Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Officer Singh asking Sandhya to leave her application at her table. Chavi is buying cosmetics. Chavi thinks Bhabho gave Rs 15000 by much difficulty, I can’t spend more. She likes some perfumes and thinks it would be good for Dilip, but its much costly. That perfume bottle breaks by her by mistake. Chavi gets tensed and cries. The shop manager scolds her and asks her to pay for it. Chavi says I don’t have that much money. He says call home, you have to pay. Chavi thinks of calling Sooraj. She calls Sooraj but can’t connect. She says I called my brother but its not connecting. The man asks her to call home and asks her family to come. Chavi says I will go and bring the money. The man says we won’t let you go.

Kavita is there and says how

much money. Chavi looks at her. The man says 19990rs. Chavi says you don’t give, I will call Sooraj. Chavi tries calling Sooraj. Kavita says its better if you take money from me than this insult, I m not your enemy, you don’t have any option right now. Kavita pays for the perfume. Chavi says I will return your money soon, don’t tell this at my home. Kavita says I won’t say, I told you I m not your enemy. Chavi leaves thanking her. Kavita looks on. Sandhya thinks of Officer Singh rejects the application then…. Roma greets Zakir and thinks why does anyone not remember my birthday. Roma greets Sandhya. Sandhya remembers but is silent. Roma asks do you know whats today. Sandhya says Poornima, my Bhabho does puja today. Roma says yes, I remember Bhabho has a fast.

Rahul comes and greets everyone. Rahul says its not a good morning, whats special today. Sandhya says yes, the day is hectic. Roma thinks they don’t remember my birthday. Sandhya says I m tensed, if my leave is not accepted, how will I go. Roma says it will be accepted don’t worry. Rahul says I remember everything, guys be ready, its a party today. Roma is happy. Rahul says as I won cycle race. Roma is upset. Sandhya smiles. Roma says Rahul forgot my birthday.

Officer Singh comes and asks them to ride motor cycles. The instructor will be training them. Meenakshi is stitching falls to Chavi’s sarees. Emily is also helping Bhabho. Bhabho says only few days left now for Chavi’s marriage. Chavi comes home. Meenakshi is happy to see the cosmetics. Meenakshi checks the items. Chavi thinks how to tell about the perfume, if Bhabho comes to know that Kavita paid, then she won’t leave me. Chavi says Bhabho….. Bhabho says you brought Rs. 15000 items, don’t ask more money now. Meenakshi says these items are very less. Bhabho asks only these many, why. Emily says makeup items are costly.

Meenakshi gets the bills. Meenakshi thinks whats this 19990rs bill for? She checks the items again. She thinks maybe Chavi has hidden that item. She asks Chavi what is it about 19990rs bill. Chavi is tensed. Meenakshi asks again. Chavi cries. Bhabho scolds Chavi and asks from where did you get this money. Chavi says I m trying to tell you. She tells them everything what happened there. Bhabho gets angry and says a loss of Rs. 20000. Bhabho asks from where did the money came. Chavi lies and says I met a friend, she gave the money. Chavi says I will take the money from Sooraj and return.

Bhabho asks tell me the truth. Chavi says I tried calling Sooraj many times, but the manager was not letting me go. She says so I too money from Kavita. Everyone are shocked. Bhabho says you should have sat there, you were getting insulted? You have insulted me now by taking money from her. Bhabho scolds her. Kavita comes there and says can’t you all forget the thing that happened two years ago. Bhabho looks at her. Kavita apologizes to them and says I realize my mistake, forgive me and forget it. She says I m ready for the punishment. Bhabho stops he at the door. Sooraj talks to Sandhya and she teases him. Sooraj talks romantically. Diya aur Baati…….. plays………. Sandhya smiles. He asks Sandhya about the leave application. Sandhya is tensed.

Everyone see the news about Hyderabad Police Academy cadets misbehaving wit the public.

Update Credit to: Amena

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