Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sandhya asserting that it is not some curses (prakop) but now Meena says Bhabo is right only, says to Sandhya that saying the same thing won’t do anything good, says the full house and family members is under Prakop (curse), Vikram asks her to stop talking, but Mohit now supports Meena and it enables Meena to continue more

Meena says if Sandhya is saying right then where are the jewellery, and Mohit also supports and says the same thing, Sandhya is unable to give any reply and goes to the area where idols are there for praying, Meena says Sandhya went away without giving suitable explanation

Sandhya was praying for the good of the family, and suddenly remembers the words of Swami Ji, that he openly challenged them by saying that the jewellery

is present in their house but he dared them to find in proper time (12 hours) and remembers Swami Ji’s dual meaning chants.
Suraj now comes there and Sandhya explains him the clue which she got from Swami Ji’s words, and convince him that the jewellery is present somewhere in this house only

Sandhya comes to the courtyard and tells everyone that jewellery is present in the house only. After initial resistance, everyone finally agrees searching the room. Chavi, Suraj and Mohit start searching their respective rooms, and Sandhya along with Meena searches the other places.

Meena asks Sandhya to look into the 3 matkas if they had jewellery inside them, Sandhya goes to look into those matkas but found nothing, and kept those on top of one another.

Meena smiles and says her to keep the matkas properly as Bhabo treasures them, and also reminds her of the 3 mistakes, says 1st one is very much imminent now

Sandhya scolds Meena for enjoying the situation, says she knows Meena will enjoy the situation when Bhabo will rebuke her for mistakes, but it is time for being united and work towards something as she will also be in trouble if society ostracize her and she won’t be able to even step out of the house.

The lights now went off suddenly, everyone is busy finding out what happened, and Chaturi says all other homes have light, except theirs. Sandhya seems confused and the locals shout that they have snapped the connection to their homes as they doesn’t want electricity to reach the house of sinners and shout slogans

Chavi cries and hugs Suraj, says she is very afraid of the darkness, Suraj consoles her and says they should not lose hope and should work together in finding out the jewellery and keep hopes alive, and Sandhya brings lamps now.

There was no oil, and Chaturi now brought oil to light the lamps

While alighting the lamps, again Sandhya remembers one of Swami Ji’s sayings, and says he had mentioned that the jewellery are placed where something bright and source of light is present. Chaturi shouts that it may refer to kitchen, and everyone runs to kitchen to search for the missing jewellery

The kitchen search proved inconclusive, and Sandhya again directs everyone to search their respective rooms instead.

Sandhya and Meena are busy searching a room, when Meena continuously says a saying of Swami ji, and it acts as a sort of Brain-Hammering for Sandhya.

Meena kept repeating–>Shwet shyam ka advut mel (a mix up of dark and fair)

Now Meena went about saying Shyam Swet ka advut meil, and as if it provides a clue, Sandhya was searching when she notices a peacock’s feather fluttering and went aside to pick it up and place it back to the idol Krishna, suddenly realized that Shwet shyam ka advut mel (a mix up of dark and fair)
is nothing but Radha-Krishna and says the jewellery is in the temple room, and Meena now follows up the clue as well by making a shocking face

Sandhya now without doubt realizes that the jewellery is kept somewhere in the room where idols are kept.

Precap–> SurYa in temple room where idols are kept. Sandhya conveys Suraj that she is certain about the fact the jewellery are hidden in this room only, and Suraj asks her to search the backside of the room while he was searching near the idols, and starts searching near the foot of Radha-Krishna idols

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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