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Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the officer asking shall we start. Sandhya asks what to start, who are you. He says SatyadevTripathi, incharge of Mohit Rathi case. Sandhya thinks she spoke to senior, how did he give case to him. Meenakshi says but Sandhya was investigating this case. He says now I m handling this case, I want to ask questions and want easy and simple answers. Meenakshi asks how can we answer now, look at Bhabho’s state. Sandhya says you can see everyone is in shock in my house, how can you question them now, you leave now and come tomorrow. He says I know you are in shock, my work is to get culprit who gave you this shock, Mohit’s soul will get peace, even if you feel bad, I will question today.

He says I don’t like people who come between my work, you are an officer,

you know its legally crime to stop police officer from his work, this does not look good, let me do my work. He asks Meenakshi why did she say she fought with Mohit a lot. Meenakshi says I mean it was homely fight, I have put gun on him while joking, I did not know gun is real, I did not do anything. He looks at her and then goes to Bhabho. He says you are Mohit’s mum, I heard elder son is dad’s fav and younger son is mum’s fav, Lord has given such power to mum to know if son gets in danger, do you have doubt on anyone, someone who hates Mohit a lot. Sandhya says Bhabho is in deep shock, what will she answer you.

He sees Chavi and asks who are you. She says I m Chavi, Mohit’s sister. He asks when did she last meet Mohit. She says 4 months. He asks was there any problem, Rakshabandhan just passed, did you not tie him rakhi, I know Chavi stays in Mumbai, its not so far from here. Everyone cry. Meenakshi says he has come by finding everything. He tells Chavi he will come back to her, and goes to Emily. He asks her name, whats her relation with Mohit. She says husband. He asks are you serious, your husband is dead, your face has no shock and tears, there are women who don’t cry on husband’s death, strong women, or maybe their husband does not deserve their tears. He asks about her marriage.

She says its been 10 years. He says he wants to meet her daughter. Emily says she is in room. Sandhya says she is in shock and not able to talk, you can understand. He says I understand, I can see too, visible and hidden things, sorry to take your time, I will keep coming for this work. He advises Emily. He says when husband dies and wife does not cry, then police doubts first on wife, next time apply some glycerin when I come. He sings Kai roop me hai kaatil…. Zara dekhke aake parvane…. Sandhya looks on. He leaves.

Meenakshi asks is this police officer or any mad man, I will not fight with anyone now and prays to get saved from this man. Sandhya thinks to talk to her senior. Sandhya meets her senior and requests him to let her handle this case. Satya comes and says it will be legally wrong. He says according to protocol, if case is related to officer, case is not given to that officer, any relation can become barrier for her. She says I know this, I have reopened this case, it was open and shut suicide case, I want to say interrogation should be done seeing the person’s state. Satya says I have done my work, I did not call them here in police station.

Sandhya says she promises she will find the culprit. The senior says I m not doubting on your capability, entire police department praises your bravery and capability, Satya will help you, so that public does not point finger on you. Satya says he always solved cases on his own, he will not work on case with anyone else. The senior says Sandhya will help you, she has given new direction to case, she knows much about Pushkar and Mohit, you both have to decide, this is my order. Sandhya says I m ready, I don’t have any problem.

Satya tells Sandhya that taking her on case has benefits and loss, but he won’t bear loss. He asks her about fire incident. She tells him everything about Lalima and Sooraj’s reaction that day. He asks who is Lalima, its revenge that Mohit has burnt her shop, maybe Lalima took revenge now. She says Lalima is not like that. He says I will talk to Lalima.

Sandhya brings him to Lalima. He says he is Satydev Tripathi and questions her about her enmity with Mohit. She drops the bangles being tensed. Lalima says Mohit was blackmailing me, his phone had one video. Sandhya is shocked. Lalima tells them everything. She says she gave him money once thinking Mohit will not ask again, then she refused to pay again. She reminds Sandhya when she came to learn tying curd, Mohit has come that day, she slapped Mohit that day when he has talking badly with her.

She says Mohit burnt my shop to take revenge of that thing, I did not know this will happen with Mohit. Satya sees her bridal dress and says amazing, family is mourning and this lahenga, its beautiful. Lalima says it was my engagement yesterday, I was arranging my things. He says anyways, thanks for your time, we will meet again. Sandhya says sorry Lalima, and goes. Sooraj asks Sandhya what did Satya ask Lalima, what did Lalima say.

Sandhya tells Bhabho that she will catch the culprit who has killed Mohit, this is my promise. Emily hears this and her finger gets cut by knife.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 1209 episodes,
    Telecasting timing 20 minutes approximately,
    Worth to watch

  2. I am feeling like CID has shifted in DABH. But its quite interesting. I think the katil is Bhabho. Wat do u guys think?

  3. It’s very absurd for an enquiry officer to sing s song among the bereaved. And Sandya got permission from the senior to join with Satya in the enquiry. The criminal will be arrested very soon.

