Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sooraj to decide who will stay in this house. Bhabho says I m sure Sooraj will not do injustice with any innocent person. Sooraj goes to his room. Sandhya cries. Bhabho takes Lalima to the room. Meenakshi tells Sandhya that not only Sooraj was ill, but they were also like handicapped, she should have not lied. Vikram says your death acting has eaten all the happiness, Lalima made this house a home again. Mohit says this would have not happened if you did not lie. They all leave. Emily says Lalima has done all this without any selfish motive, none of us could so such thing, she is selfless. Sandhya cries. Sooraj recalls marrying Sandhya and Lalima, and Bhabho’s words. Sandhya goes to Lalima. Lalima says trust me, I did not wish to come between you both,

when there was no hope that you will be alive, all this happened, I did not do anything.

Sandhya asks how Lalima, you have done a lot, I have no words to thank you. You did do much to make Sooraj fine, and brought hope In this home, you have stepped in this family in hard time. Ved comes and hugs Sandhya. Sandhya kisses and hugs him happily. She cries and apologizes to him. She says forgive me, I have missed you a lot. Ved says after you went, Papa was unwell, doctor was unable to cure him, Lalima aunty has made him fine, and that’s why you are here today, and goes to kiss her. Lalima hugs Ved. Sandhya looks on.

Sandhya comes to Babasa and Bhabho. Bhabho is making a flower garland and ignores Sandhya. Sandhya apologizes to Bhabho. Bhabho says enough, its not your mistake, it was our punishment to love you, we get hurt to walk on thorns or plant thorns at home. She asks Sandhya to ask herself did they made her stranger or did she make them strangers. She says you went by your decision, someone came in your place, its all fate, wait for one night, you will know tomorrow who will have their place here, its matter of time. Sandhya leaves.

Babasa asks Bhabho whats all this, why did she say this, why can’t she tell her decision, why did she call doctor and those people, what does she want to proof. Bhabho says she wants to show truth to Sooraj and Sandhya, I know Sooraj loves Sandhya a lot, and will not see any flaw in her, but I want to show him, there is someone who will love him more than Sandhya, total selfless love, who has put her respect and life at stake, Sandhya has to understand Sooraj is with her because of Sooraj, love is not one sided, if anyone loves, then true love is to love double, just having ego that someone madly loves her is just selfishness.

Sandhya recalls Bhabho’s words and thinks to not break infront of Sooraj and be strong. Sooraj comes to the room. Lalima knocks the door and says sorry, I should have not come, its time for Sooraj’s medicines, and keeps medicines and water there. She goes. Sandhya looks at the medicines. Sooraj goes to change. Sandhya puts mattress on the floor. Sooraj comes back and looks on. Sooraj puts the mattress at the other side of the bed. Sad version of Diya aur baati…………..plays………… They lie down and look at each other. Sandhya thinks so much happened because of her. Sooraj thinks its all because of her, if he managed himself after Sandhya went, this would have not happened. Its morning, Bhabho does aarti. Everyone pray. Bhabho asks Sooraj about his decision. Sandhya and Lalima look on. Sooraj takes the garlands and Sandhya cries.

Bhabho says her bahu will be the one who gave new life to Sooraj, not one who left Sooraj to die. Sandhya cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • ana

      yup i agree total crap
      bhabho is a selfish woman and here she is talking about selflesness
      when he life was in danger and her own kids refused to donate a kidney to their mom then sandhya was the one who donated her kidney to bhabho and gave her new life
      she knew her career could be at stake still she went ahead and sacrificed her career for bhabho and now bhabho is blaming sandhya
      stupid woman

  1. What’s wrng wth bhabo. Sandhya did many thngs 4 rathi family even she put her life in danger 4 them & bhabo is calling Sandhiya a selfish when she is d 1.

  2. ally

    Pathetic episode my favorite dabh has now turned into that nonsense saas bahu show…really disappointed and that suraj will.choose lalima..

