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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi telling Babasa that she did not know Bhabho will do this, she just thought Bhabho wants to see Sooraj and brought her here. They cry. Bhabho and Sooraj are taken out by police. The media questions them asking why did Bhabho kill her son. Vikram and Lalima see this. Vikram thinks whats happened, I did not think this will happen. Sandhya holds Bhabho’s hand and helps her in getting inside the police van. Sooraj and Bhabho are taken away in the van. Sandhya cries. Sandhya and Satya go in their jeep. Vikram gets shocked hearing Bhabho has killed Mohit. The reporter says its tough time for Sandhya Rathi, she arrested her husband and now had to arrest her mum in law.

Sooraj asks Bhabho to talk to him, he knows she is annoyed. She asks him what did he say,

that he will manage everything. She says you took blame on yourself to save me, you have a wife and two sons, even if I was your sole responsibility, I would have not let you do this. He apologizes and rests on her shoulder. She asks him why does he love his Bhabho so much, what was he doing. They cry.

Satya says I have seen many dangerous criminals in my career, but this did not happen that no one spoke truth to me, but I failed infront of Bhabho, she did not say the murder motive, its important for us to know. He gives coffee to Sandhya. He says I spoke to that jewelry store guy, Sooraj left before Mohit died, so it means that Sooraj did not kill Mohit, Bhabho can get punished severely if she does not say the reason.

Sandhya does out. Vikram asks her why did she arrest Bhabho, Bhabho had her operation, she is in such state. Lalima comes and asks where is Bhabho, why did you take Bhabho. Sandhya asks Lalima where did she disappear. Vikram says Bhabho told me that Lalima should not reach court, so I kidnapped her, tell me what did Bhabho do, whats happening. Sandhya thinks Bhabho did not wish Lalima to give statement in court, it means Lalima is the reason for Bhabho’s silence.

Meenakshi prays and cries. She tells Emily that she can’t believe Bhabho can kill Mohit, she was bitter tongued, but she can’t do this, when I mistakenly put gun at Mohit’s head, Bhabho got so afraid and said Mohit should get her age too, what would be that situation that forced Bhabho to do this, is she doing this to save Sooraj. Emily says no, Sooraj has hidden this, when he saw Bhabho in court, he was worried that Bhabho will confess her crime, his eyes had so much pain, he was broken, Sooraj was hiding this crime done by Bhabho. Meenakshi says but I can’t believe Bhabho killed Mohit.

Sooraj asks Bhabho is she fine, is it paining. She says yes, it aches in her heart, why did he hurt Sandhya, he has done this so that her operation gets done soon. He rests in her lap. She says you always stood with Sandhya as her courage, but today you left supporting her for me, you can’t take blame on yourself. Sandhya hears them and thinks that’s why Sooraj’s behavior got weird and he was hiding this.

Sooraj says that was not any crime Bhabho, I don’t feel it was wrong. Sandhya comes and asks why are they hiding it then. Sandhya says Vikram told me about Lalima, I request you Bhabho, tell the motive in court. Bhabho refuses to say anything. Sandhya says you were scolding Sooraj for not thinking about us, you are also not thinking about us, don’t hide this truth, you are doing a crime now to hide this, tell me. Bhabho says covering wound is important, this truth will never come out. Sandhya cries. Bhabho says no one should will know the truth.

Sandhya tries reverse psychology and asks Bhabho not to say the truth, why to get insult by saying everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear Geetha, Anyway it was really interesting to study your arguments in favour of DABH and I really appreciate as healthy discussions will lead the viewers to make a good decision. Anyway a serial or cinema is an out put of the dream factory. In that sense we can call this serial the director’s drea.

    1. Thank u sir, I am very happy to know that you understand my feelings even if it does not synchronize with yours….any way let us wait for the climax of this murder case….I love sandhya ,suraj ,bhabhoo,emily….all of them and I am very much eager to visit Pushkar…I will always say to my son that I have to see that home of sooraj in Hanuman Gali of Pushkar in Rajasthan…He usually laugh at me when I say this..

  2. i think story writer s still thinking the story fr the next track n may b his work s in progress,,,,, thats y he s stil dragginggggggggggggggg this track…..

  3. So the story will go a long way as Bhabu has denied to tell the truth.

  4. Why they are dragging so much this track?
    Now a days i love to watch old dabh episodes online than this track..

  5. Yes old DABH episodes are good. Current one is dragging and becoming boring and unrealistic. They can get lie test done on Bhabho.
    Anyway, please end the track on a happy note. i do not think Bhabho has killed Mohit

  6. I dont understand why Sandy is behind bhabo to get the truth, instead she can ask lalima who is ready to confess the truth. Poor script.

    1. yes me too thought the same…really irritating …

  7. richa (titli)

    stoooppp stop in the name of laww tumhe kanoon ki kasam,,,,,,,, hah i agrreeee its a daily soap but atleast some logic shuld b der its not a fairy tailllll ……… pta nahi hume baccha samjha h kyaa?? if it was a comic script okk understood but dragging dragging and eating patience & logiccccc………… ufffffffff aadhe se zada apradhi toh khulla ghoom rahe hai well they cud be easily put into jail 4 misleading hiding facts etc etc buttt comical fairy taill hai naaa sab chalta haii 😡 thank goodd anu varsha ns4 not here to cmmnt varna woh bhi yahi kehte aur isse zada kehte,,,,

    1. Hi RichaTitly, Your Hinglish could not be made out. But I undrestand onething from what you have written that the law has been made a mockery.

  8. Just i have one question where is suraj hotel?

  9. Oh plz fi bhabho kill her son y is lalima acting so scared

    1. I think bhabho killed mohit to save lalima

  10. Diya aur/Yrkkh fan

    Hi guy’s! I agree this ep is dragging way too long . I still think Lalima killed Mohit ,not boo the evidence of the secret of Lalima lies in the phone. And I also Agree with rich there should be some logic In the facts presented in court of the way Mohit was liked . We’re’s romi his comments I allways look forward to . Reply romi / richa any one.

  11. It’s all for chaturi…

  12. @ jeyam sir fìrstly sir its titli meaning butterfly and it was a cmnt out of frustation from the current track and that stop thing is a famous dialog from an old comic series motu patlu may b u read the comic wen u were small kid sir as it was very famous that tym nwdays aired on nikelodeon♥ & yup imeant the same as what they think of us baccha (child) & that more than 1/2 of the culprits suspects are in open despite they shud b jailed
    @fan dabh/yrkkh rami bro might b busy nd yeah they are making fun of indian law as foreign ppl make their p.o.v out of these things than itz bad 4 us nd shameful2 bcz yar aira b nahi h yahan galat potray ho rha h

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