bhaboo has two Laddos in her hand lol, bhaboo was about to ask meena to bring laddoo but then says never mind and bring it herself and offers to daisa and rest of the gang, and then turns to sandhya and says if u have given a good news then they have to do it with rituals and all, sandhya and rest of the family are confused , then daisa says they better start the ritual and goes to arrange for it , whole family looks in utter confuse and stunness only meena is worried on hearing about good news , bhaboo keeps on looking for suraj, while daisa makes confused sandhya sit on mat and bhaboo assures her that every one will give their blessing to her in their manner, and goes looking for suraj near door, babasa goes to her and asks wats happening in our house / daisa does the Ghod Bharayi ritual and says that she prays both kid and mother should be blessed with health … sandhya and family are stunned

Precap/; bhaboo asks Daisa to play music so that she can show how happy she is and starts dancing , while suraj and sandhya are overly depressed

Update Credit to: breezy

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