  3. Jeyam

    Lalima must have helped in the treatment of Suraj when he was mentally disturbed. But I think that there may be some trick in the marriage of L and S. Sandya should find out the ruse behind this drama of pandemonium in Rathi family.

  4. Enugh babho.sandya tho desh ko bachane ke liye she had lied to every one.this is too much.bhabo shuld understand tat wen mohit left er bahj for so many years y she didnt alllw er bahu to marry other guy.stupid bhabo you are.sandya is a police officer.she can take action against bhabo for bringing another bahu i

  5. siri

    What all this horrible crap

    Bhabo forgot who gave her second Life by donating kidney

    She should be proud of sandya

    This serial must be like positive , to support lady officiers, this is not like that

  6. Xxxxxx

    Thanks amena for fast update.But very sad to watch sooraj taking the garlands.what a mad come all rathi family members find fault with sandya sad she is unable to kiss even her own son.that opportunity has also been grabbed by lalima. So if anybody loves the nation and serve heaetfully they will be thrown to the garbage just like I correct. The writer is conveying this negative message only.I feel very bad to watch this show and getting restless.

  7. Idiot donkey babho she gone mad how she could do that to sandya what is this sooraj wears garland to cunning lalima I hat tody episode and recap

  8. jitu

    babho be Jo kaha sahi kaha !sandhaya ko babho be ek Babar samjhaya bhi tha! suraaj there bin name Jim payega jab shiv air parvati ka Natal ho RHA that!soraaj to natak me bhi sandhaya ko taklif me nhi dekh sakta tha, aur use sandhaya keep jalne ka news du diya !

    • Romi

      Haha bhabo ka supporter! Bhagwan kare aap ko bhi aisee hi saas mile! Phir shauk se unko support kar na!!

  9. Xxxxxx

    Mohit a pukka criminal minded person has no rights to question Sandy.
    And moreover Emily is not fit to be Sandy z best friend. Because other than
    a friend no one can understand a person so well. She has forgot what all
    Sandy did for her marriage. Okay chill she need not support Sandy. But she
    can understand that whatever Sandy does behind that there will be a good
    cause only nothing other than that. Instead of understanding her friend she
    supports Lalima. very very bad.

  10. raji

    s ooraj kuda sandhyavai thavira veru endha ponnaiyum serthu parka mudiyalai. Pl. director dont spoil suraj character. suraj and sandhya are Ram and Seetha jodi. Let me ask one thing to Bhabho.. In sandhyas place if suraj takes an IPS officer and goes to fight against terrorism ,and for that sandhya become mad,will bhabho bring any man to cure her will she do same thing to sandhya to marry again.

    • Bharath

      Amam raji . Meaningless relationship. Why Lalima love the old man (according to the story he is at least forty). Pengal idhai parthal demotivate avargal.

  11. ramanikumari

    bhabhoo is too irritating…….she thinks only for her son not for her bahu!!!! she vill be more blessfull to get bahu like sandhiya…………….but she never accept this………

  12. nisa

    I’m very sad on this Ep. which awaiting to reunion and become as a family again & again and how bhabo did that to them coz is very painful for Sooraj & Sandtya which they are love each other much & much more.

  13. Bhabo ko?…such n irritating person….
    She must have proud on sandhya for what she did for country…..if she was not there then bhabo u don’t know where were u and ur lalima…..for an IPS officer sometimes its necessary to keep such a things as secret……and for lalimas care and selfless love u should thank her or give her anything else but why u r spoiling ur own son’s life

  14. The serial is trying to teach that whatever sacrifice daughter in law makes even donating kidney butstupid bhabhi will not like her The message is family is important not country

    • seema

      yes phu u r right…sooraj wud tell that lalima is like devi n he loves only sandhya …he urges bhabho to understand him n thats the reason fr bhabho’s words which are showing in precap……………

  15. bc

    Acc to FB page, Lalima divorces Sooraj.
    This proves that Lalima is not serious this Relationship. She has only aim how she makes her secret.

  16. richa

    bhabho shud remember her promis to sandy she hugged her and said that she will forgiv her during that shiv parvati play tym………….

