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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with assistant telling Puru that Arzoo did not kill Sandhya, they both have run away from hospital. Puru says this is not Arzoo’s thinking, this is Sandhya’s plan, shoot them on sight, go. He shouts and gets angry. Sooraj, Sandhya and Arzoo are on the way. The inspector informs control room that Sooraj has broke the check post and Sandhya and Arzoo are in the jeep. Police follows them. The police force stops them and aims gun at them. Sandhya signs Arzoo.

Arzoo aims gun at Sandhya. Inspector asks her to lower the gun. Arzoo says if anyone shoots, I will shoot Sandhya, you all lower the guns. She says if anyone acts smart, then Sandhya will be dead. She asks them to move back. She makes Sandhya sit back in the jeep. Sooraj drives the jeep and they leave. They proceed

and are stopped by Puru’s commandos. Sooraj says so many commandos Sandhya, they have big guns, we have to keep patience and stay calm. Sandhya says do as I say. They get down the jeep. The man asks them to keep gun down. They walk ahead. Puru gets to know from assistant that commandos have caught Sandhya, Arzoo and Sooraj, they just have a gun, they will be infront of you soon, dead or alive.

Puru gets shocked seeing his commandos coming injured. FB shows how Sandhya has fought bravely with the commandos. Arzoo and Sooraj too beat the commandos. Sandhya beats all of them with her belt and does not use the gun to shoot them. FB ends. Puru scolds them and asks why did you come to me with loser faces. The commando says Sandhya sent you a message, asking you to hide anywhere and do anything, she will find you and kill you. Puru gets worried and asks them to get the car fast, Sandhya and Arzoo have gone mad, police headquarters is safe place.

The family sees the news of Arzoo kidnapping Sandhya and taking her away. Meenakshi asks whats happening, where did Arzoo take Sandhya, what is she doing this, she is terrorist. Bhabho asks her not to jump to conclusions so soon, don’t know whats happening, I trust Lord that whatever Lord does will be right.

Commissioner says Sandhya uses her powers, if she misuses powers, it will be shameful, get Sandhya and Arzoo within an hour here, do anything to find them. Puru comes there and says Sandhya has gone mad, she is threatening to kill me, I want police protection, call your seniors, she is mad, call everyone fast. Inspector asks him to relax and calls the staff. He asks Puru not to worry, and come, nothing will happen. Puru comes there and asks them to shut the door. Inspector says relax, have water. Puru sees Sandhya there and gets worried. He asks inspector to check security and sends him. Puru drinks water and sees the gun kept there. He gets tensed recalling its his gun which he gave to Arzoo. He goes and takes the gun in his hands. He gets worried.

He gets shaken up and says Sandhya and Arzoo are here. Inspector asks who. Puru says Sandhya and Arzoo. Inspector says relax, they will not come here. Puru says its same gun which I gave Arzoo. He stops saying. Sandhya enters the hall. Puru gets shocked seeing her. He asks inspector to arrest Sandhya, catch her, come on fast. Inspector aims gun at Sandhya, and entire police force comes there. They all aim guns. Puru gets back and says arrest her… Sandhya looks at them.

Puru handcuffs Sandhya to the chair and sits laughing. He asks what did you say, you said you will kill me, you have troubled me a lot, this is your end Sandhya Rathi, I will not leave you today. She stares at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice Episode.
    DABH’s last 2-3 episodes are good.
    Now it’s getting better even though there are few logicless scenes. Eagerly awaiting for upcoming episodes to see how Sandhya will expose Minister Puru.
    Hope this track ends soon.
    Please end Emily’s track too soon.It’s worst than Arzoo’s track.

  2. Three people without any weapons (Two of them women )were able to thrash 4 armed commandos to pieces and we have to believe this. Well, letSandya and Aarzoo will reach Rathi family hale and healthy and live happily for every.

    1. Fight scene of SANDHYA with commandos had no logic,but it was stylish & interesting.
      You watch Tamil movies of Rajnikanth, Vijay, etc….Fight have no logic. No sense. But stylish & we love most of their action scenes, even if not all.

  3. nice episode. sooraj sandhya and arzoo fighting scenes are super.

  4. I heared that star plus going to stop DABH.if this happen definitely star plus will lost many viewers…there r many serials which have low trp than DABH…it is a beautiful serial… thing pls don’t judge the serial by its trp rating…and the trp will raise one day and fall one day…so trp is fake… more thing DON’T THINK THE HATERS OF DABH ……THINK ABOUT THE LOVERS AND FANS OF DABH….really we r a huge fan …we r watching from epi 1….favourite favourite serial…so pls consider…..continue it with best story line ….and there r many serials which have reached more episodes than DABH…and sure that DABH will come to 1st place in upcoming episodes…

  5. I heared that DABH will going to stop..if this happen definitely star plus will lost many viewers.DABH is a beautiful serial ….please don’t judge the serial by its trp rating ….one more thing DON’T THINK THE HATERS OF DABH….THINK ABOUT THE LOVERS AND FANS OF DABH……continue the serial with good storyline…I am sure definitely DABH soon come back to its 1st place….pls continue….it’s the request of TRUE FAN OF DABH…..consider this….pls pls pls pls don’t give an end…..there r many serials which have reached more episodes than DABH …..and the interesting thing is there r many serials which have low trp than DABH so….continue it….so as to continue the serial by sandhya bravery..u have skip sandhya pregnancy..and ved baby portion….so continue it with good storyline….consider this………..

  6. Superbbbbbbbbb episode……very nice….

  7. Today’s & tomorrow’s episodes will be rocking as SANDHYA is going to expose Minister Purushotham.
    Eagerly awaiting for SANDHYA’s rocking scenes.
    Thanks DABH team to end this bakwas senseless stupid track with a thrilling climax episode.

  8. I agree with u all guys!I’m also watching dabh since 1st episode. But now it’s dragging a lot n there are many tracks still incomplete.Don’t know what about vansh ,Sandy s brother,chavi etc.I think that all these are due to the introduction of many new characters in dabh .I loved it so much till Sandy became please don’t drag the show n show more Surya scenes because that’s what Diya aur bhati hum means.If i had shared anything wrong iam sorry

  9. star plus pls. dont stop this serial, compare to other serial dabh is the different storyline,i like very much this serial. I like sooraj and sandhya very much. compare to other jodi surya are the best jodi,i like surya pair very much. dabh directors, writers pls. show more romantic scene between suraj and sandhya. pls. show sandhya second pregnancy, dance, function, ved,and vansh scene more it will attract the audience. so please dont stop this serial. without dabh in star plus channel it will very very bore.

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