    1. Right. It was wierd. Not a mature thing to do.

  4. Nice Episode.But i don’t like Sandhya’s behavior today as it not suits to a Police Officer.Whatever the relation is, a Police Officer should not show this much sympathy while investigating a murder case.
    I hate that special investigator too as he is so jealous,pride & prejudice.He said he solved all his cases his own.
    But Mr.Officer,our Sandhya accomplished a high profile secret mission on her own as a one woman army.
    All characters performed well.
    Precap make us doubt Emily.
    But i hope Emily,Sooraj or Lalima are not the murderer.I hope the writers focusing on them just only to confuse audience & create good suspense.I don’t want Emily,Sooraj or Lalima to be the murderer.Please don’t make them the murderer. Plzzz…………

    1. I think Emily parents killed Mohit.


  5. Nice episode….. Over action from Staydev investigation officer……

  6. Please don’t drag the track. Finish it off as early as possible. By end of next week.
    Why did Sooraj ask Sandhya about Lalima? I just don’t understand

  7. Please don’t drag the track. Finish it off as early as possible. By end of next week.
    Why did Sooraj ask Sandhya about Lalima? I just don’t understand
    Please do not involve Sooraj in the murder. Let him and Sandhya be happy together. No tension between them

  8. Nice episode! The suspense is really interesting! The killer is one of the Rathi’s. Sandya will definitely find him/her . This detecter is looking like a clown ? Jealous of sandya

  9. Hello Amena its a request… plz change the theme pic of DABH to latest “अपराधी कौन”

    Thank you.

  10. Atleast two persons are involved in mohit’s murder.. the lehenga given by meenakshi to lalima has damaged at murder time and she wored a new lehenga..that sticker is in suraj’s kurta…so he asked sandya..what lalima informed…

    1. Oh!!! It’s a great thought @lakshmi……but don’t want it to happen this…

  11. Sharada Chittibabu

    Emily is not the murderer but
    She might have seen them near the well and even might have hit him black and blue.

  12. I hav given only assumptions..

    1. Pari might b culprit

  13. I agree with AD. Whatever the relation, the investigator should not show sympathy while investigating a case. But the investigator satydev shows so much attitude, that i don’t like.

    1. Investigation officer should be like that only otherwise they won’t be able to find culprit. Sandhya is emotional and she can’t ask questions her own family.

    2. True. He is very irritating. Officer cannot behave like that. Spl with Emily. Not at all good conduct. No maturity.

  14. Makers are making viewers to be confused.. By showing this type of scenes…. Emily cuts her finger and sooraj asking Sandhya abt lalima meet with satyadev officer……. Taking the suspense too high pitch…..
    And handling viewers not to miss single episode……

    We have to hold our suspense for many more episode till the last minute of mohit death suspense bomb blast?????

  15. DheYan se dekhiye “BhaBo” ko … apne he BeTe ko khaa gayi

  16. Sandhya is emotional so I feel she should not be involved in this case.

    Satyadev isn’t acting like a real police. A real investigation officer should be like that only.

    I hope this case will not separate sooraj and sandhya. Writers are creating doubt in Sooraj.

  17. Lot of questions.
    What happened to lehenga given by Meenakshi on that day?
    What happened to Emily leg on that day?
    Why Baboo and Sooraj are not happy on that day?
    Till no one talk about Mohit illegal affair?
    Is Komal alive? If she is alive where is she?

  18. Family is hiding something with sandhya. I hope Sandhya will not be annoyed with her own family especially Sooraj.

  19. Hey ns4 I totly aagree with you… Pllzz amina chenj the themppictures……. Pppllllllllzzzzzzzz…..

  20. Hey TUteam,I wanna ask u why u didn’t publish my cmnt yet ?? its almost 3 hours by now,I didn’t write anything rude ?

  21. If babhoo,sooraj,lalima or Emily knows anything about mohit then they should have to share at least with Sandhya .sometimes meenakshi is only better than everyone in rati family she can talk without hiding

  22. Yes Lalima’s lehenga got spoilt because of her being at the crime scene. but i wonder why she went there all dressed up.
    sooraj also could have happened to be there. Please do’t bring any tension between Sooraj and Sandhya. Everyone loves them together. Sooraj could have casually asked Sandhya because they were discussing about it earlier also.
    I don’t think Bhabho has killed Mohit. She can’t push Mohit in the well.
    two requests to the makers
    1. Please finish this track fast. I know it will be a thrilling one, but it is sad. I don’t mind it taking long is Sooraj is not involved and he is with Sandhya as always. I do’t like it when there is tension in their relationship
    2. Let Sandhya and Sooraj be together like at the end of Mission Mahabali
    I don’t like this Satyadev. He reminds of the police inspector in a serial aired on Sony few months ago

  23. Rathi family expressions are irritating. Satyadev interrogation is nice but his attitude towards sandhya is not ok.

  24. Lalima, her brother, suraj and bhabo, are involved in this case…not with plan but by accident,…chances are bhabo hit him,…after a argument, they,…suraj and mohit had a fight, and bhabo must have hit him to stop the fight,,,or, while fighting with suraj, he must have hit back of his head on the area, where it shows other episode, sandhiya spoting blood stains…this is 1 option….could be any other option, but, seeing the their actions, makes me doubt them…

  25. Let it not be Sooraj definitely or even Bhabho

  26. i agree with ash definitely pari is culprit ….

  27. gys may be pari is clprit .i agree with ash ..

  28. Why Emily did not tell about Mohit affair till now.

  29. I am feeling very bad if Sooraj is involved

  30. Pari has murdered mohit

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