  17. abi

    i already told that suraj will take lalimas side…..rathys family r talking about selfishness….nice comedy…..bcoz all d members r selfish… they r telling sandy as selfish…..suraj u r always dumb…..cant u support ur wife…..wen rathys family members know about lalimas motive where they will keep their face?????pls writers do some justice that after knowing d truth sandy should leave d house…..bcoz family doesnt deserve her…..

  18. Sonya

    Bhaboo has so much influence in her sons life. Stupid Bhabasa stands with his mouth shut. Just leave the couple alone, she did it with vengence against Sandy.

  19. vaishnavi

    I think suraj ll tell 2 lalima u r my god…i dnt thing like u my wife…tat only he put the garland…he chooses sandhya only tis is my opinion…

  20. Amn

    of course suraj will garland lalima but at the same moment he will go to sandhya side.This is the suspense of DABH
    and SRI mood kharab mat karo. just see tomorrow what happens.

  21. This Emily also not understanding Sandhya and taking Lalima side. After hijack drama when sooraj left sandhya Baboo convinced entire family that whatever she did is for country but now why she is not able to understand. It’s very bad that no one is understanding her.

  22. Raji

    If Suraj accepts Lalima, that will be the most stupidest thing in the whole world. I thought Suraj will make his mom understand, but he stands dumb!!

  23. Totally crap. How many times Sandhya has to prove herself. From the beginning she has been tested in various times and every time she passed in distinction.
    She gave her kidney to baboo without thinking about her life and feature. Giving a body part is not an easy thing. If writers planned such tracks means that will be a big crap. Sorry if anyone hurt with my comments.

  24. Zulaikha

    Bhabo is no serious if i were sandya i will just ask her for my kidney before leaving the house for the rathi family i will make sure i take my son

  25. Sanjenaa sharma

    Babho is a typical saas (MIL) who only cares about her own children and doesn’t think about her bahus. It doesn’t matter how much her bahus do for her she always give piority to her sons and do decision what SHE thinks best of them. Ungrateful and total selfish women = typical saas

  26. jk

    I agree – sooraj cannot accept Lalima after running around like a mad person after Sandya… and Bhabo asking him to is kind of idiotic. If her supposed death could not separate them, then how can another woman???

    HOWEVER, I do think Sandya deserves this. She left her young child to believe she was dead….??? how does a mother do that? No, she deserves to see what her actions brought.

  27. Shut up JK sandy did what was right for country and Rathi family how can you say sandy deserves this . I totly agree with you zulaikha bhabo is so selfish and and if Sooraj chooses Lalima I will not be watching him Andbhabo make fools of sandy. Please stop this crap.

  28. shalini

    kill the bhabo character . shes too much !! why sandhaya has to prove herself all the time ?? isse toh acha hota ki pushkar me bomb gir hi jata !

  29. Ramya

    Hai Xxxxxx Wt sandy will go out along with suraj and bed ah???
    Getting laugh when I saw the Frst comment
    She forgets ved but not bed

  30. K.praveena

    What is hell going on the epi. How much sacrifies sandhya did including kidney donate to bhabho but bhobho forget that. Sandhya did a very good job not only ips officer also fav bahu. Sometimes officer hide some secret. This is fact

  31. sim

    I really agree that sandhya has done good to the country .. but just one word to the family or bharat could have told them not to worry .. we r just showing her that she is dead but she z still alive she will not be in contact with you till next 8 months and it should in these 4 walls.. atleast to bhabho and suraj he should have told and not to disclose to anyone.then the situation woild hv been different. . Now the mission is not exposed no one knows what she did for whom she sacrificed everything gone vain.

