Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj having a sweet moment and she goes away on pretext of making tea. Meenakshi talks to Bhabho about Emily. Sooraj joins Sandhya in kitchen and asks her to have badams. She says she is not pregnant. He says but we have to prepare for it. Bhabho comes there and he teases Sandhya asking her to ask Bhabho about it. Bhabho asks what. Sandhya asks about curd. Sooraj laughs and gives tea to Sandhya. Meenakshi gives milk to Misri and not to Pari. She asks about Emily.

Mohit says she might be in parlor. Meenakshi goes to see at parlor and comes to know she is not there. Mohit says I will call her and says its not connecting, did she go to meet her mum. He calls her mum and asks did she come there. Emily’s mum says she did not come here. He says what,

if she comes, ask her to call me. Bhabho asks him did he fight with her at night. He says no. She says she did not do this before. Sandhya says did she go to any customer’s house.

He says I will check her customer diary and checks it. He gets her letter and is shocked reading it. He brings the letter to everyone and says Emily … Sandhya reads the letter that Emily is sorry and admits all her mistakes, she felt she will find easy to manage home and gave her daughter to maid, she accepts all mistakes and Bhabho did not forgive me, even Mohit is not talking to me, I failed in my life, I could not become good mum, wife and bahu, I m leaving this house forever, don’t try to find me.

They are shocked. Sandhya says she will try to find her. Meenakshi says what will happen of Mohit and Pari. Emily’s mum comes and talks to them. Mohit says I was annoyed with her and asked her not to talk to me, I did not know she will leave the home. Bhabho apologizes and says she felt sad being a mother and she took this strict decision, thinking they will understand the mistake, I did not know this will happen. She says I can’t believe even now.

Emily’s mum says I did not know my daughter will lose strength so soon. Meenakshi says I can’t believe Emily took this big step.Sandhya says police is tracing her calls and they will find some clue. Bhabho says get her back and cries. They see Pari crying. Bhabho asks Emily’s mum to have patience. Meenakshi takes Pari with her. She brings her to room and locks the door. She opens the laptop and says I will make you talk to your mum. Emily talks to Pari and cries. Emily asks was she crying. Meenakshi says yes, so I got her here.

Emily asks Pari not to cry, she will be annoyed as mum did not tell her, but she will come soon. Emily asks is everyone worried at home, they will be worried, I don’t know I did right or wrong. Meenakshi asks her to do course in 7 days and come back soon. Emily says she wrote the letter and left home. Meenakshi notes her phone number. Meenakshi says she will talk on phone and ends the video chat.

Sandhya and Sooraj talk about Emily. She says Emily loves Pari a lot, I can’t believe she has left her. They see Meenakshi taking care of Pari. Babasa and Bhabho also talk about Emily and Pari. She says what will we do when Pari needs her mother.

Emily talks to Meenakshi and Pari. Sandhya hears Emily singing lullaby and comnes to Meenakshi’s room. Meenakshi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. huhh
    so its meenakshi plan to let dem in d family…

  2. Foolish step by Emily………….

    1. One of the nxt week episode:

      Guyzz watch dis

  3. Oh god………… sandhya and sooraj making non-sense of pregnancy

    Again a foolish idea by meena and emily.

  4. Director again started a stupid track.., not reveling kidney track-started prgny and now a new stupid track.

  5. When ‘ll Sooraj & Sandhya have a baby?
    When ‘ll remaining family members know the kidney secret?
    End that stupid track soon u idiot writers & director.
    All the 4 writers are super fools.Unnecessarily dragging this show.
    Creating record in no. of episodes is not important,creating good serial is important.
    In case of english serials,there is only 25 episodes (2 hours each episode) which is equal to 100 episodes of Indian serials (half hour each episode)

    1. Dragging…. is nothing but it’s just an effort to hit 1000 episodes.
      So unnecessary tracks r going on………..
      That it is what indian serials Director’s mentality. no body can stop them

    2. That is why American’s says…… indians don’t know time value.
      Becoz of making and watching– 2 and 1/2 hrs movies, years lengthy serials

  6. thank god.. soon sandhya become a mother…
    Now emily create a problem…emily and meenaksi should send out from bahbo home…
    how about chavi

    1. *Chavi->in waiting list
      *Sandhya->in mother list
      *meena & emily->in a list of sending from home.

  7. Director takes right decison for leap only 5 years of this show.

    1. I hate for taking leap of any show but it should necessary for Dabh , I support that for 5 years leap.

  8. Emily takes right decision for teaching Mohit. All time she is insulted by her husband.

  9. One thing is clear that. . Whenever sooraj and sandhya have a happy moment…. the nxt minute bring a bad news for family.

  10. Actually. . Yesterday’s episode is a great episode. After 3 yrs of marriage sooraj and sandhya realized that they are husband and wife.
    How great it is..

  11. Spoiler alert:

    Sooraj comes to know of Sandhya’s condition. He tries to tell Bhabho about her but she stops him. Bhabho opens-up from heart and tells Sandya and Sooraj on her wish to see their children and thus wants to see them completing their family and also
    doesn’t want to wait longer. They are going to blessed with a baby. She doesn’t want to wait much time. Emily goes missing and has left her daughter Pari at Rathi family’s home. Meenakshi gets much tense and informs all. Emily wanted to teach some
    lesson to Bhabho and wants attention and care. Bhabho gets another challenge in finding her younger daughter-in law but she is not going to fall in Emily’s trap..

  12. Bhaboo will not fall into Meenakshi and Emily trap…. Sandhya will find out their plan… Again foolish idea by Meena and Emily… Good news is that Sandhya will become a mother soon…

  13. sandhya become a mother…..good news. DABH serial so super this will happen…..

  14. hope sandhya finds out that plan of meenakshi and emily soon

  15. this show DABH is gonna take a leap of 5 years ARE YOU READY TO SEE SANDHYA IN A NEW AVATAR AS A MOTHER

    1. No unable to watch them.
      these days sandhya and sooraj are looking like Uncle and aunty.
      Becoz in reality sooraj’s age(33) and sandhya(got married in real life)

      1. Truth: Age is common thing for all the peoples in the world. not only sooraj and sandhya…

  16. very shocking matter will come.
    Emily takes wrong decesion for going Delhi .Minakshi support her.but come back time,Emily takes an accident ,turns to coma.

  17. Leap means after 5 years?

  18. nice episode. soorajand sandhya are cute young couple. we are eagerly waiting for sandhyas new avatar as a mother. sooraj and sandhya always rocks in any avatars.

  19. Bhabho should not allow both younger daughters-in- law to come back . They deserve a strict lesson and understand what the family has been doing for them till now. The sons are also useless, they only care about money. Let the family be aware of sandhya’s sacrifice so that they care for the right and deserving person.

  20. its definitly so nice that sandhya become a mom and sooraj was a dad

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