    • seema

      i totally agree with a uneducated mother wt bhabho did is right in normal life most of the mother wil try to do a second marriage fr her son inordor takecare f herr little grandson…fr a mother her son is more important than anyone else..this is nt a small thing to hide…death of a loved one is the most worst pain in the world it is even worst pain than stabbed ourselves wit knife by more thann 100000 times………..its our punishment to love u a lot , these words of bhabho shows that hw much she n whole family was hurted…….bt wt sandhya did is right as fr as nation is concerned bt still it is a responsibility of her to tell truth to sooraj…..sandhya shd tell to sooraj b4 gng fr a mission…sooraj respects her as a god so definitely sooraj wont b reveal the whereabouts of sandhya to anyone even to bhabo…….. if she said this to sooraj all these were nt hapnd…then hw we expect a person other than our hubby n mom to understand our situation… commonsense is that no govt wil do like this by telling a this much liee….totally ridiculous……………………time takes to accept sandhya as daughter in law

  32. Priya

    Don’t worry. Suraj will wear garland on Lalima because he thinks Lalima as God but not thinking her as his wife. His one and only wife is Sandhya.

  33. NS4

    Actually i have a doubt… if lalima don’t want to come b/w S & S….then y did lalima and lokesh.. Started this stupid drama…???
    Wat may be the secret behind loolima and lokesh???? ????

  34. Priya

    I too agree. Sandhya should have told at least to Suraj about the truth before proceeding to the mission. Then he would not have gone mad. He would have managed bhabho if this happened.

    • Romi

      But sandya was in pressure! Bharat sir told her not to tell any single word about the mission even to her own family ! She was helpless towards her duty of country !
      It’s suraj’s mistake ! He should have controlled himself ! He should have trusted her own true love!!!
      I’m supporting sandya ! I hate bhabo’s logic?

  35. Deeps

    What ever is happening is normal. They being from a normal middle class family, the reactions are quite normal. The truth is not known and the situation of Suraj was very bad. Being a mother her expectations and reactions are correct. They cannot just accept whatever is happening. She should have known a better way to manage both her work and personal life so that the family is not kept in the darkness about the happenings.

  36. Naomi Kenya

    Wake up Emily! Play your role as a pure friend towards Santhya. And Mohit should shut up his beak before uttering any word. So strange and annoying how Bhabasa lets his wife control him and never at anytime takes a decision over his family matter……Santhya just leave this house with your son…..They don’t know what they have until when they’ll loose u.

  37. Salina

    Please don’t insult the viewers intelligence by showing such backward and low intelligence from bhabho. Difficult to swallow such stupidity.

  38. Judgement Day will come. Rise of the Terminators !

    Good bye Sandhya !!!!

    You saved your corrupt government, and lost your family !!!

    everyone knows, family comes first, and work second. By putting her work first, she has lost her family, and therefore has to live with it now.

    And anyways, Lalima is a better wife mother to Sooraj and Ved – being there in their time of need.

    Sandhya can now go and be alone forever !!!

  39. DABH Spoiler
    Sooraj is unable to decide. He gives the credit to Lalima, as she has saved him.He also tells family how Sandhya sacrificed her personal duties to save the country. Bhabho calls Sandhya’s love for Sooraj as selfish as she has taken Sooraj granted. Bhabho and Lalima want to make Sandhya value Sooraj. Bhabho made this plan to make Sooraj and Sandhya’s love very strong and responsible for each other. Sooraj asks Sandhya to make a new start in the family. Sandhya gets determined to make a fresh start and also win her family’s trust again. Sooraj tells her that he will help her in winning Bhabho’s love and trust again.

  40. Sneha

    Now Navaratri, Durga poja, Dusheera is going. Ofcourse, tv viewers are decreasing. For this, all show is now going with tortorise’s velocity. When occasion will end, then all show reveal their tram card. Now all show spends only their slot time. Specially, YHM, DABH, SWARAGINI, UDAAN ETC.

  41. Sneha


  42. Guys u r wasting ua tym in doing puja nd all…there is no hindu religion nd it is scitifical proven also….so plz face d truth…Sorry if any1 hurt by this ….but this is yhe true fact….

    • Sri

      If you dont want to believe in hindu religion just back off and stay away from it. Dont try to manipulate others. Sry if i hurt u.

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